Gibô’s Running Mate
TV host/actor Edu Manzano will be the running mate of Lakas-Kampi-CMD Party presidential bet Gilbert Teodoro. In making the announcement, Teodoro lauded Manzano for his “experience,” “clean record in local government,” “advocacies for young Filipinos,” and “preparedness to lose big time.”

Gibô’s Running Mate II
Actor Edu Manzano has agreed to become the running mate of Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard bearer Gilbert Teodro. Manzano admits he’s got no plans of seeking a higher elective post… until he received a text message from Lakas-Kampi-CMD stalwart Ronaldo Puno that said: “Earn 50 million in 6 months! Absolutely no cash out. Hurry! Offer’s good until midnight of December 1 only.”

Gibô’s Running Mate III
Actor Edu Manzano has agreed to become the running mate of Gilbert Teodro. Manzano believes that by running for vice president, he would finally have a chance to serve the poor, inspire the youth, and beat Jejomar Binay.

Gibô’s Running Mate IV
Former Game KNB? host, Edu Manzano admitted that he was hesitant to accept the ruling party’s offer to become its vice presidential bet. But when he saw Gibô for the first time in person last Wednesday, “all my qualms went out of the window.” It was love at first sight. (Awrrr!)

edu_gibo2 Gibô’s Running Mate V
Edu Manzano’s decision to run as vice president of Gilbert Teodoro surprised the Liberal Party. In fact, Noynoy Aquino was so shocked his mouth voluntarily closed for the first time.

Gibô’s Running Mate VI
Edu Manzano’s decision to run as vice president of Gilbert Teodoro surprised the Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino. In fact, Joseph Estrada was so shocked, he uttered his initial reaction in flawless English.

Briefly Noted
ABS-CBN talent Edu Manzano, boyfriend of ABS-CBN news presenter Pinky Webb is the running mate of the ruling party’s presidential bet Gilbert Teodoro. Sen. Loren Legarda, former ABS-CBN news presenter is set to declare her alliance with Nacionalista Party’s Manuel Villar Jr. whose No. 1 supporter is another ABS-CBN talent Willie Revillame. Of course, there’s the tandem of Liberal Party’s Noynoy Aquino, brother of prized ABS-CBN talent Kris Aquino, and Mar Roxas, husband of ABS-CBN chief correspondent Korina Sanchez. And don’t forget Joseph Estrada, father-in-law of a Lopez scion, Beaver. It’s ABS-CBN vs. ABS-CBN vs. ABS-CBN vs. ABS-CBN in 2010. This just in! The Commission on Elections has just declared the network an election hot spot.

Light Bites
Q: Why is Lakas-Kampi-CMD considered an environment-friendly party?
A: Because in choosing its vice presidential bet, it went from Puno to Papaya

In Other News… Clinton in Manila
Authorities went on high alert during the two-day Manila visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Security was so tight police thought they were at the wedding of Mar and Korina.

Comelec vs. “Ang Ladlad”
Citing passages from the Bible and the Koran, the Commission on Elections’ Second Division dismissed the petition for accreditation in the party list elections of ‘Ang Ladlad’ – an organization promoting the rights and welfare of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender, saying the group “tolerates immorality.” To know more about the decision, the Comelec’s pastoral letter will be read in tomorrow’s Sunday mass.

Pilipinas Shell claims it has lost 81 million pesos in six days because of the oil price freeze… something that pales in comparison to the experience of the government itself: on Day 1 of Angelo Reyes’ appointment, the government lost him to the oil companies.

Survey Says
Lakas-Kampi-CMD allies are defecting to the Liberal Party and the Nacionalista Party. Your take:
-Bravo! Matatalino! ‘Yan ang tamang hakbang tungo sa pagbabago!: 6%
-Ang kakapal ng mukha! Mga balimbing! Mga oportunista! :75%
-Wala akong pakialam. :19%

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