amonged Panlilio for President?
Pampanga governor Ed Panlilio’s supporters want him to run for president in 2010. Rumors say Panlilio is willing to accept the challenge if and only if every city and municipality in the country would open a quarry site.

Panlilio for President? II
Pampanga governor Ed Panlilio says he won’t leave the priesthood even if he runs for president. But that’s okay. After all, a number of our senators and congressmen didn’t leave the circus when they ran for Congress.

“Alabang Boys” Case
Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez has ordered the filing of charges against high-profile suspected drug dealers Richard Brodett, Jorge Joseph and Joseph Tecson otherwise known as the “Alabang Boys.” State prosecutor John Resado felt so guilty he decided to just return the 1.6 million pesos to the boys’ relatives.

“Alabang Boys” Case II
After more than six months, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez has finally ordered the filing of charges against the Alabang Boys. When the news came out, Embassy Super Club co-owner Tim Yap received several text messages that read, “We’re sorry for your loss.”

jaloss1 Jalosjos Goes Malling
A couple of days after his release from prison, convicted rapist and former Zamboanga Del Norte congressman Romeo Jalosjos went to the mall. He spent an hour shopping, an hour eating, two hours at the movies, and half a day “strolling” at Toy Kingdom’s Barbie and Bratz dolls section.

pacman Pacquiao Backtracks
A day after insisting that his May 2 fight will be shown on ABS-CBN, Manny Pacquiao backtracked and decided to honor his legally binding contract with Solar Sports. In a period of only four days, Pacquiao became Kapuso, Kapamilya, and Katawa-tawa.

dyanc ABS-CBN’s celebration was cut short when Manny Pacquiao decided to honor his contract with Solar Sports. Because of this development, ABS-CBN will no longer give a bonus to Dyan Castillejo.

Inquirer columnist Beth Celis said a lady brokered the aborted deal between Manny Pacquiao and ABS-CBN. Did I say ABS-CBN is no longer giving Dyan Castillejo a bonus?

In a press conference yesterday, Manny Pacquiao revealed that the statement he read during an ABS-CBN newscast insisting that his fight would be shown on the Kapamilya channel was actually prepared by representatives of the network. Sources say the prepared statement was actually drafted by the writers of “Maalaala Mo Kaya.”

Did you see Dyan Castillejo’s futile attempt to get a statement from Manny Pacquiao outside his training camp in Los Angeles? Geez, the rumor must be true after all! Dyan will replace Nicolette Sheridan in “Desperate Housewives.”

This Just In! Sketchy reports say Manny Pacquiao will not be wearing shoes when he fights Ricky Hatton on May 2! You know what he’s going to wear? Flip-flops.

“Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life.”
~Napoleon Hill


Major Ferdinand Marcelino, an anti-narcotics agent of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency confirmed that he was offered P3 million by a former classmate at the Philippine Military Academy in exchange for not filing a case against Richard Brodett, Joseph Tecson, and Jorge Joseph a.k.a. “Alabang Boys.” He also told the House committee on dangerous drugs that DOJ prosecutors who dismissed the case against the three might have been bribed. A number of people who heard Major Marcelino’s testimony described him as brave, credible, and dead.

610x Major Ferdinand Marcelino claimed that his PMA classmate offered him “tatlong manok” or P3 million pesos for the PDEA not to file a case against Brodett, Tecson, and Joseph but said that he turned down the offer. On December 2 however, a resolution, signed by Chief State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuño, ordered the release of the three suspects. I wonder how many chickens did Zuño receive during the Holiday Season.

felis Also revealed yesterday: Attorney Felisberto Verano, lawyer for the Alabang Boys was the one who prepared the order for the release of his three clients using the letterhead of the Department of Justice for the signature of the justice secretary two days before Christmas. Justice Sec. Raul Gonzales vehemently denied culpability and told his critics, “If you wouldn’t believe me, then eat live chicken and jump into a chicken coop!”

Report #1: Muntinlupa City Mayor Aldrin San Pedro appealed to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the media not to call Brodett, Tecson and Joseph “Alabang Boys” because the tag gives a negative impression on the Alabang community. Report #2: PDEA has confirmed that the three guys peddled drugs at the infamous Embassy Super Club co-owned by the equally infamous party animal Tim Yap at The Fort. Unconfirmed Report #3: Heeding the request of Mayor San Pedro, PDEA will now refer to the suspected Embassy suppliers as “drug envoys.”

Brodett, Tecson, and Joseph – the so-called “Alabang Boys” were arrested on September 20 for carrying cocaine, marijuana, and 60 tablets of Ecstasy… to which Borgy Manotoc and Tim Yap allegedly said, “Para ‘yon lang inaresto na?”

anton1 Anthony Brodett, first cousin of suspect Richard, and Anthony’s father Dave told the House committee on dangerous drugs that Richard was indeed a user and a pusher. Anthony testified, “Nagbebenta po talaga si Richard Brodett. Yes, pusher. Mismong yung nanay niya alam po. Pinaakyat pa ng nanay niya iyan sa Sagada para kumuha ng marijuana.” Sought for a reaction, suspect Richard’s mom said, “Wow ‘tol… bigat ng allegation pare. Sobrang heavy ng feeling na ma-accuse kami bro. OA sa hirit ang cuzins namin dude! Peace out man!”

Since the Philippine Star broke out the story on December 23, everybody has been talking about the “Alabang Boys” – suspected high-end drug dealers from the gated village of Alabang. They are so controversial some people now consider them as celebrities. In fact, one TV show is reportedly interested in having these alleged drug users/dealers as regular guests. Which show? Walaaaang Tulugan!

Of course, if there’s GMA 7, there’s ABS-CBN. According to rumors, the Kapamilya network has invited the so-called “Alabang Boys” to appear in the special narcotics episode of the show… “Deal or No Deal.”

Quote of the Weak jorge
“My son is a social user but not an addict. It’s no big deal.”
~ Radio announcer Johnny Joseph a.k.a. Johnny Midnight father of Jorge Joseph, one of the “Alabang Boys”

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