WE NOW CONTINUE with our Slam Book series. If you think you’ve heard everything from, on or about Manny Pacquiao, think again. Today, you’ll learn more about the 8-division world champion and Sarangani representative. Have fun!

BREAKING: ‘Slam Book’ has decided to file a formal complaint against Ninong Manny for his alleged libelous, discriminatory, and racist comment.

Photo of the Week:
‘Noynoying’ According to Malacañang

Ano ang pinaka-angkop na pamagat sa larawang ito na inilabas ng palasyo?
A: The Thinker
B: My Favorite Newspaper
C: Reading Sans Glasses
D: The Working Reading President
E: ‘Watch’ What Happens
F: Owwws?!? ‘Di Nga?
“In the last analysis sound judgment will prevail.”
~Joseph Cannon

You Have Spoken
Your assessment of the Defense panel’s witnesses so far…
So far, so good. 59.68%
Duh! ‘Yon lang? 32.26%
I do not follow the trial. 8.06%

Have a safe and love-filled weekend!

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