ON SEPTEMBER 16, Monday, 38 people were charged with either plunder, malversation of funds, direct bribery or graft and corrupt practices. Again, that’s 38 people. Secretary De Lima called the day “historic.” Defense lawyers called it “job fair.”

Juan Ponce Enrile did not show up at the Senate last Monday. According to Jinggoy Estrada, the 89-year-old lawmaker was hospitalized. Estrada said it was high blood pressure. The public suspected it was a ‘dry run.’

Reports say around 750,000 pages of documents and evidence were turned over by the Department of Justice to the Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman vows to file charges before the Sandiganbayan as soon as possible. President Aquino’s term ends in two and a half years. They don’t have much time. To which Enrile said, “Lalo naman ako!”

According to the National Bureau of Investigation, Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla pocketed some 581 million pesos in kickbacks. Of the three, the NBI said actor Bong Revilla amassed the biggest amount: P224.5M! Or as bookers would call it, “Top grosser!”

The NBI said Bong Revilla got P224.5 million from the pork barrel scam allegedly perpetrated by Janet Lim-Napoles. To give you an idea of how huge that amount was, it’s bigger than the combined earnings of ‘Ang Panday’ and ‘Ang Panday 2’ in the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Reacting to the plunder charge, Bong Revilla said, “The truth will come out.” To which “the truth” replied, “‘Wag mo kong pangunahan! ‘Di tayo close!”

Bong Revilla appealed to the public to not prejudge him. He also denied accusations he put the “bong” in “pandarambong.”

Also charged with plunder last Monday was Jinggoy Estrada . In a statement, Jinggoy said, “They are conditioning the mind of the public that we are the worst thieves.” Fine. You are NOT… the worst.

Jinggoy Estrada has been charged with plunder anew. JV Ejercito’s closest friends shouted, “Blowout! Blowout! Blowout!”

untitled2Lanete of Masbate
Former Masbate Representative and now, governor Rizalina Seachon-Lanete allegedly pocketed P108.4 million. She was charged with plunder for misusing taxpayers’ money. A separate charge was filed against her for abusing taste and beauty.

QC Pork
According to Inquirer columnist Neal Cruz, each councilor in Quezon City receives 40 million pesos in pork barrel funds per year. And Janet Napoles was like, “Syet, bakit hindi ako na-inform?!?”

Tatad’s Tale
Manila Standard Today columnist and former senator Francisco ‘Kit’ Tatad wrote that President Aquino had lunch with Janet Lim-Napoles in Malacañang on the day she reportedly surrendered. But a number of people doubted the veracity of Tatad’s story because its opening line was, “Once upon a time…”

3UAAP CDC 2013
In the recently concluded UAAP Cheerdance Competition, 8-time titlist and defending champion UP Pep Squad was dethroned. Asked how it felt to be toppled from the top spot, members of the UP men’s basketball team replied, “Ano ‘yon?”
“Don’t let a thief into your house three times. The first time was enough. The second time was a chance. The third time means you’re stupid.”
~ C. JoyBell C.

Sound Bites
“Bakit naman ako magwi-wheelchair e sumi-sexy na nga ako?”
~Jinggoy Estrada

“This grandiose conspiracy theory peddled by Tatad is symptomatic of the old order that has been swept away. He represents what is wrong with our politics, and over the last decade, the Filipino people have made that abundantly clear by denying his return to public office twice.”
~Edwin Lacierda on Kit Tatad’s claim

Panagutin ang mga mandarambong!

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[Photos: Philippine Daily Inquirer, Interaksyon, K Revealed Blog,Rappler, UP Pep Squad Facebook Page]


Jueteng Payola
Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz, an anti-illegal numbers game crusader revealed that two trusted officials of President Noynoy Aquino have been receiving at least 2 million pesos in monthly payola from jueteng operators. Cruz did not confirm rumors that one official belongs to the Balay Group while the other, to the Samar Group.

Interior Undersecretary Rico Puno admits receiving feelers from gambling operators asking how to operate jueteng under the Aquino administration. The negotiations failed though because Puno was “not trained to handle such situation.”

President Aquino has reportedly ordered Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo to come up with a comprehensive plan to wipe out jueteng in the country. The plan is expected to be in place before Robredo is wiped out from the Cabinet.

Reports say jueteng emissaries have tried to approach Rico Puno. See?!? Even gambling operators know who the “real” DILG secretary is.

Puno’s Suggestions
Interviewed on ANC, Interior Undersecretary Rico Puno suggested three names for DILG: retired PNP Chief Jesus Versoza, defeated Manila mayoral candidate Avelino Razon, and Davao City’s Rodrigo Duterte. Puno is so close to the President, he’s not just a DILG undersecretary, he has also become the head of the palace search committee.

Hostage Fiasco and Tourism
The government says the August 23 hostage fiasco in Manila affected only 3 percent of local tourism… and 97 percent of President Aquino’s relationship with Sec. Jesse Robredo.

No Conspiracy
The IIRC panel that investigated the August 23 hostage crisis has ruled out the possibility that bus driver Alberto Lubang has conspired with hostage taker Rolando Mendoza. But the panel is not ruling out yet the alleged conspiracy between Lubang’s nail file and Mendoza’s handcuffs.

NPC vs. Ang See
The National Press Club criticized IIRC panel member Teresita Ang See for blaming RMN’s Michael Rogas and Erwin Tulfo during the clarificatory hearings on the recent hostage fiasco. The NPC was reportedly surprised when they heard Ang See’s outburst… although Ang See was more surprised when she heard that there’s still such a thing as NPC.

Truth Commission
Members of the Truth Commission have taken their oath before President Aquino. The commission is expected to finish its job in two years. Malacañang did not reveal each member’s salary rate but the President was heard telling them, “Remember: no truth, no commission.”

Government Wins vs. Marcoses
The government has won a 10 million-peso lawsuit against Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. It was the government’s first win in 10 million cases against the Marcoses.
“I used to be a heavy gambler. But now I just make mental bets. That’s how I lost my mind.”
~Steve Allen

To the mother of this baby who was found in a trash bin of a Gulf Air flight that landed in Manila on Sunday, I don’t wanna judge you this early but still… shame on you!

More Personal: I was there!
Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 UAAP-Samsung Cheerdance Competition. The top three teams were clearly in a different league this year. The final ranking:
Champion: UP Pep Squad – 440.9 points (Wohoo!)
1st Runner Up: FEU Cheering Squad – 421.4 points (My personal fave)
2nd Runner Up: UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe – 407.5 points (Thanks to the UP-friendly crowd)
Fourth: Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion (Not this time! Ha-ha)
Fifth: DLSU Animo Squad (The tumblin’ girl was awesome!)
Sixth: UE Pep Squad (It’s hard to perform 1st)
Seventh: NU Pep Squad (Henry Sy’s investment in motion)
Eight: Adamson Pep Squad (What happened guys?)

Special Award: Samsung Stunner, a member of the DLSU Animo Squad

Trivia: The UP Pep Squad has now won the cheerdance contest in both years (2007, 2010) the UP Fighting Maroons ended the UAAP basketball season without a single win.

Survey Says
Prangkahan na! Sa umano’y dalawang paksyon sa administrasyong Aquino, mas na-kanino ang simpatya mo?
Team Balay 8.42%
Team Samar 4.08%
Wala! 87.5%

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Philippine Daily Inquirer (Daxim Lucas): The “missing” Communications Group head, and the Castilaloy businessman [Sobrang giveaway na blind items!]

Australian Brian Gorrell says controversial “Gucci Gang” member Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano II has been arrested in the US.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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A Conversation with the President: Exclusive!

On Thursday, September 9, 2010, President Noynoy Aquino answered questions from a panel of news anchors representing the country’s three biggest networks: Mel Tiangco for GMA 7, Ted Failon for ABS-CBN, and Paolo Bediones for TV5.

After the no holds barred interview, The Professional Heckler requested for an exclusive, more honest, one-on-one “follow up” conversation with the Chief Executive. Here are some unedited excerpts:

The Professional Heckler (TPH): Mahal na Pangulo, magandang hapon po.
President Noynoy Aquino (PNA): Magandang hapon naman. Sino ka nga ulit? Pasensya na, hindi kasi sure ‘yong aide ko kung sino ka at para saan ang panayam na ito.
TPH: Gano’n po ba? Talagang consistent ang aide na ‘yan ah.
PNA: May sinasabi ka?
TPH: Wala po. Ang sabi ko po, isa akong blogger at pinayagan ako ng head ng Communications Group n’yo na makausap kayo nang one-on-one.
PNA: Talaga? Sino sa kanila? Tatlo ‘yon eh.
TPH: ‘Yon pong taga-Balay Group.
PNA: Ah si Attorney Lacierda!
TPH: Hindi po. ‘Yong dating broadcaster na nakaka-tweet ko bago siya nabigyan ng puwesto sa gobyerno.
PNA: Ahhhhhhhh, okay. Bakit? Hindi na ba siya nagtu-tweet ngayon?
TPH: ‘Pansin ko lang po, hindi na masyado. Pero minsan, nagdi-direct message na lang sa Twitter. Parang careful na po yata.
PNA: I see. Sige, basta bilisan na lang natin huh. You have 10 minutes. May pupuntahan pa ko eh.

TPH: Unang isyu po mahal na Pangulo: kanina, tinanong kayo kung may paksyon-paksyon sa gabinete. Ang sabi n’yo wala. Ang tanong ko po: sino ang nag-advise sa inyo na ganyan ang isagot n’yo: ang Balay Group o ang Samar Group?
PNA: Actually pareho, este, I mean… wala. Wala ngang paksyon ‘di ba? So walang nag-advise sa akin.
TPH: Pero iba po ang nakikita namin. Halimbawa, dalawa ang head ng inyong Communications Group. Coloma sa kanan, Carandang sa kaliwa. May Lacierda pa sa gitna. ‘Tapos, minsan magkakaiba ang kanilang sinasabi. Ang DILG naman, tila hinati sa DI at sa LG… may Robredo sa taas, may Puno sa baba. Hindi po ba magulo?!
PNA: Hindi mo kasi naiintindihan dahil hindi ikaw ang nasa puwesto! ‘Di ba nga may kasabihan tayo, “Many hands make light work.”
TPH: Pero mahal na Pangulo, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”
PNA: Hindi rin eh. Kasi nga, “Two heads are better than one.”
TPH: Ok, fine! So, whose heads will roll?
PNA: Ba’t naman napunta do’n ang usapan?
TPH: Kasi ‘yon po ang ugat ng isyu eh – ang kapalpakan sa hostage crisis. So sinong sisibakin n’yo?
PNA: Masyado ka namang atat. Siguro ‘Edcel’ ang pangalan mo!? O baka naman ‘Lagman’ ang iyong apelyido!? Hintayin muna natin ang final report ni Secretary De Lima.

TPH: Kanina po sa panel interview, you categorically stated na hindi n’yo na iniintindi kung mataas o mababa man ang trust rating o tiwala sa inyo ng publiko. Ang tanong: ‘Di nga?!?
PNA: Huh?
TPH: Ire-rephrase ko po ang tanong: noong panahon ng kampanya, halos ibandera n’yo ang resulta ng bawat survey partikular ang mataas n’yong trust rating. Pero ngayon, sabi n’yo hindi n’yo na gaanong iniintindi ang mga surveys. Sino po ang nagturo sa inyo na maging ipokrito?
PNA: Ilang minuto nga ang interview na ito?
TPH: Sige po. ‘Wag n’yo na lang sagutin.

TPH: Pangatlong isyu po. Sabi n’yo, wala ni isa man sa miyembro ng inyong gabinete ang na-appoint bilang pagtanaw ng utang na loob sa kanilang naging ambag sa inyong kandidatura. Ang tanong: Owws?
PNA: Off the record puwede?
TPH: Sige po.
PNA: Do you really expect me to admit on live television na nagbabayad-utang ako sa ilang cabinet appointees? Konting common sense naman ‘tol. Kahit naman yata sinong presidente ang tanungin mo, hindi aamin! Pero, siyempre factor ‘yon. In all fairness though to my cabinet appointees, highly qualified silang lahat.

TPH: How will you describe Secretary Jesse Robredo in one word?
PNA: Puwedeng four?
TPH: Three!
PNA: Sige. Ramon Magsaysay Awardee.
TPH: Sobrang safe naman ng answer n’yo. In hindsight po ba, would you have appointed Vice President Binay as DILG chief instead of him?
PNA: Off the record ulit puwede?
TPH: Sure!
PNA: Matagal na panahon kong pinag-isipan ang bagay na ‘yan. Naipit ako sa dalawang nag-uumpugang bato eh. ‘Yung sinasabi mong Balay group, mapilit para kay Robredo. Siyempre, popular, awardee. Pero ‘yong kabilang kampo, nangungulit rin. So para everybody happy, nag-suggest ako: ang local government, kay Robredo; ang kapulisan, kay Puno.
TPH: Eh biglang nagka-hostage crisis…
PNA: Eh biglang nagka-hostage crisis… off the record please! Ayun! Na-obvious tuloy ang hatian ng puwesto! ‘Pag mamalasin ka nga naman, oo! Hayyy!

TPH: Pag-usapan naman natin ang inyong Little President. Ang tanong ko po mahal na Pangulo: meron ba?
PNA: What do you mean? Siyempre, meron! Andiyan lang siya. To be fair, I’ve known Jojo Ochoa since our Ateneo days. Tahimik na tao talaga ‘yan! Maingay lang ‘yan kapag nakakainom.
TPH: ‘Yon po sana ang gusto kong itanong. Dalawang beses na kasing lumalabas sa Newsbreak ang isyu ng pagiging lasenggo ng Executive Secretary n’yo. Ang latest, nakita raw siya sa lobby ng isang hotel na nakasalampak dahil sa kalasingan.
PNA: Nakasalampak?!? That’s absolutely baseless! To be fair, I’ve known Jojo Ochoa since our Ateneo days. Kahit lasing na lasing ‘yan, maayos na umuupo ‘yan! Kaya ‘yong balitang nakasalampak siya? I seriously doubt it!
TPH: Pero inaamin n’yo pong umiinom siya?
PNA: To be fair, I’ve known Jojo Ochoa since our Ateneo days. Kung umiinom man siya, occasionally. Nagkataon lang na sunud-sunod ang okasyon lately. Kaya ‘yon, sunud-sunod rin siguro ang inom.

TPH: Sa inyong panel interview kanina, tinanong kayo about former PAGASA Chief Prisco Nilo at napansin kong tila malaki ang galit n’yo sa kanya. In fact, sinabi n’yong may “propaganda arm” si Dr. Nilo. Apparently, nasa kanya ang simpatya ng media at publiko ngayon. Ang tanong ko po: kung nananalo ang “propaganda arm” ni Prisco Nilo laban sa “propaganda arm” ng mga taong nagsulsol sa inyo upang sibakin siya, why not?
PNA: Gusto ko lang linawin okay, wala akong galit sa puny3+@*%ang$3* Prisco Nilo na yan%#%12^@@% okay? And to be fair, I’ve known Jojo Ochoa since our Ateneo days. Kahit bayaw niya ang DOST secretary, hindi siya ang nagsulsol upang palitan si Prisco Nilo! Palpak lang talaga ang forecast niya! Ni hindi nga niya na-forecast na masisibak siya sa puwesto ‘no! Basta, palpak siya! At inuulit ko: wala akong galit %#@$0)^ sa kanya%#@^9)!

TPH: Ang puso n’yo! Easy lang po mahal na Pangulo, okay? Heto na lang ang mas light na question. Kayo po ba ni Councilor Shalani Soledad ay nag-date na sa Emerald Garden Restaurant?
PNA: You make me blush.
TPH: Hahaha! Seryosong tanong po ‘yan.
PNA: Hmmm, siguro four to five times na. In fact, some of the most memorable moments namin together, nangyari sa Emerald.
TPH: But after the August 23 hostage crisis, sa tingin n’yo babalik pa kayo roon?
PNA: Oo naman!
TPH: You mean, magdi-date pa rin kayo ni Shalani sa Emerald kahit may masamang memories ng naganap na hostage?
PNA: Yeah! Because, I’m a hostage of love.
TPH: Awwwr!

TPH: Alam po ng lahat na mahusay kayo sa paghawak ng baril. Puwede ho bang malaman kung kailan kayo huling nagpaputok?
PNA: You make me blush again.
TPH: Seryoso po ‘yong tanong ko.
PNA: Hmmm, last Saturday lang.
TPH: Gaano ba kayo kadalas magpaputok?
PNA: Kada Sabado.
TPH: Enjoy ba kayo?
PNA: ‘Yon nga lang ang libangan natin eh. Siyempre, kahit papa’ano, nakakalimutan ko ang aking mga problema.

PNA: Puwede bang two to three questions na lang? Mali-late na ‘ko eh.
TPH: Sige po! Ayon sa ilang palace insiders na nakausap ni Sandra Aguinaldo ng GMA News, divided raw ang members ng Cabinet n’yo sa desisyong humarap kayo sa isang media panel. Bakit n’yo nga ba naisipan ang nasabing no holds barred interview?
PNA: Off the record… just imagine kung ang haharap sa panel ay ang tatlong spokesman ng palasyo. Sa tingin mo ba magtatagal ang aking gobyerno kapag silang tatlo ang pinagsalita ko? Six years ang termino ko, six years! Hindi 100 days!

TPH: Reaksyon lang po sa impeachment complaint against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez na ayon sa House committee on justice ay “sufficient in form and substance.”
PNA: Iginagalang ko ang separation ng kapangyarihan ng ehekutibo at lehislatibo. Trabaho nila ‘yon; may sinusunod silang proseso, hayaan natin sila. Bilang Pangulo, hindi ako dapat nakikialam. Sanga pala, kung nababasa ito ngayon ng mga miyembro ng House justice committee, I have two words for you: ‘Keep it up!’

TPH: Dumako naman po tayo sa isang maliit na bagay na posibleng ilan lamang ang nakapansin. Bago po naganap ang hostage crisis, ito po ang default pic sa inyong Facebook account…

TPH: Nang magalit ang mga Hong Kong nationals… ito naman ang inyong ginamit na default pic:

TPH: Pero nang bumisita ako kanina, ito na ulit ang aking nakita:

TPH: Pati po ba sa Facebook, may paksyon din?
PNA: Nang-aasar ka?!?
TPH: Ang ibig ko pong sabihin: ang default Facebook photo po ba ninyo ay nakabatay sa inyong mood for the week?
PNA: Alam mo, ayaw ko nang palakihin pa ang isang trivial na bagay. Besides, off the record huh… ni hindi ko nga alam ang password sa Facebook account ko, paano ko mapapalitan ang default pic? Common sense ulit ‘tol!

TPH: Maiba naman po ako, kumusta na po si Kris? Ano pong advice ang ibinibigay n’yo ngayong may pinagdaraanan sila ni James Yap?
PNA: Wala. Sa palagay ko naman, nasa tamang edad na siya para magpasya.
TPH: Pero nasa tamang pag-iisip naman po ba?
PNA: ‘Yan ang magandang tanong! Pero hayaan na natin ang aking kapatid. Ang problema niya… isang lalaki. Ang problema ko… isang bansa! Sa tingin mo, alin ang dapat kong unahin?
TPH: Kereeeek! May tama ka!

TPH: Bago po ako tuluyang magpaalam, may ‘pinapatanong lang po ang isa kong Twitter follower: Bakit daw po sina Mel Tiangco, Ted Failon, at Paolo Bediones ang nagtanong sa inyo? Bakit hindi raw po sina Maria Ressa, Jessica Soho, at Luchi Cruz-Valdez?
PNA: Pati ba naman ‘yan, gagawan n’yo pa ng intriga? That, for me is a non-issue. Kahit sino pa man ang nagtanong, que sina RG Cruz, Mark Salazar o Jove Francisco pa ‘yan, ang mahalaga, malinaw ang aking mga naging sagot at well-represented ang tatlong henerasyon ng mga mamamahayag sa panel.
TPH: Dahil d’yan, Mr. President… may nagteeeeexxxt! “I totally resent that observation! Yours truly, Tita Mel”
PNA: Hahaha! No comment na lang.

TPH: Pahabol pong tanong: malapit na po ang finals ng UAAP. Fearless forecast: Ateneo o La Salle?
PNA: ‘Tinatanong pa ba ‘yan? Siyempre, UP!
TPH: Nang-aasar po kayo?!
PNA: Huh? Bakit? ‘Di ba UAAP cheerdance ang itinatanong mo?
TPH: Basketball po.
PNA: Ahhhh, wala. Bilang Pangulo, dapat nasa gitna ako. Dapat wala akong kinikilingan at wala akong pinapanigan. Sa aking pamahalaan, bawal ang paksyon! Walang paksyon! At hinding-hindi magkakaroon ng paksyon!

(The President’s phone rings…)
PNA: Hello?
Male Voice: Sir, remind ko lang po ‘yong party sa Balay mamaya. Invited daw po kayo.
PNA: Gano’n ba? Pakisabi, mali-late ako. May salu-salo din kasi sa Samar. Naunang nag-invite ‘yon eh. Bye.

TPH: One final question, Mr. President.
PNA: Go ahead!
TPH: Boxers or briefs?
PNA: You make me blush.

End of Interview.
“A basic tenet of a healthy democracy is open dialogue and transparency.”
~Peter Fenn

Survey Says
Hindi siya kasama sa listahan ng mga opisyales na ipakukumpirma ng palasyo sa Commission on Appointments. Kung ikaw si Sec. Jesse Robredo, ano ang gagawin mo?
– Wala lang! Tuloy ang trabaho. 33.87%
– Bastusan na! I will resign. 59.91%
– Wala akong pakialam! 6.22%

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UP will probably close its UAAP season with a 0-14 win-loss card on Saturday, September 10. Allow me to share the recent Facebook status of Fighting Maroon Martin Reyes:
“The game on saturday will be played with nothing but heart. It will be for God, my family, friends, teammates, coaches, classmates and most especially for the University of the Philippines. It has been one helluva ride and i would not trade MAROON for any other color…. salamat UP”

Good luck to the UP Pep Squad on Sunday! UP Fight!
2010 UAAP-Samsung Cheerdance Competition (Sunday, September 12): Order of Performance: UE, UST, DLSU, ADMU, FEU, UP, AdU and NU

Enjoy your weekend!

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Noynoy for President
Sen. Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” C. Aquino III has officially declared that he is running for president in 2010. In announcing his bid, Noynoy vowed not to steal; vowed not to cheat; vowed not to lie, and vowed not to hire the services of Mar Roxas’ ad agency.

MARKORINAeeeew Noynoy Declares Bid II
Sen. Noynoy Aquino has officially declared his bid for the presidency. But his choice of running mate, Sen. Mar Roxas is having a hard time deciding whether or not he would seek the post of VP… mainly because his bride-to-be has yet to drop her bid for First Lady.

Top 5 Rejected Slogans for Noynoy Aquino’s Presidential Campaign

No. 5:
Ex ni Korina, Ex ni Barbara, Ex ni Diana
Pinagsisihan ko na silang lahat, ‘wag kayong mag-alala!

No. 4:
Noynoy Saves: Dahil sa pagtakbo n’ya… naligtas kayo kay Korina

No. 3:
Kung sawâ na kayo sa bad na ARROYO,
Oras nang iboto ang bald na AQUINO!

No. 2:
Problema ng bansa ay malalampasan
Basta’t may Pink Sisters na malalapitan!

And the No. 1 rejected slogan for Noynoy Aquino’s presidential campaign…

Para sa inyong lahat: Isang tunay na reporma…
[‘Wag n’yo lang pakialaman ang aming hacienda!]

Philippines Aquino Son Kapapasok Lang!
Naluha ang mga relihiyosong taga-suporta ni Senador Noynoy Aquino nang ideklara nito ang pagtakbo sa pagkapangulo sa susunod na taon. Partikular na nagalak ang Pink Sisters na malaki ang paniniwalang ang kandidatura ni Noynoy ay nasusulat… nasusulat sa mga columns ni Conrado De Quiros.

binay In Other News…
Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay has dropped his presidential bid to support the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino. A pro-Binay group is now pushing for a Noynoy-Jojo Binay tandem… to which Korina Sanchez said, “Bakit n’yo ba ako pinagtutulungan?”

Manalo: RIP
Dozens of politicos attended Monday’s interment of Iglesia ni Cristo executive minister Eraño “Ka Erdie” Manalo who died last August 31. The burial rites were very organized and solemn except for a minor commotion. During the 21-gun salute for Manalo, the honor guards aimed their guns at the politicians.

eraplax Erap vs. Lacson
On Monday, Sen. Panfilo Lacson will reportedly drop a bombshell on deposed President Joseph Estrada. When Erap heard this, he said, “Gago ba siya? Hindi ako takot sa bombshell. Hindi ako takot sa kahit anong klaseng babae!”

BF for President
MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando is reportedly keen on running for president in 2010. BF will officially announce his bid after consulting with the Pink Urinals.
“Competing at the highest level is the greatest test of one’s character.”
~Russell Mark

UPPEP Elsewhere…
What’s the sequence of performance in this year’s UAAP Cheerdance Competition scheduled Sunday, September 13? Find out here.

Check out RP’s ranking in the Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010.

Survey Says
Will you vote for Mar Roxas if he runs for Vice President?
Ayoko pa rin: 50%
Definitely: 30%
I will think about it: 20%

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UP Fighting Maroons
The UP Fighting Maroons finished with a 3-11 slate in the recently concluded eliminations of the UAAP. UP trailed Ateneo, FEU, La Salle, UE, and UST. These days, UP really appreciates the importance of having Adamson and NU in the league.

UP Pep Squad
The UP Pep Squad outclassed its rivals to win the 2008 UAAP-Samsung Cheerdance competition before a capacity crowd at the Big Dome. UP officials has since denied rumors its pep squad actually receives a bigger budget than its basketball team.

I am so overwhelmed by UP’s win I am posting a photo taken yesterday. Funny. So many people took pictures of my banner. Others, including Ate Glow, a UP alumnus herself (?) borrowed it for a photo op. Congratulations to the UP Pep Squad!

While other teams performed a routine, the UP Pep Squad told a story.

Final Scores: UP 93.30/ UST 85.27/ FEU 83.96/ ADMU 83.81/AdU 81.04/UE 72.89/DLSU 70.07/NU 68.30