On the eve of the country’s 109th Independence Day celebration, US Ambassador Kristie Kenney said the Philippines is a “special place.” Oh yeah! And we have “special people.” Just look at the type of politicians we elect. Very special.

Koko’s Offer

An election supervisor in South Cotabato claimed that the camp of opposition senatorial candidate Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III sought “their help” by offering bribe. However, the poll exec declined the offer because the bribe was a year-long supply of pork and beans. They were Muslims.

Ruffa & the Inquirer

Ruffa Gutierrez lambasted, on national television, the “Philippine National Inquirer” for publishing the wrong photo of her first husband, Richard Daloia. But the Philippine Daily Inquirer will not apologize for the mistake – unless Ruffa says sorry for misstating the paper’s name.

Ruffa & the Inquirer II

Ruffa Gutierrez lambasted the Inquirer for publishing the wrong photo of her alleged first husband, Richard Daloia on the paper’s front page last Sunday. According to the PDI, the photo was sent by a reader. It turned out however that the reader is a regular subscriber of the Philippine Star.

Kissing Record

For the second time, Hungary broke the Philippines’ record for simultaneous kissing when 6,400 Hungarian couples locked lips for 10 seconds last Saturday. But the Philippines is no longer interested to break the record. Instead it will attempt to set the record for a new category – extra-judicial kissing.

Bobby Bruised

Bobby Pacquiao was defeated by Mexican Humberto Soto in their superfeatherweight non-title bout Sunday. Bobby lost badly. Kuya Manny’s got company.



Two factions of the party-list polls top vote-getter Buhay are in a bitter fight over the right to assign nominees for Congress. Now they’re just talking about nominations. Imagine what will happen when Congress starts allocating millions of pesos in pork barrel funds.

JV’s Wedding

Reports say 60 cops were deployed in and out of the Pinaglabanan Church in San Juan to secure the wedding of Erap’s favorite son, JV Ejercito. Twenty were assigned inside while 40 were deployed outside – just to make sure Jinggoy couldn’t go near the church.

Preserving Our Languages

Instead of focusing solely on the national language, Filipino, the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino will focus on the development, propagation, and preservation of the country’s other dialects and languages. Members of the commission were inspired by Annabelle Rama. They find her language “really entertaining.”

The Buzz

A photo showing actor John Estrada smooching with actress Gretchen Barretto has started to circulate on the Internet. Ooops, she did it again.

Gretchen Barretto kissing John Estrada in a birthday party?!? Now we know why Tony Boy Cojuangco has been losing hair lately.

Gretchen Barretto and John Estrada kissing each other captured by a Nokia N95 phone camera during Rufa Mae Quinto’s birthday party. Imelda Cojuangco is throwing another party.


Rumors that Boy Abunda is afflicted with Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease causing hair loss is false. The PR expert started to lose hair when he handled celebrities like Kris Aquino, Mike Defensor, and more recently, Gretchen Barretto.

Yilmaz on Ruffa & Kids

Yilmaz Bektas was quoted to have said that he’ll allow his kids to stay with their mom Ruffa Gutierrez “as long as she’s decent.” A decent Ruffa. Yilmaz may not be that fluent in English but he sure knows how to use oxymoron in his statements.

Ruffa on Yilmaz

Ruffa Gutierrez finally admitted two things on tv today, Saturday: that she was indeed married before she met Yilmaz and that Yilmaz would physically abuse her when they were still together in Istanbul. None of these made any impact though. These days, the public has more interest on what Annabelle Rama would say.

Enjoy your long weekend!

TEAM UNITY: This Is For You

AS I WRITE THIS POST, the top 10 winners in the senatorial race are being proclaimed by the Commission on Elections.

The victors include 6 from the opposition, 2 independent, and 2 from the administration. Yes, only two administration candidates made it. This, despite Team Unity’s prediction of a 12-0 sweep. What could be more frustrating than that?!

Well, to ease the pain, this post is sincerely dedicated to the members of Team Unity and the party’s political advisers.

Top 10 Movie Remakes Inspired by Team Unity’s Debacle in the May 14 Polls

10: The No Luck Club

9: Camote

8: Juan Flew Over the Koko’s Nest (Subtitle: The Fight of Juan Miguel Zubiri)

7: Boto, Boto Paano Ka Giniba?

6: Belat: Cultural Learnings of Gloria For Make Benefit Glorious Opposition of the Philippines

5: The Silence of the Lampaso

4: Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas… Ang Bilangan

3: Y Tu Mama Tambak (Ang Lamang ng Kalaban)

2: Bukas Luluhod ang mga Talo

And the No. 1 movie remake inspired by Team Unity’s debacle in the May 14 polls…

1: Ocean’s 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 24th and 26th Places

Better luck next… hmm, in 2010. If there would be polls.


The President & the Pope

President Arroyo had a private meeting with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican that lasted about 10 minutes. Had it been a confession, it would have lasted 10 hours.

The President & the Pope II

The President reportedly told Pope Benedict XVI that the Philippines was not just the only Catholic country in Asia, but the “most devout.” Much to her surprise, the Pope was rumored to have replied in Filipino: “In fairness, hindi halata.”

The President & the Pope III

President Arroyo brought an image of the Sto. Niño Dormido for the Pope as a gift. Unverified reports say the aging pontiff couldn’t identify at first which one was the real image: the president or the Sto. Niño.

In Other News…

Recto Concedes

Administration candidate Ralph Recto has conceded defeat in the senatorial elections. He couldn’t wait to start working as governor of Batangas.

Lacson’s Committee

Re-elected senator Panfilo Lacson admitted that he wanted to chair the Senate Blue-Ribbon Committee. Lacson, however, denied that he wanted to rename it “Senate Pink-Ribbon Committee.”

No To GO

Tito Sotto says he has no plans of going back to the opposition. His priority now is to go back to his wife.

Still Together

Lala Sotto, daughter of defeated senatorial candidate Tito Sotto denied that her dad and her mom, Helen Gamboa (who left for the US during the campaign period) have separated. Well, Ogie Alcasid also denied that he and wife Michelle were estranged. A few months later…

UP Protest

Militant students of UP Diliman staged a picket in protest of the 300-percent increase in tuition at the state university. The demonstrators insist that money alone does not guarantee quality students or education. Nope, they’re not taking a dig at La Sallistas.

Mark Jimenez

After filing cases of estafa against his own children a couple of weeks back, former Manila Congressman Mark Jimenez has filed a string of estafa cases against his wife, son, and sister-in-law. So don’t be surprised, if one of these days, he decides to file a similar suit against himself.

Kris Switches

Kris Aquino has decided to sign up with another beauty clinic considered as an indirect competitor of the Belo Medical Clinic she used to endorse. An excited James Yap has reportedly conducted an ocular of the rooms in the clinic.

Top 5 Reasons Why Kris Aquino Left the Belo Medical Clinic

5: Facialists on her new clinic are really bad looking. James could visit the clinic as often as he wants and she wouldn’t be alarmed.

4: She’s taken a closer look at Vicky Belo’s face and she realized, if the Belo Medical Clinic failed to make its owner beautiful, how do you expect it to do wonders on other people?

3: The last time she underwent a cosmetic enhancement at Dr. Belo’s Clinic, people thought she was Noynoy when she emerged out of the operating room.

2: As Belo endorser, she didn’t get a raise. But her husband did – when Hope was around.

And the No. 1 reason why Kris Aquino left the Belo Medical Clinic in favor of its competitor…

1: Wala lang. Pa-kyut. Papansin. Pa-Kris.


Anti-Rabies Act

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has signed into law the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007. The program involves the mass vaccination of dogs and puppies. Justice Sec. Raul Gonzales Jr. turned pale when he heard the news. He’s afraid of needles.

Mike Defensor Concedes

Surrounded by his family and reading from a prepared statement, former Presidential Chief of Staff and Team Unity candidate Mike Defensor conceded defeat in the senatorial elections. The statement that he read was drafted during the campaign period when his series of ‘Tol ads topped the list of the most ridiculed political advertisements.

Where’s the Party

Senatorial candidate Prospero Pichay says he will throw a party if he reaches the 10-million vote mark. If he reaches 10.5 million, that’ll be a bigger party. And if he reaches 11 million, that’ll be alarming. We need to verify the election returns.

Gun Attack

Good News: Namfrel spokesman Jose Bernas survives shooting
Bad News: Namfrel spokesman now speechless

Pampanga’s Best

At 5.4 kilometers, Pampanga has successfully set a new world record for making the world’s longest longganisa (sausage). Nope, there’s no truth to rumors that Pampanga’s longest longganisa belongs – to a priest.

Seaba Cagefest

The Philippine basketball team won the Southeast Asian Basketball Association championship title in Thailand. That’s really funny since no member of the RP Team was Southeast Asian.

Kobe’s Demand

Kobe Bryant is demanding to be traded from the Los Angeles Lakers – which is not actually possible because Kobe’s the only player on the team.


Miss Photogenic

The Philippines’ Ana Theresa Licaros won the Miss Photogenic title (decided through an online vote) in the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant in Mexico City. Unverified pageant sources say Licaros even got more votes than the senatorial bets of Team Unity combined.

Miss Photogenic II

Thru an online vote, pageant crazy Filipinos made Ana Theresa Licaros win the Miss Photogenic title in the Miss Universe pageant – making it three years in a row for Filipina candidates. If the gay population can produce winners in the universe, imagine what they can they do in Congress’ party-list polls.

Miss Photogenic III

For the third straight year, the Philippine representative to the Miss Universe pageant won the Miss Photogenic title. To minimize cost next year, the Bb. Pilipinas Charities will no longer hold the Bb. Pilipinas pageant. Instead, a photo contest will replace the competition. Smile!

Top 5 Questions to Ask Corrupt Filipino Politicians If they Were Miss Universe Candidates

5: What would you consider as your best asset – next to your huge bank accounts?

4: If assholes could fly, when is your next flight?

3: If looks could kill, can we stare at you?

2: If you get elected to Congress and decided NOT to accept hundreds of millions of pesos in pork barrel… are you nuts?!

1: If you have only a day to live and you’ll surely die tomorrow… why not now?


Philippine Newspaper Headlines in the Year 2037

Bishops, priests, nuns win 130 Congress seats;
Group of sacristans tops party-list polls

After 36 years: Estrada’s plunder trial finally over;
Sandiganbayan to release verdict tomorrow

World’s oldest woman to attend promulgation of fave son’s plunder case;
Doña Mary Ejercito turns 132 today

Ex-president GMA says sorry for accidentally shooting husband Mike;
Family refuses to press charges vs. Alzheimer’s-stricken mom

Makati City edges Vatican out as world’s smallest independent state

Guinness Book bestows longest serving mayor of all time award
to Makati City’s Jejomar Binay, 95

Bar topnotcher Alan Peter Cayetano Jr. opts to defend self
vs. 6th libel suit filed by Mikaela Gloria Montenegro Arroyo

Hans Sy inaugurates SM Mall of the World in Mozambique

Global climate change dries up Pasig River; alert up on Manila Bay

ABS-CBN and GMA both claim supremacy
in latest cell phone tv viewership survey

PBA MVP James Yap Jr. reveals: “I am gay;”
Mom Kris, Ninong Boy Abunda very proud

RP finally wins first Olympic gold – in synchronized text messaging

The sons also rise:
Manny Pacquiao Jr. battles Marco Antonio Barrera Jr.
for WBC lightfly title in El Paso, Texas today

PBA players denounce inclusion of pure Filipinos in upcoming rookie draft

Anabelle Rama’s wish on her 95th birthday:
“Makapag-miri ng obod ng retch ang aking mga apu sa tohod! Dapat inggrandi ang widding dong.”

Happy weekend!


No Bandwagon

An SWS survey revealed that 84% of voters were NOT influenced by election surveys. In other words, only 16% percent trusted the SWS.

No Proclamation

The Commission on Elections has backtracked on its earlier pronouncement to proclaim in advance the Top 9 winning senatorial candidates on Saturday, May 26. Alan Peter Cayetano will have to put on hold the planned double victory party with his congresswoman-elect wife.

Generals’ Turf

Thousands of soldiers will take the “lead role” in providing security for the special elections to be held tomorrow in Lanao Del Sur. With military men at the helm, expect the Comelec to declare the polls as “GENERALly peaceful.”

No Proclamation

The Commission on Elections has backtracked on its earlier pronouncement to proclaim in advance the Top 9 winning senatorial candidates on Saturday, May 26. Alan Peter Cayetano will have to put on hold the planned double victory party with his congresswoman-elect wife.

Dong Puno Lost

Journalist Ricardo “Dong” Puno who ran under Gloria Arroyo’s party lost his congressional bid in Muntinlupa City. In 2001, he ran for senator under Joseph Estrada’s ticket and also lost. In 2010, he’ll just run as an independent.


Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales Jr. say independent senatorial candidate Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan is willing to publicly apologize for his military adventurism. That’s Honasan’s way of thanking the government for his very timely release from prison.

Warm Welcome

Former Batangas Gov. Antonio Leviste who’s temporarily out on bail was warmly welcomed by the employees of his building when he returned to work. Leviste was not amused though because the employees who greeted him were all wearing bulletproof vests.

American Idol

Jordin Sparks won the latest season of the reality talent search American Idol. The US has six idol titlists now. Yes, six! That’s also the number of Filipinos who know the name of the first and only Philippine Idol chosen last year.


GMA’s House Allies Win

President Arroyo’s political allies have won two-thirds or 190 of the 200 district seats in the 275-member House of Representatives. Even if there’s another impeachment complaint, Malacañang may not necessarily avail itself of Attorney Oliver Lozano’s “services.”

Pinoys on Globalization

A Social Weather Stations survey revealed that 49% of Filipinos believe that globalization is mostly good for the country while 20% of the respondents were not sure if it’s good or bad for the country. The remaining 32% are members of Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anak-pawis and Kabataan party-list groups.

Red Tentacles

Saying the “tentacles” of Communist rebels have penetrated even the universities, AFP Chief of Staff General Hermogenes Esperon Jr. says soldiers may be redeployed in Metro Manila’s slum communities. Which leads us to ask: when will he deploy soldiers in Congress?

Extra-Judicial Killings

Scott Bellard, a representative of the US Embassy in Manila checked the status of the investigation of the Philippine National Police on the spate of killings of militants and journalists in the country. The US is baffled why Filipinos are so alarmed by the murders when killing is considered as ‘just a hobby’ by the Americans in Iraq.

Nora Weds A Woman?

An online Marriage Inquiry System revealed that actress Nora Aunor married her manager, a woman named Norie Sayo in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 22, 2000. That’s not surprising though. ‘Di ba GUY sha?

Top 5 Filipino Movie Remakes Starring Nora Aunor

5: Halimaw sa Bangag

4: Shaken, Rattled, and Rolled: Rehab Diaries

3: Bato, Bato Paano Ka Ginawa?

2: Zsa Zsa Shabu na!

1: Kasal, Kasino, Ka-session

Myspace’ Move

In the US, MySpace has finally agreed to share with officials in state governments its data on sexual predators who post their profiles online. Unfortunately, when the sexual predators learned about the move, they switched to Friendster.


The Arroyos

President Arroyo’s eldest son Mikey was re-elected congressman in Pampanga. Her brother-in-law, Cong. Ignacio Arroyo was re-elected in Negros. Her youngest son Dato won as congressman in Camarines Sur. To complete the Arroyo family’s representation of the country’s major islands, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Luli Arroyo will run for congresswoman in Shariff Kabungsuan or Zamboanga Sibugay in 2010.

The Binays

Abigail Binay won as representative of Makati City’s second district. That makes her the fourth Binay to occupy a post in Makati after her re-elected dad, re-elected councilor brother Jun-jun and former mayor mom Elenita. In 2010, the Binays will field their pet dogs, cats, boas, and iguanas to complete a family sweep of every possible elective post in the city.

The Rectos

Vilma Santos-Recto is leading the gubernatorial race in Batangas province. Her husband, re-electionist senator Ralph Recto is not even sure of making it to the Senate’s magic 12 while Ralph’s brother Ricky lost his congressional bid in the fourth district of Batangas. Now showing – The Recto Trilogy: comedy, suspense, drama.

The Singsons

Senatorial aspirant Luis “Chavit” Singson’s son Ronald won as representative of Ilocos Sur’s first district. Chavit’s bother Jerry was elected vice governor of the province. A niece of Chavit, Eva Marie won as mayor of Vigan City while a nephew, Allen Singson was re-elected mayor of Candon City. Likewise, Chavit’s cousin, Congressman Eric Singson was re-elected in the second district. Rumors say the victorious Singson clan will issue a statement admitting (for the first time) that Chavit – the only Singson who lost in the May 14 polls, was in fact, an adopted child of the family.

The Atienzas

The floral shirt-wearing father and son team of outgoing Manila Mayor Lito Atienza and Ali Atienza have conceded defeat to the victorious Alfredo Lim. With the impending defeat of another family member. Atienza’s re-electionist son-in-law Cong. Miles Roces, it is safe to say that the city of Manila has been… de-flowered.

The Espinosas

Former ABS-CBN Corporate Communications head Maloli Espinosa, who was hoping to capture the congressional seat in Masbate to be vacated by her uncle, Rep. Emilio Espinosa, reportedly lost to her archrival Gov. Antonio Kho. PR practitioners Leah Salterio and Peachy Guioguio are throwing a party.

The Cayetanos

Senatorial aspirant Alan Peter Cayetano, sister of Sen. Pia Cayetano is celebrating his wife Laarni’s successful bid for congress in the lone district of Tagig-Pateros. In case they both win, money will no longer be a domestic issue between the couple. Laarni is fully aware that a senator gets more pork than a congressman.

The Estradas

JV Ejercito’s ticket in San Juan City almost had a sweep of all elective posts despite being challenged by the team fielded against him by his brother, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada. Residents of San Juan voted for the lesser evil.

Enjoy your weekend!