23 10 2010

INTERCEPTED TWEETS from very private accounts of political and entertainment figures in the Philippines (October 18-23, 2010)

can’t wait for tuesday’s state visit to vietnam. hopes to find a hotdog vendor on the sidewalk of hanoi
5 minutes ago via Slate iPad

@vina @concertqueen sorry ladies, can’t go out with you no more. mainit ang media. next time na lang. palamigin muna natin.
about 2 hours ago from web

RT @noynoy_4real hopes to find a hotdog vendor on the sidewalk of Hanoi — PSST! sama ulit ako. gusto ko rin ng hotdogs!
35 seconds ago via Tweet Deck

thank god for the long weekend. will go target shooting. i’m no longer in the news. god is really good.
45 seconds ago via Tumblr

@jojo_ocho_ahhh i love your twitter handle. ocho ba talaga?🙂
about 4 hours ago via UberTwitter

punyeta! paano ako magkakautang eh ‘di pa nga kumpleto ang bayad ng pcso sa ginawa kong series na “pangarap kong jackpot?”
2 minutes ago from web

nakaka-miss din pala ang radio at TV interviews
43 minutes ago from Tumblr

nope. not going to vietnam with him. the baseless rumors are killing me. kung alam n’yo lang ang totoo. eew.
45 minutes ago from API

@DrPrisconilo hahahahaha!
45 minutes ago from web

@liz_uy OUCH! bahala ka.
1 hour ago via Slate iPad

yeah men! ‘musta ka na men! masdan mo ang aking mata, ‘di mo ba nakikita, ako ngayo’y lumilipad at nasa langit na! gusto mo bang… sumama? men.
about 10 minutes ago from HootSuite

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.” ~ Bernard Meltzer
30 minutes ago from Tweet Deck

we, in the high tribunal, believe that a true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.
10 minutes ago via Tweet Deck

@supreme_court pati ba naman simpleng quotation sa twitter, plagiarized pa?
5 minutes ago

@donna villa GOD HAVE MERCY ON US!
less than 35 seconds ago from web

@UP_Law nalimutan lang ‘yong attribution. OA kayo. we will cite you in contempt!
20 seconds ago

excited to check out this new resto at boni high street with @cesdrilon. sana walang media.
3 minutes ago via Slate iPad

still weighing my options. hindi ko talaga keri ang maposasan sa harap ng media.
about 2 hours ago from web

pasensya na po. next time na lang po.
2 seconds ago

@ping what options mista? u only have one at the moment: surrender! take note: DOJ sec is a woman. masamang magalit.
about 90 minutes ago from Echofon

just finished shooting a kissing scene w/ diet. gosh, na-miss ko ‘to. it’s been, what? 10 months? hayyy.
42 minutes ago from UberTwitter

pulis lang! pulis lang! ang magpapakamatay! (sinuntok ang keyboard) remember that! pulis lang!
about 1 hour ago from twitterfeed

SA QUIAPO, MAY MURA MAYOR. RT @mayorLIM isko, may alam ka bang bilihan ng murang keyboard?
37 minutes ago via web

aba! bait-baitan yata si dinky kapag kaharap ako sha budget hearing. natakot shiguro. Hahaha 1 down, deles to go. weather-weather lang ‘yan.
2 days ago from web

suuuuuper excited. hindi ko na mahintay ang january. handa na ba kayo… sa muling pamamayagpag ko?
about 5 hours ago via twitterfeed

oh no! i just lost tita chito’s forbes park house to my two cousins! dapat kasi nag-file ako ng appeal.
about 1 hour ago from Tweet Deck

@RatedK i’m happy for you hon. araw-araw na ba uli kitang mapapanood?
2 hours ago via twitterfeed

this is it. salamat kay lord. tuloy na tuloy na po tayo mga kapatid. 5o’clock after e-live and startalk pero sa TV5. salamat kay MVP! @annafeliciano_choreographer ‘yong bikini ba ng mga dancers kumpleto na?
1 day ago

@coryvidanes @RealGabby_Lopez huwaaat? walang TRO? pa’no na ‘yan?
20 hours ago

@charo_mmk pa-draft ka ng statement kay bong osorio at lumabas ka sa ‘tv patrol’ mamaya. alam mo na ang treatment. dapat mukhang kawawa at mukhang aggrieved party tayo. will be monitoring.
21 hours ago

@senator_litolapid new hir. testing lang muna kung darating ang tweet ko. reply ka kaagad ha.
3 minutes ago via Tweet Deck

oo nga. mabilis nga ang message. salamat sa reply! RT @senator_litolapid new hir. testing lang muna kung darating ang tweet ko. reply ka kaagad ha.
1 minute ago via Tweet Deck

may parating na typhoon katring. hmmm, i-video ko kaya?
20 hours ago

@pacman FYI. i instructed my cameraman to record your sparring sessions. name is joseph. sunod na lang ako. paki-accommodate naman. thx. XOXO!
20 minutes ago via

@dyan_castillejo suri. no more cameras allow sa wild card gym. ‘tsaka pansin ni bob arum, subra na raw ang coverage mo, abala na sa training ko. ano nga pala ibig sabihin ng XOXO? soso?
13 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter
“Wala. Bakit? Ibibili mo ako?”
~TV host/actor German Moreno’s reply when actress Maxene Magalona asked, “Kuya Germs, meron kang Twitter?”

Survey Says
Sa iginawad na amnesty ni Pangulong Aquino sa mga coup plotters (Trillanes et al.):
– Dapat lang. Palayain sila! 36.81%
– Tutol ako d’yan. Parusahan ayon sa batas. 60.12%
– ‘Di ko alam ang issue. 3.07%

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9 12 2009

DECEMBER 9, 2009: The joint session of Congress has begun. While we await the decision of our lawmakers on Proclamation 1959, let’s read some “tweets” allegedly posted online by some prominent figures.

President Arroyo: “Watching the joint session of Congress on ANC. I’m confident that my allies won’t fail me.”
less than 5 seconds ago from twitterfeed

Agnes Devanadera: “Being grilled now by Cong. Dilangalen on the imposition of ML in Maguindanao. Grabe, ang hirap palang mag-Twitter nang palihim.”
less than 30 seconds ago from twitterfeed

Defense Sec. Bert Gonzales: “Still in Singapore. Not sure if I could attend the joint session tom.”
4 minutes ago from web

Exec. Sec Ed Ermita: “@BertGonzales ‘Langya ka! Nang-iwan ka na naman! Ba’t ka ba nasa Singapore?”
3 minutes ago from web

Andal Ampatuan Jr.: “Can’t sleep. I miss my wives.”
6 minute ago from twitterfeed

Sen. Lito Lapid: “Nasa joined secession ng Kongreso. Nakakaantok. Limang na oras na ‘kong walang naiintindihan.”
about 1 hour ago from twitterfeed

Sen. Bong Revilla: “@LitoLapid Akala mo ikaw lang? Ako rin kaya! Tara, sibat na tayo! Mauna ka na para ‘di halata.”
30 minutes from web

Andal Ampatuan Sr.: “@AndalJr. Gawan mo ng paraang maibalik sa kapitolyo ang backhoe. Hindi pa liquidated ang perang ibinili nun. Baka hanapin ng COA.”
38 minutes from twitterfeed

Imelda Marcos: “Critics of the martial law in Maguindanao should just shut up. Martial rule will make the province and its people beautiful.”
43 minutes ago from

ARMM Gov. Zaldy Ampatuan: “Malapit nang maubos ang pasensya ko. Kapag ako ang napikon, bahala na, magkakalabasan talaga ng baho.”
about 2 hours ago from web

Korina Sanchez: “Hates the thought of having dinner alone again(!) because of this freakin’ joint session. Grrrr!”
about 4 hours ago from Hootsuite

Manny Villar: “The Nacionalista Party has two slots available. If you’re interested, email Gilbert Remulla na lang.”
11:30AM Dec 08th from web

Lorelei Fajardo: “This joint session of Congress is indeed historical.”
about 5 hours ago from

Miriam Defensor-Santiago: “@LoreleiFajardo, Dear, it’s ‘historic’ not ‘historical!’ Well, what can you expect from someone who has never set foot on Cambridge, Harvard, nor Oxford?”
about 3 hours ago from web

Comelec_Online: “Comelec’s 2nd Division orders Afghan President Hamid Karzai to step down. Opponent Abdullah Abdullah wins recount.”
30 seconds ago from twitterfeed

Hayden Kho Jr.: “Ano bang meron sa Congress? Bakit ‘di napag-usapang masyado ang suicide attempt ko?”
about 15 hours ago

Satur Ocampo: “NP cuts ties with KBL. Uy Liza, chance na natin ‘to!”
8:23PM Dec 08th from Uber Twitter

Gilbert Teodoro: “Watching the replay of the ANC Presidential Forum. Just noticed, Noynoy was reading from a prepared opening statement.”
10:02PM Dec 9th from web

Liza Maza: “@SaturOcampo Are you sure? Kasi, Bongbong is still a guest candidate daw.”
10:02 PM Dec 08th from Uber Twitter

Conrado De Quiros: “@GilbertTeodoro So what if Noynoy was reading from a prepared opening statement? Lest you forget, the forum was a battle between good and evil. And you are evil.”
12:56 AM Dec 9th from web

Noynoy Aquino: “@GilbertTeodoro @ConradDeQuiros Labas ako sa away na ‘yan huh!”
1:02 PM Dec 09th from Uber Twitter

Erap Para sa Mahirap: “Thanks sa greets. 50 yrs na kami ni doktora at kakatapos lang ng honeymoon namin. Pero atin-atin lang mga ‘tol, iba pa rin talaga si Laarni.”
11:28 AM Dec 7th from web

Conrado De Quiros: “Latest SWS survey is out. Noynoy, 47%, Villar, 20%, and Teodoro, 3%. Wohoo!”
02:10 AM Dec 9th from web

Mikey Arroyo: “Watching my all-time favorite TV show. Mr. Bean rocks!”
4:45 PM Dec 5th from Uber Twitter

Manny Pacquiao: “New hir. You know. Tisting lang.”
7:46 PM Dec 6th from the web
“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”
~ Joseph Joubert

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