2 04 2011

April 2nd
On this day in…

1725: Philanderer Giovanni Casanova was born… with an erect penis.

1805: Hans Christian Andersen was also born. When the midwife first saw him, she exclaimed, “What an ugly duckling!”

1901: General Emilio Aguinaldo was released from detention, returned to his home in Kawit, and resumed life as a private citizen. Three years later, he teamed up with Jejomar Binay and ran for president but lost.

1902: The first motion picture theatre opened in Los Angeles with the name Electric Theatre. Few people patronized it amid rumors the theater had electric chairs.

1984: In Jerusalem, three gunmen wounded 48 people when they opened fire into a crowd of shoppers. The suspects were Arab militants who got mad when a boutique refused to honor their expired gift certificates.

1996: Poland’s first post-war democratic president Lech Walesa resumed his old job as an electrician at the Gdansk shipyard. One of his friends who requested anonymity wrote Vicky Morales and requested that Walesa be featured on “Wish Ko Lang.”

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5 06 2010

June 5th
On this date in…

1888: Valerio Weyler assumes office as governor-general. He issues a decree prohibiting the use of any language or dialect, other than Spanish, in all education institutions in the country. Nonetheless, clever Filipinos managed to secretly plot against the Spaniards… by communicating in Jejenese. AnG TÄliN0H TaLâGA NG pInOy~ LOlz!

1898: Emilio Aguinaldo is visited by a promising and talented pianist and composer Julian Felipe, who is asked to play on the piano the ‘Himno de Balintawak,’ a musical composition that Aguinaldo has brought from Hong Kong. One of Aguinaldo’s men uploaded on YouTube the video of the youthful Felipe playing the piano. Two weeks later, he received an invitation to guest on Oprah.

1899: Bodyguards of General Emilio Aguinaldo assassinate General Antonio Luna in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. A special investigating body would later absolve Aguinaldo and his men of the crime, and blame the assassination on a communist hit man.

1977: The first personal computer, the Apple II, goes on sale in the United States. Two days later, China markets a similar product for half its original price.

1982: Filipino actor Baron Geisler is born. Seconds after his birth, his mother slapped him twice… because he tried to grab the midwife’s boobs.

1990: South African troops tried to plunder Nelson Mandela’s dwelling… but found it empty. Scribbled on the wall were these words: Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was here first. Mga ulol!

Thanks to the National Historical Institute, Any Day in History, and Brainy History.

The Who
Candidate Venezuela Albania was surprised when fellow candidate Armenia Morocco visited. They were not partymates but Armenia Morocco offered to help Venezuela Albania in the campaign. The reason: Armenia Morocco wanted Venezuela Albania and partymates to muster votes enough to prevent another candidate, Maldives Algeria from entering the winning circle. Kaya naman pala. Armenia Morocco still feels bitter towards Maldives Algeria. If you would recall, Maldives Algeria was blamed for causing the split between Armenia Morocco and Yemen Jordan.

Ang ending: both Maldives Algeria and Armenia Morocco lost.

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Game 2. Monday. 8AM.
Staples Center.
Lakers forever.

29 04 2010

April 29th
On this date in…

1897: Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo’s military court ends the trial of Andrés Bonifacio and his men for sedition, treason, and the attempt to create counter-revolution. As he awaits the final verdict, Bonifacio joins both the senatorial slates of the Liberal Party and the Nacionalista Party as a guest candidate.

1945: Adolf Hitler marries Eva Braun… inspiring the likes of June Encarnacion, Arnell Ignacio, Lloyd Samartino, John Osmeña, and Ernesto Maceda.

1974: President Richard Nixon says he will release edited tapes made in White House. But before he could even do so, Alan Paguia and Samuel Ong called for a press con and distributed copies of the tapes to the media.

1998: It is revealed in Oslo that in experiments conducted for decades until 1994, Norwegian and American researchers used mentally ill or retarded humans in tests of the biological and genetic effects of X-ray radiation on the body. Two days later, Guido Delgado would claim that he was in possession of a document showing that Noynoy Aquino was “used’ in the said experiments… an allegation flatly denied by Aquino, and the researchers themselves.

Thanks to the National Historical Institute, Any Day In History, and Today in Science History.

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