AN IMPEACHMENT complaint has been filed against President Duterte. The complaint is expected to be meted the death penalty in Congress.

Pick of the Week
From ‘The Weekly with Charlie Pickering’ an Australian satirical TV news program. Truthful, biting, hilarious.

“Resource” Person
Controversial starlet and sex advice blogger Mocha Uson was invited as resource speaker by the Philippine Army to an event that aims “to promote awareness on security challenges through intellectual discourse with experts in various disciplines.” It was an enlightening talk. She taught the soldiers the different positions during battle.

Tito Sotto, the paragon of intellect and wit at the Senate, was quoted to have said 50 percent of Filipino drivers were stupid. You ungrateful bitch! If not for their stupidity, you wouldn’t be elected senator.

Stupid II
According to Tito Sotto, more than 50 percent of Filipino drivers are stupid. In response, Filipino drivers say “more than half of senators are Tito Sotto.”

Intimate Dinner I
Senators who belong to the ‘majority’ bloc had an “intimate” dinner with their ‘amo’ – President Duterte recently. It was a lovely and satisfying evening for the senators who each had a hefty serving of Pedigree, Royal Canin, and Alpo.

Intimate Dinner II
Majority bloc senators had an “intimate dinner” with President Duterte. Before dinner started, Duterte asked Manny Pacquiao to lead the prayer. He then asked Loren Legarda to lead the singing of the Philippine national anthem. And to everyone’s surprise, he also asked Grace Poe and Alan Peter Cayetano to lead the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

Intimate Dinner III
The Senate’s majority bloc had an “intimate” dinner with President Duterte last Tuesday. No other government official was invited although Solicitor General Jose Calida was allowed entry to award each senator with a ‘Republic Defenders’ pin.

Missing Andanar
Since losing his ‘messaging’ job two weeks ago, Communications Secretary Martin Andanar has been very quiet. Please return soon. We miss your blunders.

It was like watching Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight Manny Pacquiao all over again with the same results. Worse even. The incompetence of Manny Pacquiao was in full display when Senator Drilon interpellated him on a proposed measure. During the break, Pacquiao reportedly went to the restroom, faced the mirror and said, “Why am I doing this to myself?”

After the interpellation, Manny Pacquiao admitted he failed to answer Drilon’s questions because he had a shoulder injury.

In case you missed it…

“The biggest mistake of a democratic country is to underestimate the power of a democratically elected pro-fascist leader because it is always easier to destroy a castle from within!”
~Mehmet Murat ildan

Sound Bites
“As to the plan or the objective of the house speaker, we really could not tell at this point but we see it purely as conditioning the minds of the public and also really trying to bring the credibility of the vice president down.”
~Georgina Hernandez, spokesman of VP Leni Robredo on House Speaker Alvarez’s impeachment threat

Reality bites.

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[Photos: JV Ejercito]

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