7 03 2012

DUE TO INSISTENT public clamor, we continue our Slam Book series with former stuntman turned blockbuster actor turned senator, Lito Lapid. Enjoy!

“Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish.”
~Albert Einstein

You Have Spoken
The Impeachment Trial: Twenty-six days later…
: Prosecution has presented enough/strong evidence to convict – 19.44%
: The allegations can be explained. Just wait for the Defense.- 54.63%
: Can’t tell – 25.93%
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20 02 2010

Tiger Woods’ Apology
Golfer Tiger Woods, who has been pilloried by the press for his extra-marital affairs has made a public apology. The opening line of his 14-minute statement was: “Four whores and seven years ago…”

Did you catch CNN’s live coverage of Tiger Woods’ public apology Friday night? Reading from a prepared statement, the golfer repeatedly apologized. He said sorry to his wife. He said sorry to his kids. He said sorry to his fans. He said sorry to his mother. He said sorry to his sponsors. He said sorry to everyone. In fact, he also said sorry for talking to an unnamed Comelec official and called it a lapse in judgment.

Three months after a car crash outside his Florida home, golfer Tiger Woods has made a public apology… after which, his staff gathered around him, and with Dinky Soliman leading, they sang, “If We Hold On (Together).”

Golf superstar Tiger Woods makes a televised public apology for his “irresponsible and selfish behavior.” Woods decided to finally break his silence on the issue of cheating on the advise of the civil society.

Tiger Woods finally breaks his silence and makes a televised public apology. But despite his “I am sorry” speech, Woods was abandoned by the Hyatt 10.

Light Bites
Q: What’s the difference between Tiger Woods’ “I am sorry” statement and President Arroyo’s “I am sorry” speech?
A: Woods admitted to cheating

In Other News
The El Niño Phenomenon

PAGASA says Luzon dams are nearing critical levels due to El Niño. To give you an idea how alarming the situation has become, even Sen. Manny Villar was compelled to revise his “dagat ng basura” ad. It now goes…
“Natutuyot na nga ang dagat ng basura
Maligo ka na lang sa tubig ng labada
‘Yan ang hamon namin
Kaya ko ‘yan, kayanin mo rin!”

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources is looking into reports of fishkill due to the El Niño phenomenon. The reported fishkill has alarmed congressmen and senators except for Jamby Madrigal who’s “a vegetarian.”

Pampanga Polls
I am not sure where the news originated but some quarters are claiming that actor Mark Lapid actually won the 2007 gubernatorial race in Pampanga. You now have three people claiming victory: Among Ed Panlilio, Lilia Pineda, and Mark Lapid – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Earlier this month, Sen. Noynoy Aquino turned 50 years old. Fifteen more years, and Loren Legarda will find him “interesting.”

Q&A No. 1: Ito ang kanilang sagot.

Ano kaya ang posibleng tanong:
A: Dapat bang patalsikin sa Senado si Sen. Manny Villar?
B: Dapat pa bang paniwalaan ng mga tao si dating pangulong Joseph Estrada?
C: Naniniwala ba kayong vegetarian si Sen. Jamby Madrigal?
D: Totoo kayang bading si Piolo Pascual?

Q&A No. 2: Ito ang kanilang sagot.

Ano kaya ang posibleng tanong:
A: Tama ba ang public perception na pro-Noynoy Aquino ang mga Lopezes at ang ABS-CBN?
B: Naniniwala ba kayong friends na nga sina Kris Aquino at Shalani Soledad?
C: Kung mananalo kayo bilang pangulo, will you prosecute GMA?
D: Dapat bang paniwalaan ang tsismis na regular ang pagpapa-botox injection ni Senator Villar?
E: Mag-on na kaya sina Kim at Gerald?

“True remorse is never just a regret over consequence; it is a regret over motive.“
~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960

Survey Says
On the reported Noynoy-Villar one-on-one debate. Your take:
Exciting ‘yan! Can’t wait! 22%
Bakit sila lang? Sila lang ba ang kandidato? 38%
Sige… magsiraan kayo! 40%

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9 06 2008

null Rudy Fernandez, 56

Actor Rudy Fernandez who died last Saturday, June 7 will be laid to rest on June 12, Independence Day. Everyone is expected to attend the interment of the beloved action star. His family will be there, his fellow actors will surely come, and ordinary stunt men will be present too. Expected to arrive last are the cops.

null Rudy Fernandez is dead at 56. Among the four bosom buddies: Rudy, Philip Salvador, Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla, Daboy is said to be the nicest. I won’t be surprised if Jinggoy dies last.

null A couple of friends say Rudy’s well-educated and well-mannered sons, Ralph (Ateneo) and Renz (UP) looked drugged (naka-droga) during the first night of the wake because they barely slept. Or maybe, it wasn’t Ralph or Renz they saw – baka si Mark.

Sen. Bong Revilla said he wished someone shouted cut (just like in a movie shoot) when he felt Rudy was already dying. That’s the exact same thing we had in mind when you were being proclaimed as a senator.

null Interviewed on The Buzz, former president Joseph Estrada said, “Kung hindi ako pinatalsik sa puwesto, mananalong mayor ng Quezon City si Rudy.” Nananahimik na ‘yong tao, dinadamay pa sa bitterness.

Reactions to Rudy’s Death

Boots Anson-Roa:“He’s a great loss.”

Gina Alajar: “He’s a big loss.”

Judy Ann Santos: “He’s a systems loss.”

In Other News… null

Officials of the Manila Electric Company announced that Meralco customers will get only partial refund of their meter deposits. Meralco’s top priority right now is the full payment of Judy Ann Santos’ huge talent fee.

People are asking why an actress like Judy Ann Santos who absolutely knew nothing about power generation and its costs would appear in a misleading commercial. These people obviously didn’t get it. That’s precisely the reason why Juday was convinced to appear in the commercials – she knows nothing!

Judy Ann Santos continues to appear in Meralco’s infomercials – further fueling speculations that Ted and Korina are not doing their jobs effectively.

Judy Ann Santos continues to appear in Meralco’s infomercials. That’s the best way to complement the efforts of DZMM’s primetime programs.

Mark Lapid’s New Post

Defeated Pampanga gubernatorial candidate Mark Lapid has been appointed as acting general manager of the Philippine Tourism Authority. Don’t expect too much though ‘coz he’s just “acting.”

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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