Chairman Tolentino and Cardinal Rosales, traffic, balikbayan boxes and other stories

Amid calls for his resignation, MMDA Chairman and senator wannabe Francis Tolentino was seen directing rush-hour traffic last Wednesday. Tolentino was spotted at the corner of Publicity and 2016th Streets.

The Cardinal
Caught in a highway traffic in Batangas, retired Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales walked several meters, helped settle a dispute between motorists, and freed up a traffic jam. Later in an interview, Rosales said he was very happy to have helped but denied that he was running for senator next year.

Sen. Bongbong Marcos has reportedly “apologized” to the victims of the regime of his father, the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos. Bongbong said sorry for healing, unity, and a shot at the presidency.

1TolentinoABSCBNNewsBalikbayan Box
To boost the agency’s campaign against smuggling, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) strictly enforced random physical inspection of ‘balikbayan boxes.’ Practically speaking though, the BOC’s anti-smuggling campaign would get a bigger boost if they enforce strict random inspection of Customs officers’ bank accounts.

Balikbayan Box II
Reacting to criticisms being hurled at the BOC’s random physical inspection, Customs chief Bert Lina said, “Kung hindi prohibited, bakit ka matatakot?” Ahmm, because you are the Bureau of Customs?

Balikbayan Box III
OFWs became furious. Netizens got angry. And the ruling administration was pilloried online. So last Monday, President Aquino ordered the Bureau of Customs to stop conducting physical inspection of balikbayan boxes. Mar Roxas heaved a sigh of relief.

An Australian national fell into a hole at the NAIA Terminal 2 transit lounge last July when the flooring gave way. The media only learned about the incident Wednesday when a NAIA security guard told them about it. The flooring has since been fixed while the security guard has started looking for a new job.

NASA satellite images reveal parts of California are sinking at an astonishing rate. To be fair, travelers at the NAIA Terminal 2 lounge sink faster.
“Publicity is just a foolish act done by wise people confidently, to fool the world.”
~Pratik Akkawar

Sound Bites
“It is one thing to inspect balikbayan boxes, another to desecrate them. The Bureau of Customs seems aware that balikbayan boxes, when opened by their personnel, are sometimes pillaged. What have officials done to rid their ranks of thieves?”
~Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago

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[Photos: Tolentino: MMDA; NAIA: GMA News; Balikbayan Box: ABSCBN News; California: NASA]

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