NOVEMBER 7 marks the first anniversary of Super Typhoon Yolanda. President Aquino and his men visited the areas most severely damaged by the super typhoon. First stop, Malacañang.

It’s been a year since Super Typhoon Yolanda wreaked havoc on Eastern Visayas. Which means, it’s also been a year since Anderson Cooper wreaked havoc on Korina Sanchez’s ego.

Vice President Binay is celebrating his 72nd birthday on November 11. His close friends have a problem: What do you give a man who has practically everything in his hacienda?

Vice President Binay and his wife, former Makati City Mayor Elenita Binay are both celebrating their birthdays this month: Dr. Elenita on November 9 and the veep on Nov. 11. It’s a very busy week for Nancy and her oven.

Binay vs. Trillanes
The highly-anticipated debate between Vice President Binay and Sen. Antonio Trillanes will finally happen on November 27. Everyone seems to be excited. In fact, the face-off is being promoted by the KBP, its member stations, and Bob Arum.

The KBP has yet to disclose the venue of the event. Vice President Binay says he won’t back out of the debate. Senator Trillanes promises to come on time… unless he gets trapped in an elevator.

According to the KBP, the debate will focus on four topics. The topics have yet to be made public. There’s a possibility that the ownership of the so-called Hacienda Binay will be tackled. Senator Trillanes can’t wait to stand behind a podium. Vice President Binay will probably stand behind Antonio Tiu.

Senator Antonio Trillanes has been advised to keep his cool during the debate. But the KBP is ready in case Trillanes stage a walk out. I’m not sure about the Manila Peninsula though. They better be.

The KBP says the public is not allowed to ask questions during the televised debate. But they can participate by yelling invectives at the TV screen.

In a speech before BSP delegates at the Boys Town complex in Marikina City last Wednesday, Vice President Binay said he was being crucified by his detractors. He didn’t say though if he was on the left side or on the right side of the middle cross.

The release of his youngest daughter’s Instagram photos has angered Vice President Binay. For him, what Alan Peter Cayetano did was too much. Joanna Marie Binay who captioned one of her photos, “Our place in Batangas.” has since deactivated her Instagram account. Antonio Tiu couldn’t help but pity the young Binay. He was so affected he came close to admitting that he owned the Instagram account.

A recent study says some 400 million birds have vanished from Europe since 1980. And Abigail Binay was like, “Don’t look at me!”

In Palawan, a farmer was bitten by a 7-foot crocodile. Although he survived the attack, he is still keen on filing a complaint against the crocodile with the House ethics committee.

In Pangasinan, a fisherman cut the penis of his live-in partner’s lover after he caught them having sex in his house. The suspect insisted his act was justifiable. There was hard evidence.

UntitlediPhone & Iran
Apple is reportedly in talks with Iran to bring the iPhone to the country. As soon as they heard the good news, Iranians informed their friends and relatives by texting them using their Nokia 3210s.

Reports say Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan are currently dating. That’s the scariest thing to happen in America since Ebola.

According to Forbes, Beyonce is now the highest-paid woman in music — while Jonvic Remulla is the highest-paid spokesperson in politics.

After conducting a study, researchers have identified the “catchiest song ever.” It’s the 1996 Spice Girls hit “Wannabe.” For 2015, researchers predict that the catchiest song will be, “Kay Binay Gaganda ang Buhay.”
In all debates, let truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.”
~William Penn

Sound Bites
“Ako ho ang naghamon, wala hong atrasan ‘to kung ako ho ang tatanungin ninyo. Basta’t magkakaharapan po tayo.”
~Vice President Binay

Enjoy your weekend!

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