29 04 2010

April 29th
On this date in…

1897: Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo’s military court ends the trial of Andrés Bonifacio and his men for sedition, treason, and the attempt to create counter-revolution. As he awaits the final verdict, Bonifacio joins both the senatorial slates of the Liberal Party and the Nacionalista Party as a guest candidate.

1945: Adolf Hitler marries Eva Braun… inspiring the likes of June Encarnacion, Arnell Ignacio, Lloyd Samartino, John Osmeña, and Ernesto Maceda.

1974: President Richard Nixon says he will release edited tapes made in White House. But before he could even do so, Alan Paguia and Samuel Ong called for a press con and distributed copies of the tapes to the media.

1998: It is revealed in Oslo that in experiments conducted for decades until 1994, Norwegian and American researchers used mentally ill or retarded humans in tests of the biological and genetic effects of X-ray radiation on the body. Two days later, Guido Delgado would claim that he was in possession of a document showing that Noynoy Aquino was “used’ in the said experiments… an allegation flatly denied by Aquino, and the researchers themselves.

Thanks to the National Historical Institute, Any Day In History, and Today in Science History.


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