Duterte’s performance rating soars; Lower House leaders get lower; riot erupts in Bilibid, and DepEd declares victory over COVID19.

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THIS WEEK, the College of Cardinals is expected to vote for a new pope. The election is getting serious. In fact, some of the cardinals have been dancing to Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ just to win votes.

The rapid rise in popularity of Filipino Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is phenomenal. He’s reportedly in the Top 12. But expect him to inch much closer to the top 5 when his life story is featured in “Maalaala Mo Kaya.”

Some 115 cardinal electors gather in Sistine Chapel to elect a new pope. Reports say the cardinals will be praying and voting four times. Yup, four times. That’s worse than some Filipinos who vote twice during elections.

According to the rules, if a new pope is not elected in two or three days it means the cardinals are probably severely divided – that, or the votes from Lanao and Maguindanao don’t tally with the actual number of voters.

Firefighters have installed the Sistine Chapel chimney that will tell the whole world when a new Pope is elected. A black smoke from the chimney means there’s no winner yet; a white smoke signifies the election of a new pope, and a red smoke means Santa Claus was trapped and got toasted.

1LANTOIn other news…
Controversial former Lanao Del Norte representative Macabangkit Lanto has declined his appointment as Comelec commissioner. BREAKING: Senator Drilon’s heart

President Aquino’s two new picks for Comelec commissioner, Macabangkit Lanto and Ma. Bernadette Sardillo both declined their appointments. The Comelec is in panic mode now since the conclave will start in less than 24 hours.

Macabangkit Lanto and Bernadette Sardillo who both declined their appointments to the Comelec were chosen by President Aquino to replace retired poll officials. The President should replace his search committee first.

Pulse Asia
The latest Pulse Asia survey is out. It’s 8 for Team PNOY, 4 for UNA and 6 for political dynasties.

Now ranked sixth, Team PNOY’s Bam Aquino is the biggest gainer. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 lbs.

According to the World Giving Index, the Philippines is the second “most giving” nation in Southeast Asia and 17th among 160 countries in the world. We are really generous. We give to charity, we give to strangers, and we give up our claim to Sabah.

Senatorial aspirant Miguel Zubiri of UNA said, “Win or lose, my wife and I are making baby No. 3.” With or without that baby No. 3, we don’t care!

Sought for comment on rumors that he’s gay, Migz Zubiri told the Philippine Daily Inquirer, “Ask my wife. She seems so satisfied.” To which Ogie Diaz said, “My wife too.”

Migz Zubiri’s’ wife Audrey said, “We have two wonderful children. I am very happy with my husband.” And Koko Pimentel was like, “Whatevs!”
“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sound Bites
“Ako ang pinakamahirap sa mga Madrigal.”
~Jamby Madrigal /via SRO on dzMM

“Actually natatawa nga ako sa sinasabi ni Migz Zubiri, siya ‘yong tumatawag sa pansin ko eh wala na siya sa radar ko.”
~Sen. Koko Pimentel

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Disclaimer: The jokes that you are about to read are original to this blog. These were neither copied nor “borrowed” from talk show hosts, a book author or an incumbent president. The blogger did not seek the help of Ateneo students or alumni in crafting the humor pieces. He will take full responsibility for punch lines that fail to amuse readers.

It seems to be the “in” thing these days. Manny Pangilinan resigns from Ateneo. Chavit Singson rejects Gilbert Teodoro. And Baby James dumps Noynoy Aquino.

Baby James & Politics
At a recent campaign sortie in Bacolod City, Kris Aquino’s 2-year-old son Baby James blurted out “Villar!” on the microphone to the delight of the Ilonggos. A noticeably stunned Kris had to turn him away from the crowd. The Bacolod incident has prompted Noynoy Aquino to conduct a loyalty check on his family.

Insiders revealed it was the second time in two nights that Kris Aquino got so upset. The previous night, while she and husband James Yap were making love, she got incensed when he blurted out, “Mayen!”

The Latest Survey
The Liberal Party feels like celebrating! According to Pulse Asia, the number of Filipinos who will not vote for Noynoy Aquino is slightly down to 63 percent.

Sen. Noynoy Aquino promises to dance if he wins the presidency. He didn’t exactly say when but he told the farmers that he’ll do it in five years.

Bad news for Sen. Manny Villar: According to the March 2010 Pulse Asia survey, his rating has dropped further to 25 percent. Villar is confident though that he’ll rebound in the next survey after getting the endorsement of Baby James.

The First Gentleman
First Gentleman Mike Arroyo has been discharged from St. Luke’s Medical Center but was barred from getting involved in any political activity like campaigning. Another bad news for Senator Villar.

Doctors have barred the First Gentleman from getting involved in any activity that could trigger another heart attack. In particular, they advised him to avoid reading the Inquirer or listening to DZMM.

Lakas-CMD-Kampi Caucus
Did you hear what happened on Tuesday night? Lakas-CMD-Kampi’s National Caucus of Governors met at Discovery Suites in Pasig City. Rocked by recent defections, they vowed to rally behind Gilbert Teodoro. Contrary to rumors though, the meeting was full of life. In fact, the governors were in high spirits. Even President Arroyo was so happy to see them together. She ate and drank with them, and before the night was over, they had fun playing a parlor game called “The boat is sinking.”

Shalani is Hurt
An ABS-CBN report says Shalani Soledad is hurt by insinuations that her boyfriend, Noynoy Aquino has a mental disorder… to which former senator Loi Ejercito said “I can so relate.”

Reelectionist Valenzuela City councilor Shalani Soledad is reportedly hurt by insinuations that presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino has a mental disorder. Asked ‘why the concern,’ she said, “‘Coz he’s special.”

Photo of the Weak:
GMA Turns 63

Ano ang sinasabi ng mga tao sa larawan:
A: “Masamang espiritu… inuutusan kita! Layuan mo ang katawan ng babaeng ito!”
B: “Kunin mo o Diyos, at tanggapin mo…”
C: “Naku Bishop, para naman pong ‘di tumatalab ang banta mo eh. Sakalin ko na lang kaya?”

Notes on a (Plagiarism) Scandal
After the plagiarism fiasco, PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan’s ghostwriters reportedly wanted to “come out” but he said no. He explained, “It has worked for me, it can work for you.”
“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.”
~Franklin P. Jones

Briefly Noted: MVP & Jimmy Fallon
On “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” host Jimmy Fallon delivered this joke:
“Listen to this, a prominent Filipino businessman quit his job at a major university after admitting that he made a speech plagiarizing Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and J.K. Rowling. People got suspicious after he opened with the line, ‘Look under your seats, muggles, because everyone is going home with a free hope and change!'”

[O, ‘di ko ginaya ‘yang joke ni Jimmy Fallon huh. Mas nauna akong nag-post ng MVP article kesa sa telecast ng show niya sa US. Ha-ha]

Survey Says
Of the three presidential candidates who attended the El Shaddai anniversary last Saturday, who do you think would be endorsed by Bro. Mike Velarde?

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

This just in!
According to MSNBC, a human-sized, colorful species of lizard with two penises has been found in the Philippines. Scientists accidentally discovered the animal when they heard extraordinary moaning from a female lizard.


PINOY POLITICS 2010: Modern Election Terms

Bloc Voting
See Iglesia ni Cristo.

A series of planned deception to get someone elected

Celebrity endorser
A prominent tool of deception

Defeated candidate
He who cries fraud

Vulture in the making

Flying voter
A person who exercises suffrage repeatedly as a means of livelihood

Just recently, an elective official whose term ends two months before the elections
May also refer to a defeated candidate who wins a recount; Duration of term is two months or less

House of Representatives
Crocodile farm

Iglesia ni Cristo
See Bloc Voting.

Maverick politician
What Joker Arroyo has become less of

Miting De Avance
Culminating activity of a circus

Liberal recruit
A turncoat

What Liberals and Nacionalistas enjoy doing most

Nacionalista recruit
See Liberal recruit.

Noontime show
For politicians, the best place to pop the question to your girlfriend

Padyak (Pedicab)
A campaign tool with cringing effect resulting in disastrous survey performance

Partido Lakas-Kampi-CMD recruit
There’s no such thing.

Permit to campaign
A fund-raising concept in the countryside originated by Jose Maria Sison and his cohorts
Also known as ‘extortion’

Recycled promises in written form

Political ad
Half-truths presented in creative form

Political party
Source of funds

(The) Poor
Campaign paraphernalia in human form

Pork Barrel
A totally harmless budget with the purest and noblest of intentions until it is allocated to lawmakers

2010 Presidential forum
An organized debate where Villar-bashing has a time limit

Spend at your own risk

A politician who has yet to recover the amount he spent in the previous elections

A lawmaker who doesn’t know the price of “galunggong” and doesn’t eat eggs

IN CASE you haven’t heard, Kris Aquino has been discharged from the Makati Medical Center. She was given a clean bill of health after she slipped in the shower last week. She was confined for almost five days after that fall.

Breaking News! I am now verifying reports that Kris’ brother, Sen. Noynoy Aquino was admitted to the same hospital yesterday… after his trust rating fell.

Pulse Asia Survey
According to a recent Pulse Asia survey, Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Manuel Villar Jr. is the most trusted presidential candidate. Villar is so trustworthy even President Arroyo trusts him.

Pulse Asia Survey II
A Pulse Asia survey revealed that Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s trust rating dropped by 8 percentage points. If it’s any consolation, the trust rating of Baby James is up by 10 points.

Pulse Asia Survey III
The latest Pulse Asia survey said 74 percent of Filipinos wouldn’t vote for a candidate endorsed by President Arroyo… to which Gilbert Teodoro said, “Malas naman ni Villar!”

Light Bites
Q: What did former Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye tell the press when he was asked about the race for president?
A: “The president has two presidential bets: one is real, the other is fake.”

Loren and Manny
The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. held Sen. Loren Legarda’s hand during an interview prompting the vice presidential bet to quip, “Napaka-sweet talaga ng presidente ko.” Reporters covering the event were surprised to hear the compliment since it marked the first time that Loren uttered such flattering remark to a man below 64 years old.

Warmest Day
Weather experts reported that the hottest day of the year so far was recorded on Feb. 24, Wednesday afternoon at 34.5 degrees Celsius. It was so hot yesterday, Manny Villar went swimming in a sea of garbage!

Warmest Day II
According to PAGASA, the hottest day of the year so far was recorded on Wednesday afternoon at 34.5 degrees Celsius. Rumors say Noynoy Aquino and the Liberal Party are alarmed by the report. With Noynoy’s temperature currently at 36.5, they are now statistically tied.

“A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.”
~James Freeman Clarke


THE RACE FOR PRESIDENT is indeed heating up. Three surveys conducted nationwide last month showed that Richard Gordon, Jamby Madrigal, Vetallano Acosta, JC De Los Reyes, Nicanor Perlas, and Bro. Eddie Villanueva were statistically tied for last place!

Pulse Asia Survey
According to Pulse Asia, Senators Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar are now statistically “tied” for first place. Either Villar’s ads were that good or the Senate majority’s ‘job’ on Villar was that bad.

Liberal Party spokesman Quezon Rep. Lorenzo “Erin” Tañada III admits that they are concerned about the results of the latest Pulse Asia survey. Noynoy was reportedly so bothered, he even requested his advisers to verify rumors that “nabili lang sa Divisoria ang naturang survey.”

Liberal Party spokesman Erin Tañada admits that Noynoy Aquino’s ads (which were handled and conceptualized by Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda) haven’t had a strong impact. In fact, after the release of Noynoy’s latest “rap ad,” Baby James got a higher rating than him.

The head of Noynoy Aquino’s advertising campaign, Yolanda Ong of ad agency Campaigns and Grey says because of the decline in Noynoy’s ratings, there will be major changes in his campaign strategy. It will start with the exclusion of Kris and Boy in brainstorming sessions.

[Here’s a rejoinder from Ms. Yolly Ong.]

Liberal Party spokesman Erin Tañada admits that the so-called “Cory Magic” that catapulted Aquino as the favorite to win the presidential race may already be wearing off. Unfortunately for Noynoy, Cory’s “babang-luksa” or first death anniversary is still six months away.

Top 10 Messages Left on Senator Noynoy Aquino’s Answering Machine After the Release of the Latest Pulse Asia Survey

No. 10: “Hi Noy. Korina here. Have you heard the news? Mar has been pulling away in the vice presidential surveys. I’m so very happy for my husband. Are you?”

No. 9: “Senator, this is Mayen Austria. Alam ko pong may problema kayo ngayon sa survey ratings n’yo, pero wala na po talaga akong mapagsabihan ng problema ko sa aking boyfriend eh. Nagpalit na kasi ng number si James.”

No. 8: “Noynoy, si Jamby ‘to. I’ve done every possible thing against that corrupt and evil candidate of the Nacionalista Party. Tell me, saan ako nagkulang?”

No. 7: “Mr. Senator, this is the SWS. Quiapo pala huh. Ayan ang napala mo!”

No. 6: “Hi Noy. Si Korina ulit ‘to. Nasabi ko na ba sa ‘yo na ang taas-taas ng rating ngayon ni Mar? Boom-boom pow! Boom-boom pow!”

No. 5: “Noy, this is Mar! Pagpasensyahan mo na si misis. Mukhang may sapi na naman eh. Intindihin mo na lang. At huwag kang mag-alala, hindi kita pababayaan. Magsasama tayo. Lalaban tayo.”

No. 4: “Hi Noy, sa campaign headquarters ‘to ni Senator Villar. Guys, sabay-sabay… “Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap. Si Villar ang tunay na may malasakit. Si Villar ang may kakayahan at gumawa ng sariling pangalan…”

No. 3: “Hello Noy, this is Conrado De Quiros of the Inquirer. Your candidacy will deliver us back to the beginning of things, or thrust us back to the time where myth and history meet or the place where life and legend intersect. The time or place of the great fight between Good and Evil: Between Cory and Marcos, between Obama and Bush, between the Fellowship of the Ring and the Eye of Mordor, between Luke Skywalker and the Evil Empire. Use the Force, Noy.”

No. 2: “Senator Aquino, hindi na mahalaga kung sino man kami. Basta, sa palasyo ‘to at naka-tap ang phone mo. Pakisabi kay De Quiros, ang OA niya huh!

And the No. 1 message left on Senator Noynoy Aquino’s answering machine after the release of the latest Pulse Asia survey…

“’Noy, don’t worry ok? Next week, susugurin ko ulit si Mayen, pero sasampalin ko na siya para mas pag-usapan. ‘Tapos, makikipaghiwalay ulit ako kay James, hindi lang two days but five. Pero help me naman with Ate Ballsy para may malipatan ako pansamantala. Nahihiya na ‘kong makitira kay Ate Pinky eh. ‘Tsaka… wait lang huh, ‘tawag ako ulit. Gosh, Joshua, ano baaaa! Huwag mong sakyan si Baby James!”
“There are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up and the kind you make up.” ~Rex Stout, Death of a Doxy

Survey Says
On the country’s first ever automated elections:
I’m optimistic. Kaya natin ‘yan! 53%
Kinakabahan ako. Baka pumalpak. 47%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Pulse Asia Survey
Vice President Noli De Castro, Sen. Francis Escudero, and deposed president Joseph Estrada topped the May 4-17 survey of Pulse Asia. When Sen. Jamby Madrigal arrived at her office, her staff chorused, “Blowout! Blowout! Blowout!”

The latest Pulse Asia survey showed that Sen. Mar Roxas’ rating surged to 13 percent from 8 percent in February. That’s a really huge gain following his “noontime show” proposal to Korina Sanchez. To make sure he’ll top the next survey, Mar Roxas now considers marrying Korina Sanchez… on TV Patrol… live!

Mar Roxas attributed his five-point gain to pro-poor programs… like Wowowee.

loren_tvc Loren Legarda who obtained a rating of 12 percent last February slid to sixth place in May with only 7 percent. Alarmed by the huge drop in her rating, Loren is now searching for a man who’s willing to propose marriage to her… on “Eat Bulaga.”

In the latest Pulse Asia survey, El Shaddai leader Bro. Mike Velarde got 0.4 percent; Jesus Is Lord founder Eddie Villanueva got 0.3 percent, and Pampanga governor Father Ed Panlilio had 0.2 percent. Can you believe it? God is losing!

bayani_fernano_tarpaulin1 The latest survey showed that El Shaddai leader Bro. Mike Velarde got 0.4 percent; Jesus Is Lord founder Eddie Villanueva got 0.3 percent; MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando got 0.3 percent, and Father Ed Panlilio got 0.2 percent. Fernando is so proud of his rating mainly because he feels like a servant of God.

Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay got only four percent in the latest Pulse Asia survey. Remember the mayor’s ad that says, Ganito kami sa Makati. Sana ganito rin sa buong bayan? Well, 96 percent of survey respondents told Pulse Asia: “Kung ganun sila sa Makati. Sila na lang!”

The latest Pulse Asia survey showed that the battle for president in 2010 remains very tight. The only thing tighter is Vicki Belo’s face.

SWS Survey
Beleaguered senator Manuel Villar Jr. topped the latest survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations. Sen. Jamby Madrigal has deferred her blowout.

In the latest SWS survey conducted between April 16 and May 6, 2009, Sen. Mar Roxas posted a rating of 9 percent or four percent lower than his Pulse Asia score. Therefore I conclude, more Pulse Asia respondents watch Wowowee than their SWS counterparts.

The Senate & the Opening of Classes
June 1, Monday marked the opening of classes. Everybody went to serious work immediately. The most serious of them all was teacher Jamby! She began Day 1 with a PowerPoint presentation.

And did you see how pupils observed proper hygiene to combat the possible spread of viruses? Everyone was so serious about it. To give you an idea how serious they were, a certain Manny Villar was absent, and yet, mabilis pa sa alas-kwatrong naghugas ng kamay.

Light Bites
Noon: Ang pedicab, ginagamit sa pamamasada.
Ngayon: Ang pedicab, ginagamit sa pangangampanya.

Noon: Ang pamamanhikan, ginagawa sa sala, sa harap ng mga magulang ng nobya.
Ngayon:Ang pamamanhikan, ginagawa sa TV, sa harap ni Willie Revillame.

Noon: Ang malalaswang panoorin, pinapanood sa mga sinehan.
Ngayon: Ang malalaswang panoorin, sa Senado pinagpipiyestahan.

Noon: Ang political ads naglipana sa campaign period.
Ngayon: Ang political ads naglipana. Period.

Noon: Sa pagbabalik ng klase, ang unang binubuksan, libro. Review!
Ngayon: Sa pagbabalik ng klase, ang unang binubuksan, gripo. My flu!

Noon: Kapag may ibang mukha sa PBA, malamang, import, kadalasan Amerikano.
Ngayon: Kapag may ibang mukha sa PBA, asahan mo, purong Pilipino!

Check out the Cebu inmates’ interpretation of the Academy Award-winning song by A.R. Rahman: Jai Ho.

“It does no harm just once in a while to acknowledge that the whole country isn’t in flames, that there are people in the country besides politicians, entertainers, and criminals.”
~Charles Kuralt


baracktele Obama and the President
US President Barack Obama made a surprise telephone call to President Arroyo early Saturday morning. To give you an idea how surprising and unexpected it was, ISAFP agents failed to press the “Record” button.

Obama and the President II
US President Barack Obama made a surprise telephone call to President Arroyo early Saturday morning. The call was totally surprising and unexpected, President Arroyo was compelled to put Cesar Mancao on hold!

gma_barack Obama and the President III
US President Barack Obama made a surprise telephone call to President Arroyo early Saturday morning. To give you an idea how surprised the president was, when she answered the call, she said, “Hello… Barci! Oops, I am shorry.”

Obama and the President IV
US President Barack Obama made a surprise telephone call to President Arroyo early Saturday morning. Rumors say it was lengthy conversation. To give you an idea how long it was, Cesar Mancao was forced to hang up and even threatened to revise his affidavit.

Obama and the President V
Reports say presidential daughters Sasha and Malia Obama have yet to receive their new puppy from US President Barack Obama. Maybe that’s the reason why Obama phoned President Arroyo. He’s looking for a “tuta.”

The Latest Survey
Vice President Noli De Castro topped the latest Pulse Asia survey with a 19 percent preference rating. He was followed by Sen. Francis Escudero, 17 percent, Joseph Estrada, 16 percent, Sen. Manuel Villar, 15 percent, Sen. Loren Legarda, 12 percent, Sen. Manuel Roxas II, 7 percent, and Sen. Panfilo Lacson, 6 percent. Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay got 2 percent while MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando got only one percent. The First Gentleman was luckier. He got five percent.

Enrile and the House
Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile has proposed to increase the number of congressmen from 250 to 350. Enrile’s proposal is contained in his Senate Bill No. 3123 or An Act Establishing Metro Manila’s First Ever Crocodile Farm.

duterte Duterte and the Military
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is reportedly fuming over the alleged human rights abuses of the military. Apparently, Duterte is threatened by the competition.

My date with my doctor has been rescheduled. I just had blood extraction yesterday. It was less painful than I expected. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be back at the Makati Medical Center. Heckling continues Tuesday.

“Alliance – in international politics, the union of two thieves who have their hands so deeply inserted in each other’s pockets that they cannot separately plunder a third.”
~Ambrose Bierce


Postscript to a Senate Coup
Did you hear about US President-elect Barack Obama’s pre-dawn call to President Arroyo last Tuesday? They say Malacañang is so proud of that one call… to which Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said, “That’s nothing! Before dawn last Tuesday, I received 13 calls.”

As of press time Thursday, both the Senate majority and minority were claiming Sen. Lito Lapid, the confused chairman of the games and amusements committee as their own – prompting the Kapampangan action star to complain, “Ewan ko nga ba sa mga ‘yan. Ang gulu-gulo at ang ingay-ingay sa session hall. Kulang na nga ako sa tulog eh.”

Sen. Francis Escudero wants the chairmanship of the powerful Blue Ribbon committee. Sen. Richard Gordon also wants the Blue Ribbon. Other senators want Alan Peter Cayetano to keep the Blue Ribbon. Everyone is desperate for the Blue Ribbon… except perhaps for Lito Lapid whose only craving is a Red Ribbon.

A Worried JDV
Reports say Cong. Jose De Venecia is worried about the upcoming new appointments in the Supreme Court. Two days ago, he got worried when Juan Ponce Enrile was installed Senate president. He is also worried Congress might totally junk the impeachment complaint filed by his son against President Arroyo. Kawawa naman ‘tong taong ‘to. Ayaw tigilan ng konsensya. Nakakatulog pa kaya siya?

Pulse Asia Survey
In the latest survey conducted by Pulse Asia Inc, 58 percent of Filipinos said they were “losers” or “worse now” compared to last year. Sen. Manuel Villar and Cong. Jose De Venecia share the same sentiment.

Somali Pirates I
According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, the number of abducted Filipino seafarers being held hostage in waters off Somalia rose to 134 after another group of Somali pirates seized a merchant vessel with seven Filipinos on board. President Arroyo is calling on all Filipinos to pray for the safety of the hostages. She ordered Press Secretary Jesus Dureza to lead the prayer.

Somali Pirates II
Somali pirates hijacked Saudi oil super-tanker Sirius Star with 19 Filipinos on board. Sketchy reports say the Pinoy hostages were allowed to use mobile phones. Those who were able to call home assured their loved ones they are being treated humanely, with some pirates even promising them clothes, food, and a chance to meet Johnny Depp.

If you talk to God, you are praying. If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.
~Thomas Szasz


null Losers
The latest Pulse Asia survey showed that 58% of Filipinos in Metro Manila consider themselves as “losers”… but are nonetheless hopeful that President Arroyo will also appoint them to government posts.

Low Quality of Life
According to Pulse Asia, 75% of Filipinos say their quality of life has deteriorated in the past 12 months. Malacañang is hoping to reverse the trend starting with the Filipinos’… text life.

Worse Off Today
The latest Pulse Asia survey revealed that most Filipinos are worse off now relative to last year. In figures, that’s 72 percent in Metro Manila, 80 percent in the rest of Luzon, 92 percent in the Visayas and 94 percent in Mindanao. A record-high 100% could have been obtained if Pulse Asia moved farther South and surveyed Pinoys in Sabah.

Forgotten Heroes
Sen. Manuel Villar lashed out at President Arroyo for not thanking the overseas Filipino workers in her State of the Nation Address. Villar is so worried because he might have a hard time convincing them to appear again in his series of infomercials.

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