18 01 2009

It’s true. Former buddies turned enemies Chavit Singson and Joseph Estrada did kiss and make up at the wake of Doña Mary Ejercito. It took a person’s death to reconcile the two of them. When President Arroyo heard this, she told the First Gentleman, I want to reconcile with my countrymen… can you make a sacrifice?

Aside from Chavit Singson, Erap’s former pal turned enemy retired Gen. Reynaldo Berroya also dropped by the wake. They, too buried the hatchet. Likewise, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, who was expelled by Erap himself from his political party last year, paid his last respects to the dead. Even Malacañang, through Exec. Sec. Eduardo Ermita condoled with the Estrada family. Because of Doña Mary’s demise, everyone appeared to have reconciled last week… with the exception perhaps of JV and Jinggoy.

final-jake According to reports, Erap’s other woman Laarni Enriquez and their children went to Doña Mary’s wake. When people saw the gorgeous kids, they said, “Imposible! Anak ba ni Erap ‘yan? Bakit may leeg?”

laarni Rumors say when Loi Ejercito bumped into Laarni Enriquez at the wake, the former senator told her, “Ako, legal wife,” to which Laarni replied, “Ako, maganda. Period.”

guia Erap’s another woman, Guia Gomez was also there. The mother of San Juan City mayor JV Ejercito told the press, “I lost a very loving person, a loving mother but most of all a loving friend.” In short, “kunsintidora.”

Almost 200 wreaths were sent to the wake of Doña Mary. Erap even appealed to sympathizers to just donate to his mom’s favorite charity instead of sending flowers, to which a surprised Jude Estrada remarked, “Ganun? Sayang naman! Bongga pa naman ang arrangements.”

ques No to Bro
For yesterday’s episode of our entertainment program, I was assigned to write the story about the death of an old woman. I included in the script interviews with a grandson – the old woman’s fave son’s offspring by another woman, and a separate interview with the grandson’s mom (the other woman). When I arrived at the studio, I was told that the interviews with the other woman & her son were deleted from the final script because the old woman’s other grandson (a high ranking government official) wanted them “out of the picture.” And I thought the feud between the “brothers” was over. I was wrong.

ques Exploited?
A former vice presidential candidate is reportedly enraged at a tv host/newscaster and at a comedienne for “exploiting” her in their respective shows. “They made fun of me,” she said, “for ratings.”

Briefly Noted
I was surprised to see a “new broadsheet” when I arrived at the office this morning (Monday, Jan. 19). I also thought it was a supplement of either the Inquirer or the Star. But no, it’s actually Malaya – the daily that President Arroyo wouldn’t read is now a business paper. Check it out.

“Reconciliation with our enemies is but a desire to better our condition, a weariness of war, the fear of some unlucky accident.”
~ François de la Rochefoucauld


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