The Office
This unflattering photo of the President inside his office (taken by a Malacañang photographer) drew criticisms in cyberspace. A pack of cigarette. An ashtray. A nearly empty desk. Hindi ka busy koya?

Big Fish
The controversial mugshots of former President Arroyo from Save for the nameplate with the criminal case number, authorities said these images were authentic.

Hope Floats
DPWH Undersecretary Romeo Momo, DPWH National Capital Region Director Reynaldo Tagudando and DPWH South Manila District Engineer Mikunug Macud became the butt of jokes when this Photoshopped image was uploaded to the department’s official Facebook Like Page. The rest as they say is… humiliation.

Flag of Our Fathers
Twelve-year-old Janela Lelis of Albay was photographed saving the Philippine flag at the height of typhoon Juaning last July. Janela was honored for her heroic deed. Mabuhay ka Janela! (Photo courtesy of Albay resident Frank Lurzano)

No Other Woman
Palace social secretary Susan Reyes was being romantically linked to DOTC Sec. Mar Roxas. When Mr. Palengke took his oath as DOTC chief in Malacañang, his wife, Korina Sanchez, and Ms Reyes posed for photographers to dispel the “baseless” rumors. (Photo courtesy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer)

9 thoughts on “TOP 5 PHOTOS OF 2011”

  1. “The Office” as number one is right on the money!
    A president, enjoying his desk, smoking and trading jokes with the photographer ” Tol’ wag mo naman akong kunan nang walang ginagawa!” as the photog replied “extend your arms as if your doing something, look to my camera and move your lips just like what “W” used to do”


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