Natutuwa ang Malacañang sa kapuri-puring desisyon ng Securities and Exchange Commission sa kaso ng online media organization na Rappler.

Noon pa man ay sinabi na ni Pangulong Duterte na dayuhan ang may-ari ng Rappler na ‘yan at sa imbestigasyong isinagawa ng SEC, napatunayan nga nilang lumabag sa batas ang Rappler.



RAPPLER: “We will continue bringing you the news, holding the powerful to account for their actions and decisions, calling attention to government lapses that further disempower the disadvantaged. We will hold the line.” Read full statement here.
“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”
~Benjamin Franklin

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Here’s how the Philippine Fake News Agency would probably report the latest developments in the country.

NETIZENS slammed the State-run Philippine News Agency (PNA) and its head Martin Andanar for using a Vietnam War photo (sans attribution) for its article on the Marawi City siege. The article was even re-posted by Assistant Sec. Oh No A Scum in her Facebook page. Earlier in May, the PNA also uploaded “fake news” on extrajudicial killings in the country.

On Tuesday, May 30, Andanar’s office issued a statement saying the mistakes “have cast doubt on our integrity.” What integrity?!


HERE’S how the Philippine Fake News Agency would probably report the latest developments in the country.

An agent of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency inspects a shabu laboratory in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. (PFNA)

Expressing support for President Duterte’s all-out war on drugs, hunky residents of Davao City volunteered to rid the city of drug pushers and drug users. #DefendtheRepublic (PFNA)

ISIS rebels raising a flag atop Mt. Banahaw in Luzon. President Duterte mulls declaring Martial Law in the region. (PFNA)

An unidentified resident volunteers to bring food to government soldiers. #DefendTheRepublic (PFNA)

Malacañang dismisses rumors President Duterte is protecting alleged big-time drug lord Peter Lim. This PFNA file photo shows the President threatening to shoot Lim if he continues to operate in Mindanao.

Kuha ito sa isinagawang raid ng pulisya sa hinihinalang pugad ng mga drug addicts sa Navotas City. Ang nasukol na lalaki sa larawan ay lulong sa ipinagbabawal na gamot. (PFNA)

Police rescued at least a dozen children from their abusive drug-dependent parents in Caloocan and Malabon last Thursday. (PFNA)

Namamahinga ang ilang construction workers sa itinatayo nilang gusali sa Makati City. Kumpiyansa ang mga negosyante sa takbo ng ekonomiya sa ilalim ng administrasyong Duterte. (PFNA)

Tourists cross a street in Lanao Del Sur. Peace-loving foreigners appreciate the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao. (PFNA)

Tumulong ang mga mangingisdang Pinoy sa pagsagip sa ilang miyembro ng Chinese Navy matapos lumubog ang sinasakyang patrol boat ng mga ito sa West Philippine Sea. Pinatunayan nito ang lalo pang tumitibay na pagkakaibigan ng Pilipinas at China. (PFNA)

PNP Chief Ronald Bato De La Rosa has denied reports the number of riding-in-tandem vigilantes is on the rise. (PFNA)
“You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic.”
― Robert A. Heinlein

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The psychology behind fake news
The first is “motivated reasoning,” the idea that we are motivated to believe whatever confirms our opinions.

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marco_wedding_hands LET ME BEGIN THIS post by saying that I am genuinely happy for ex-future president Mar Roxas and his ex-girlfriend, the ex-future First Lady Korina Sanchez, who is now a certified madrasta.

Congratulations, best wishes, and most importantly, good luck!

Unknown to many, I was one of the hundreds of uninvited folks who endured the smoldering heat outside Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City to witness the event dubbed by local media as the “People’s Wedding” and “Kasalan ng Taon.” Dozens of politicians attended the ceremony, probably the reason why it was hotter inside the church.

The truth is: Conrado De Quiros and I were sent wedding invitations by Senator Roxas. However, Korina insisted that we apologize first before security personnel could allow us inside. In short, “No Sorry, No Entry.” De Quiros replied, “I’d rather wait for Noynoy’s wedding.” But the PDI columnist admits he doesn’t have any idea if it will ever happen since “Sa lahat ng pulitikong may girlfriend, si Noynoy lamang ang hindi atat na atat mag-asawa.”

marco_wedding_TAO As for me, I opted to be a spectator outside. Thanks to the giant video wall that was installed in front of the church for ordinary people to see the wedding. If it’s any consolation, I was beside the GMA 7 news team. You just have to admire those guys. They were so prepared for the special coverage! In fact, they brought their 3G phones in case the video wall suffered technical glitches!

The ceremony was pushed back to 4 o’clock because the bride wasn’t around yet at the originally-scheduled 3PM rites. It turned out that from the Intercon Hotel in Makati, Korina first went to Heritage Memorial Park in Taguig City to pay respects to her departed parents – in her bridal gown! She plans to do the same this coming All Saints Day.

Trivia: Ano o sino ang nakikita n’yo sa larawan?
A: Parada ng santong sikreto pa ang identity
B: Prusisyon ng mahiyaing birhen!
C: Si Korina ‘yan. May GMA 7 crew kasi sa labas kaya pilit itinago!
D: Duh! Basta ang alam ko kamukha ni JV Ejercito ‘yung lalaking naka-blue

Deviating from the norm, Korina Sanchez did not wear a veil to cover her face. It was a personal and tactical request, as she wanted to make sure that neither Sen. Francis Pangilinan nor reporter RG Cruz could go near her.

As the Inquirer reported, politics took a backseat at the celebrity-studded event. Everyone was there: from the stalwarts of the Liberal Party to members of Erap’s company and even allies of the ruling Lakas-CMD-Kampi. The only VIP missing was Loren Legarda who reportedly got sick because of climate change.

The almost nonagenarian, former Senate President Jovito Salonga, a principal sponsor was present. Loren Legarda would have enjoyed talking to him.

marco_wed_noy Among the guests, presidential aspirant Noynoy Aquino was greeted with the loudest applause. The only other time he received such applause from the public was when he told his sister Kris Aquino to “shut up.”

Congressman Teofisto “TG” Guingona III almost didn’t make it to the occasion. Good thing he resigned from the Nacionalista Party on time.

During the offertory, former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban, a principal sponsor offered chalice and wine. Another principal sponsor, Rosa Rosal offered blood.

Reports say Sen. Mar Roxas wrote his own wedding vow… which was a good thing. Imagine if people behind his TV ads were tasked to write it! Baka nag-back out ‘yung bride!

marco_wed-vows But an awkward moment happened during the exchanged of vows. After Korina stated that Mar was the fulfillment of everything she ever wanted in a husband; Roxas slipped, and said that Sanchez was the fulfillment of everything he ever wanted in a political endorser.

Yet another awkward thing happened at the reception. When relatives of the groom conducted a survey and asked guests if they wanted the couple to have a baby before the elections, 30 percent chose YES while 10 percent chose NO. The remaining 60 percent chose Noynoy Aquino!

A minor commotion ensued during the traditional tossing of the bridal bouquet. When Korina Sanchez tossed it, the bouquet landed on Vicki Belo’s face, and P100,000 worth of Botox squirted out.

marco-wedding-kiss2 According to the Philippine Star, at the end of the matrimonial ceremony, “Mar and Korina kissed for 11 seconds.” But the Philippine Daily Inquirer said, “the couple kissed for three minutes according to a reliable source who requested anonymity.” The Manila Bulletin merely described it as “a beautiful kiss” while Abante Tonite’s banner headline said, “Nasarapan sa halikan!”

Postscript: In case you missed snippets of the wedding on TV, just follow Inquirer columnist and Liberal Party supporter Manolo Quezon on Twitter. He tweeted a detailed account of the event: blow-by-blow. Good job!
“A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.”
-Zsa Zsa Gabor

chiz-announce IN OTHER NEWS
SENATOR FRANCIS JOSEPH ESCUDERO has announced his resignation from his party, the Nationalist People’s Coalition shocking not only his party mates but the members of the press as well who expected him to declare his presidential bid in a hastily-organized press conference at Club Filipino Wednesday morning. Before dozens of his cheering supporters, the 40-year-old father of twins delivered a speech in Filipino, the original draft of which reached the Professional Heckler. Will be posting it on Friday.

Matapos mag-resign si Chiz sa partido, sinong kandidato ang susuportahan ng NPC? Tatakbo pa ba si Chiz sa pagka-pangulo? Ikunsidera niya kaya ang pagka-bise presidente? Ano ang mangyayari sa plano ni Loren Legarda? Sino ang magiging presidential running mate niya? At ang pinakamahalagang tanong na kamakalawa pa gustong malaman ng publiko: Bakit walang belo si Korina Sanchez sa kanyang kasal?

Survey Says
Should Noynoy Aquino marry Shalani Soledad in case he wins the presidency?
OO, Para may First Lady: 19%
NO. Ayusin muna niya ang bansa. 27%
I don’t give a damn. 54%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

Newsbreak Magazine advises presidential aspirant Manny Villar: You don’t stand judges up

Francis Escudero’s political adviser Lito Banayo insists the senator is seeking the presidency

Loren Legarda’s statement on Chiz Escudero’s resignation from NPC

Morbid but true: Memorial pages on Facebook


Impeachment and GMA null
Losing National Broadband Network contract bidder Jose “Joey” De Venecia III said he would lead the filing of an impeachment complaint against President Arroyo. Personally though, I can think of a hundred and one reasons why this particular complaint would fail… and Joey De Venecia is all of them.

null Impeachment and GMA II
Three-term congressman and now, Iloilo vice governor Rolex Suplico, a complainant like Joey De Venecia said, “We wish to send the very strong message to the president that one cannot steal and get away with it.” If that’s true, then why is he still at large?

Noli for Prexy? null
Asked about his plans for 2010, vice president Noli De Castro said, “I don’t know.” And then added, “Ako, ‘di naman ako nangarap maging senador pero naging senador ako. ‘Di naman ako nangarap maging vice president, pero naging vice president ako. ‘Yong destiny na ang masusunod.” Apparently, De Castro and the Filipino people have similar fates: Ang mga Pilipino, hindi siya pinangarap maging senador, pero naging senador siya. Hindi siya pinangarap maging vice president, pero naging vice president siya. Kasalanan ng destiny ‘yan eh!

null Not True null
Sen. Francis Pangilinan and megastar Sharon Cuneta have both denied reports their marriage is over. Ironically though, they issued the denial… separately.

Top 5 Signs Sen. Francis Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta Have Separated

5: Angeli Pangilinan stops sending daily Biblical text quotes to sister-in-law Sharon Cuneta.

4: Senator Pangilinan starts going out with the very single… Mommy Elaine! (‘Sing laki, pero ‘di ‘sing mahal)

3: A special episode of the talk show “Sharon” talks about the secrets of being hot and handsome and will feature as guests Robin Padilla, Gabby Concepcion, and Richard Gomez.

2: When news of the separation reached the Senate, members of Senator Pangilinan’s staff as well as the Senate press corps all shouted, “Burger! Burger! Burger!”

And the No. 1 sign Sen. Francis Pangilinan and Sharon have separated…

1: Sharon changes her Myspace status from “Married” to “It’s complicated” while Senator Pangilinan modifies his Friendster status from “Married” to “Just Looking Around.”

null “You’re My Number 1?”
(Revised Nido jingle as interpreted by Senator Kiko for Sharon)

Note: I want you to enjoy this piece so please click this link first (open in a new window) so you could sing with musical accompaniment.

Look at me hon
Campaigning in the sun
Hope that one day
I’ll be number one

And there’s no treasure
That i will cherish like yours

And when i smile
They all see you glow
’Though they all know
You’re not my only one

My one and only joy
Is to make you my toy

My one wish for you
Campaign, through and through
I need you and the votes that bring joy
That’s all I want to see so clearly

Look at me hon
Smiling in the sun
Waiting for that day
I’ll be number one.

Have a great week ahead!

Adultery is the application of democracy to love.
– Henry Louis Mencken