Impeachment Complaint vs. GMA
Losing NBN contract bidder Jose “Joey” De Venecia III said there “was nothing political” about his filing of a new impeachment complaint against President Arroyo. So ano ‘yon? Showbiz?!?

null Unknown to many, lawyer Oliver Lozano did try to submit his impeachment complaint ahead of the De Venecia group last Monday. Unfortunately though, he arrived late because his driver plied the C5 route instead of Edsa. It was too late for them to realize they were driving along the “road to nowhere.”

Losing NBN bidder Jose “Joey” De Venecia III, former congressman Rolex Suplico and lawyer Harry Roque led the filing of a new impeachment complaint against President Arroyo. Nine more and the opposition’s senatorial slate for 2010 is complete.

House Speaker Prospero Nograles and Minority Floor Leader Ronaldo Zamora both stressed, “The impeachment is a numbers game,” to which former president Joseph Estrada said, “Talaga? Kelan pa?!? Paano mag-franchise?”

President Arroyo is facing yet another impeachment complaint. That’s the fourth time her critics have tried to unseat her and the fourth time actor Rez Cortez tried to resurrect his career.

According to reports, Joey De Venecia woke up a bit early to file the impeachment complaint against Mrs. Arroyo. Close friends however claim, Joey had no sleep when he went to Batasan. He’s gotten used to it though. You know… habit. (Itanong n’yo pa kay Luli.)

GMA’s Ratings
The latest Social Weather Stations survey showed that 27% are satisfied and 54% are dissatisfied with President Arroyo’s performance. The remaining 19% replied, “Aba malay ko! Ako ba ang asawa niya?!”

Loren Online
Reports say Sen. Loren Legarda has formally launched her Friendster, Myspace, and Multiply accounts as well as her official website. But Legarda denied it had something to do with her political plans for 2010. It’s just her latest effort to… “romantically move on.”

Loren Online II
Reports say Sen. Loren Legarda has opened accounts in three social networking sites: Friendster, MySpace, and Multiply… to which Sen. Jamby Madrigal said, “Hmpf! Gaya-gaya! Matagal na kaya akong may Downelink!”

null Sulpicio vs. PAGASA
The Manila RTC junked the case filed by Sulpicio Lines against the local weather bureau, PAGASA. Sulpicio Lines has blamed the MV Princess of the Stars tragedy to PAGASA’s alleged inaccurate forecast… to which the court said, “Tandaan: Ang maniwala sa sabi-sabi walang bait sa sarili.”

Strict Policies null
I don’t know if you’ve heard the news but ABS-CBN News bigwig Maria Ressa has fired Umagang Kayganda showbiz segment host Ogie Diaz for reportedly violating their code of ethics. Diaz is just unfortunate he’s part of Ressa’s team. If he were part of the senate, he’d surely keep his post.

null Strict Policies II
For violating the news department’s code of ethics, tv host Ogie Diaz was sacked from Umagang Kayganda by ABS-CBN News boss Maria Ressa. If Ressa were head of ABS-CBN Entertainment, the Lopez network would be a virtual ghost town.

null I Witnessed…
… Sen. Jamby Madrigal and husband Eric Valade in our special screening of the Diane Lane-Richard Gere starrer Nights in Rodanthe at Powerplant Cinema earlier this evening. Jamby approached us and asked if she could attend the by-invitation-only screening although she didn’t have tickets. We let them in. She looked haggard. Para silang mag-tiya ng kanyang asawa. She likes movies pala. I might send her invites to our sneak preview of “Twilight.”

After 23 days, I’ve claimed my 2008 Philippine Blog Awards trophy.

Crime does not pay … as well as politics.
– Alfred Newman



null Jude Marries, Finally!

Joseph Estrada’s 40-year-old son Jude Estrada takes home a bride. That should finally quell rumors that Erap and Loi actually have two daughters.

Erap’s Advice

During the wedding of his son Jude, former president Joseph Estrada told him, “Limit your children kasi mahal ang bigas.” Jude then hugged his father tightly and whispered, “Dad, thanks a lot! That’s the best advice you’ve given me, ever!”

The Bride’s Promise

At the reception, Jude Estrada’s new wife, Ma. Rowena Ocampo declared, “No matter what they say about you, I will always be here for you.” That’s the exact statement Eric Valade told Jamby Madrigal when they got married in 2002.

Top 5 Things Overheard At the Wedding of Jude Estrada

5: “Pare, ‘wag kang mawalan ng pag-asa sa anak mong tomboy. Malay mo, ikaw naman ang sumunod na makaranas ng himala.”

4: Female Voice: “Hon, anong feeling mo na ikakasal na tayo?”
Male Voice: “Keri lang. Promise.”

3: “Hmmm, siya pala ang bride. Magkano kaya?”

2: “I now pronounce you – Will and Grace, er, I mean, husband and wife.”

And the No.1 thing overheard at the wedding of Jude Estrada…

1: “Daddy, Mommy, Kuya, Ate… siguro naman, maniniwala na kayo ngayon na hindi ako bakla. Tingnan n’yo naman ang asawa ko, ang ganda ganda. Ako ang nag-make up d’yan!”

Pia and Downy

Defending her endorsement of Downy Fabric Softener, Sen. Pia Cayetano said, “I personally lent my name to a good cause, which is saving water.” Today’s lesson: “Huwag itapon ang pinagbanlawan. Gamitin sa susunod na saing.”

null Loren On Noli’s Ads

Lucida DS endorser Sen. Loren Legarda slams Vice President Noli De Castro for allegedly spending 200 million pesos in public funds for PAG-IBIG Fund’s advertisements which she describes as being used to promote his political plans. De Castro retaliated by saying that he’s at least promoting housing unlike Legarda who’s promoting whitening.

Pag-IBIG On Noli’s Ads

Pag-IBIG Fund clarified that only 50 million pesos was spent for Vice President Noli De Castro’s public service ads. But Loren Legarda is still furious. Even if she loses half of her body’s melanin pigment, Lucida wouldn’t spend that same amount for her billboards.

Loren on 2010 Polls

Talking about the 2010 presidential elections, Sen. Loren Legarda told the media, “Tatakbo ako. Kahit ayaw nila akong patakbuhin, tatakbo ako.” When Loren’s jailed ex-husband Tony Leviste heard her statement, he blurted out, “Masanay na kayo. Lahat tinatakbuhan n’yan!”

Lakas Line-Up

Lakas leaders released the names of tentative senatorial candidates for the 2010 national elections led by presidential son Mikey Arroyo. After learning about the inclusion of Mikey, thousands of Filipinos expressed support for the no-elections scenario.