Pacquiao: Grabi! Kasama ka pala sa line-up ng PDP Laban.

Mocha: Oo idol! Pinilit ako eh; hindi naman ako makatanggi.

RODRIGO DUTERTE’S party, the PDP-Laban has announced its initial list of potential candidates for senator in 2019. Controversial government propagandist Mocha Uson is on that list. Here’s how some politicians reacted when they bumped into Uson recently.

Pacquiao: Uy, Mukah, congrats, magiging senador ka na.

Mocha: Thank you idol!

Pacquiao: Excited ako! Makakatrabaho na kita.

Mocha: Bakit idol? Nagtatrabaho ka ba?


Mocha: Jooooke!

* * * * *

Pacquiao: Grabi ka Mukah!! Magiging senador ka na pala.

Mocha: Thank you, idol! Narinig mo na pala ang balita.

Pacquiao: Oo naman. Congrats!

Mocha: Salamat idol! Excited na akong mag-isip ng bagong batas.

Pacquiao: Bakit? Nag-iisip ka ba?


Pacquiao: Jooooke! Akala mo ikaw lang?!

* * * * *

Pacquiao: Grabi! Kasama ka pala sa line-up ng PDP Laban.

Mocha: Oo idol! Pinilit ako eh; hindi naman ako makatanggi.

Pacquiao: Naku, pa’no ‘yan? Sabi nila, tanga ka raw. Iboboto ka kaya ng masa?

Mocha: Oo naman. Ibinoto ka nga nila, ‘di ba?


Mocha: Aminin mo, may point ako.

* * * * *

Pacquiao: Congrats Mukah, magiging senador ka na.

Mocha: Salamat idol! Kaya lang ang daming bumabatikos. Sabi nila, ‘pag nanalo raw ako, napakaraming bobo sa Pilipinas.

Pacquiao: ‘Wag mo silang pansinin. Inggit lang ang mga ‘yon. Hindi totoong maraming bobo sa ating bansa!

Mocha: Salamat idol. Ilan nga pala ang bumoto sa ‘yo noon?

Pacquiao: Mahigit 16 million.

Mocha: Naku! Marami nga!

Pacquiao: ‘Tang ina mo.


Pacquiao: Akala mo, joke? ‘Tang ina mo!


Sotto: Congrats Mocha! Malapit na tayong magsama sa Senado.

Mocha: Salamat Tito Sen!

Sotto: Sus! Salamat lang? Pa-burger ka naman!

Mocha: Sus! Burger lang?! Kung gusto n’yo pa-Pepsi pa eh.


Mocha: Bakit Tito Sen? ‘Di ka ba nagso-soft drinks?!

* * * * *

Sotto: Uy! Senator Mocha Uson, congratulations.

Mocha: Grabe ka naman Tito Sen. Wala pa. Tatakbo pa lang.

Sotto: Pag nanalo ka, magkasama nating lalabanan ang mga dilawan!

Mocha: Kurek!

Sotto: Lalabanan natin ang “bias” na Inquirer, Rappler, at ABS-CBN!

Mocha: Kurek!

Sotto: Lalabanan natin ang minor bloggers!

Mocha: Kurek!

Sotto: Lalabanan natin ang nagpapakalat ng fake news!



Mocha: Baka may iba ka pang gustong labanan? Suggest ka pa.


Mocha: Sir Harry Roque, sabi sa news, kasama tayo sa senate slate ng PDP Laban.

Roque: Eh ‘di mabuti. Congrats sa ‘tin!

Mocha: Salamat Sir. Excited na ako sa slate!

Roque: Teka, ano ba ‘yong “slate?”

Mocha: Basta ang sabi sa Rappler “slate.” Qinuote ko lang sila. Mali ba ‘yon?


Mocha: Pucha! Fake news talaga ‘yang Rappler!


Nancy Binay: Uy! Ikaw pala ‘yan Mocha. Narinig ko ang balita. In fairness sa ‘yo huh!

Mocha: Wala akong pakialam. ‘Wag ka nang mag-comment. Baka bumalik lang sa ‘yo.



Nancy: In fairness ulit, nabasa mo ang nasa utak ko. Tse!

* * * * *

Mocha: Boss, kasama ako sa listahan ng PDP Laban.

Martin Andanar: Eh ‘di mabuti. Sure win ka na. Sabi ko nga sa media, no-brainer.

Mocha: Ano ba ‘yung “no-brainer?”

Martin: ‘Pag ‘di na kailangang pag-isipan pa, at very obvious na – no-brainer.

Mocha: Ahhhh, ‘yon pala. Akala ko kasi ako ‘yung tinutukoy mo.

Martin: Hindi ‘no! Iba ang no-brainer sa no brain.


Martin: Wala akong sinabi huh! Sabi ko lang magkaiba ang dalawa.

Mocha: Tatay Digong, kasama ako sa listahan ng PDP Laban.

Duterte: Good! Gusto mo, samahan pa kita sa kampanya.

Mocha: Talaga po? Kahit mag-jeep lang tayo?

Duterte: No problem.

Mocha: Kahit sakay lang ng pedicab?

Duterte: Oo naman.

Mocha: Kahit sumakay sa MRT?

Duterte: ‘Tang ina. Ikaw na lang.


Duterte: ‘Wag ka na nga lang tumakbo!
“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”

Sound Bites
“Kung tatakbo man po ako, ito po ay dahil si Pangulong Duterte na mismo ang nagpatakbo sa akin.”
~Mocha Uson on her possible Senate run


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[Photos: Pacquiao/Mocha: ABSCBN News; Mocha/Sotto: Inquirer.net ; Mocha/Duterte/Roque; Malacañang Photo; MRT: Ivan Caballero Villegas]


NEARLY 26 PERCENT of Filipino adults were without jobs in June according to a survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations. Those Filipinos have done nothing and haven’t accomplished anything in recent months. In fact, they have a nickname for themselves: congressmen.

Almost 26 percent of Filipino adults are without jobs at present and are looking for work. To be fair, these Filipinos wanted to actually work and are eager to accomplish things. Unlike those people in charge of the MRT.

I have a couple more jokes about unemployed Filipinos. But I was afraid they wouldn’t work.

In an event Monday, President Aquino took a swipe at those who were already campaigning ahead of the 2016 elections. The President said Filipinos should focus their attention instead on some of the nation’s biggest problems. When the audience heard this, they stared at the President.

In a press statement, Isabela Representative Rodito Albano dared President Aquino to take the MRT to “experience the suffering” of his bosses. Albano drafted the statement while aboard his multimillion-peso luxury vehicle.

Malacañang rejected Albano’s challenge for President Aquino to ride the congested MRT… not because of security issues but because the MRT doesn’t allow smoking.

Have you seen the film Lucy? The action-packed Scarlett Johansson-starrer has received mixed reviews from critics. Personally though, I find the silliness entertaining. It also perpetuates the age-old myth that humans use only 10 percent of their brain. Yeah, it’s only a myth unless of course we’re talking about government officials, then it’s probably true.

The Pope
Talking to reporters aboard the papal plane to the Vatican from South Korea, Pope Francis said he’d probably be gone in two or three years. Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party are pushing for a term extension.

Saying he has done his part, Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) believes he’ll probably be gone in two or three years. His youngest sister Krissy Bergoglio became emotional and was caught on cam crying.

While hosting an event in Davao City, comedian Ramon Bautista joked that there were many “babaeng hipon” in the city. The bad news: the feisty Dutertes were offended by the joke. The good news: Ramon made it out of Davao alive.

While hosting an event in Davao City, comedian Ramon Bautista joked that there were many ‘babaeng hipon” in the city. The joke offended Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte who was present in the event. Duterte reprimanded the comedian. Ramon was compelled to apologize for insulting describing those women.

Pinoy Pride
Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz’s five-hour movie, “Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon” bagged the top prize at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. While the festival ended last weekend, the jurors are still watching the film until this morning.

FHM Sex Survey
According to the FHM 2014 National Sex I.Q. Survey in the Philippines, 33 percent of respondents have been criticized by a woman in bed. When sought to elaborate, one respondent declined and said, “Filipinos should focus their attention instead on some of  the nation’s biggest problems.”

The same FHM survey revealed some 65 percent of Filipinos would seriously consider making their own sex tape in the future. The remaining 35 percent can’t wait to download it.
“What this country needs is more unemployed politicians.”
~Angela Davis

City Ordinance of the Year
Congratulations Mandaluyong City for this “super brilliant” idea! You deserve an award. Kayo lang ang nakaisip n’yan! Bravo! [Paid item]

Sound Bites
“Kapag nagbabasa tayo ng diyaryo araw-araw, tila marami nang nangangampanya. Parang nakalimutan nilang may problema tayo ngayon. Kaya naman ang problema sa 2016 na eleksyon, sa 2016 na iyon. Ngayon, tugunan muna natin ang problemang bumabalot po sa ating sambayanan.”
~President Aquino, August 18, 2014

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