In the interest of fairness, i am posting a letter sent by the head of Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s advertising campaign, Ms Yolly Ong of ad agency Campaigns and Grey re: my recent post titled “EVEN NOW.” It was sent through Philippine Star columnist William “Billy” Esposo, an online friend of The Professional Heckler.
Hi Billy,

Thanks for telling me about The Professional Heckler. I have followed some of his humorous columns but the recent one entitled “Even Now” which talks about Noy’s dip in survey ratings attributed a statement supposedly coming from me! To wit,

“The head of Noynoy Aquino’s advertising campaign, Yolanda Ong of ad agency Campaigns and Grey says because of the decline in Noynoy’s ratings, there will be major changes in his campaign strategy. It will start with the exclusion of Kris and Boy in brainstorming sessions.”

I know that his column is meant to be funny, but in this case it can really be misconstrued as a true quote from me to him specially since it followed from Erin’s comments to Media. And I take serious exception to this.

I would appreciate it very much if you could forward my email to the author with the request that he clarify that 1)I have never spoken to him or to anyone from media for that matter and 2) this is a joke ( hopefully, not something more sinister.)

Thanks a lot.
Yoly (

To the readers of this blog, nope, there was nothing sinister about that post. Kilala n’yo ako. I write about Villar and someone accuses me of being pro-Noynoy. I write something about Noynoy and some people accuse me of being pro-Villar. I write about Gibo’s “stolen” jingle and someone would tell me to just shut up if I couldn’t raise legitimate issues against their candidate. Before Chiz dropped his bid for the presidency last year, he was never in the news: WALANG ISYU tungkol sa kanya. A member of another presidential aspirant’s staff called and asked, “Bakit ‘di mo tinitira si Chiz? Siguro, maka-Chiz ka.” And then, Chiz abandoned his plans and I devoted several articles on that hot topic. [Despite that, he still greeted me on Christmas and New Year’s Day.]

In short, lahat sila, nagiging paksa ng blog na ito. Pana-panahon nga lang.

Masarap magsulat kapag ‘di ka binabayaran ng isang tao o grupo ng mga tao. At lalong masarap magsulat kapag hindi ka nadidiktahan ng isang tao o grupo ng tao na may pansariling interes na isinusulong.

Ms Yolly Ong was correct. She didn’t talk to me. But I do believe that readers of this blog understood that the ‘Kris/Boy’ punchline was part of a joke.

By the way, I based that ‘Kris/Boy’ item on a recent Newsbreak report that said:

“The head of Aquino’s advertising campaign, Yolanda Ong of ad agency Campaigns and Grey, said the results were a wake-up call for changes in strategy.”

I just added a punchline.

Now, here’s the funny thing: the same day I posted that article, news reports said there would be “less of Kris and Boy” in Noynoy’s upcoming ads.

Thank you Ms Ong for “following some” of my “humorous columns.” I appreciate it. Btw, the campaign period is about to kick off. Good luck!


    1. HA..ha..ha! Maria Montelibano is the new “marketing/promo” point person of Noynay! Panicking already? We look forward to a more chaotic campaign of Noynay…Why not bring back Kris and Boy, again ? And throw in Mayen…witth James and Baby James.Joshua ? Whaat? Another Noynoy-type? Good luck Kris ! Why not create another controversy to hype Nynay’s sagging survey ratings.


    1. i don’t think affected sila. but the blog gest circulated and not everyone is aware that this blog is a humor blog (which i thoroughly enjoy).

      i received a snippet of the heckler post and was confused at first, until i saw at the BOTTOM of the fb note that it was from professional heckler pala. imagine if i didn’t read the disclaimer!

      i think perhaps the rejoinders or comments are a little to critical. any media must be clear.

      let’s keep level heads, yo.


  1. This is exactly what’s wrong w/ the campaign of Noynoy. Onion-skinned know-it-alls who are in the first place, so out of touch w/ the masses and can’t communicate vital political thoughts/issues to the masses. Advertising gurus should yield to actual mass communication professionals who will be able to translate Noynoy’s vision for the Phils. to chewable information bits for public consumption. Noynoy is not a product like Coca-Cola or KFC. He is a person whose primary problem is his inability to connect to the public at large. For starters, he needs to be trained in public speaking so he will sound convincing. Secondly, he should fire all his so-called PR/advertising people and just hire one well-respected independent mass communication expert who can chart the course of his publicity campaign then get the people to help him. Lastly, he should fire Butch Abad who doesn’t know shit about running a nationwide political campaign. Sorry Mr. Heckler for this rather lengthy comment but I feel so sorry for Noynoy who is surrounded by too many people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing, yet feel their candidate will win on the strength of his parents’ names alone. Wake the fuck up!


  2. What I can tell you, Heckler, is that it’s true Yoly Ong was not happy with Kris and Boy’s “love offering”–the Hindi Ka Nagiisa ad. I have a friend who was in an informal press gathering last November who said Yoly Ong hastily denied she had anything to do with the ad when someone asked about it. Sinabi niya si Kris at Boy daw gumawa nun na walang paalam sa kanya.


  3. This is hilarious! If Ms. Ong is indeed a reader/follower of PH, she should have known that this is not a news blog (roll eyes). This is purely satire, and readers would not take it seriously the “story” that Kris and Boy meddled in Noynoy’s ads and that you kicked them out of the creative team due to the dipped in the ratings brought by ineffective ads. Oh right, naniniwala na ako at ang iba kasi nag react ka! HAHAHAHA!


  4. if ganyan ang subordinates ni mr noynoy, may chance rin na ganyan din ang leader. masyado silang kampante. they should nevey forgot that nag number one lang naman si mr. noynoy dahil sa parents niya and timing of certain events. kung buhay pa si Her Excellency, malamang hindi si noynoy ang standard bearer ng liberal party.


  5. The joke simply was not taken well by the person alluded to. And that is his/her prerogative, like if it threatens individual existence or survival. I’m an avid PH reader and my day isn’t complete without it, but a joke can be a debilitating disease for some subject no matter how healthy it is taken by the readers especially if it sees print. A pen can tickle or amuse but in the same token it can also maim and kill, especially this explosive season. That’s how mighty it is. And by the way PH, that joke about Rizal certainly leaves a sour taste in the mouth… If we can’t venerate him let’s not make him a source of our daily dose of endorphins.


    1. ms. ong’s comments are proof enough of why noynoy’s campaign is going down the drain. c & g is having a hard time propping up its candidate it has to (desperately at that) make “sawsaw” to what is essentially a satire. di nila kayang makipagsabayan sa mga seryosong balitaktakan. at mas lalong di nila kayang patahimikin ang mga political satirist like PH. ang dami kayang pweding gawing katatawanan sa kanila. and i’m not talking about noynoy only. so kung araw-araw, magko-comment at magpapaapekto si ms. ong sa blog na ito, alam na natin ang mangyayari sa kandidato niya. kawawa naman si baby james pag nagkataon dahil palaging dadaganan ni josh. omg. lol.


  6. promdi yata ang Yoly na yan. . di makaintindi ng satire from actual news. .
    sayang si Noynoy at out of touch pala ang mga nakapaligid sa kanya. .
    kung bumababa cya sa surveys, sila ang dahilan, trash in ang input
    nila sa campaign, kaya trash out ang resulta. OK ka PH. . I never miss a blog.


  7. perhaps, this lady is into the noynoy advocacy for the money and she fears lossing some manna if she lets the heckling unopposed. i wish i am wrong. but i really think the lady doesn’t know enough the heckling (satire, if you please) here.. which is just as bad. too bad for for an ad/communications industry person who should be in touch with communications development. maybe it would her some good too if she simply be honest and identify all the other professionals involved and the extent of their involvement in the campaign. that way, we’ll know who was/were responsible for their good or bad ads.


    1. Noynoy should really be very afraid because his agency and all those who make sawsaw in strategizing for his campaign ads are not getting it right. PH was somehow right when he wrote in one of his blogs na mas tumaas pa rating ni Baby James kesa kanya. Walang recall ang jingle nya. Si Baby James lang talaga matatandaan mo. Sorry na lang sila kasi hindi agency ni Villar ang nakuha nila. Even if I don’t like Villar, I have to admit, nakaka-LSS ang jingle nya.


  8. IMHO, prinoprotektahan lang ni Yolly Ong ang kanyang reputation as a marketer. Kaso mas nasira pa ata. Ops. XDDDD

    @dante perez
    Uhm, di naman porket bayani si Rizal kelangan mo pang itaas pa ang pedestal nya. Meron na nga sya sa Luneta eh. XD Kaya onti ang nakaka-appreciate ng history, kasi masyadong out-of-reach yung mga historical personalities para sa common tao, nalilimutan na tao din naman silang mga bayani natin. 😛

    At talagang mga pangalan ng mga bayani ang ginamit sa mock polls (kasi nga naman, kung totoong ballot na gamitin nila w/ the names of the official candidate, baka gamitin pa sa totoong eleksyon diba?!).


  9. Noynoy’s campaign, specially the jiggle is a reflection on how some media outlet see the Filipinos. Just use a song and dance number and some parlor trick will get you voted (very much like Wowawee, you know all hullabaloo masking the devaluation hard work, now they just aspire to be at wowawee and make a fool of themselves, talk about trying to raise the moral of people in need). I’m scared for the country if Noynoy wins, if Kris and his campaign group was able to convince him to rap for a vote, then he can be easily swayed even if he is the president. I wonder what Kris would want to do when he’s president. WE need a leader that is strong and make people follow him for the better not the other way around.


  10. Replying to Alquanna, Dr. Jose Rizal doesn’t deserve to be seen only as that stiff, erect and lifeless figure at the Luneta but a symbol of sacrifice, freedom and dignity of the Filipino people. He may be a dead hero, but he surely gave this country so much, much more than the next generation of Filipinos after him have accomplished in their lifetime. That is why a desecration of his name in any given form at any given time is a poor choice of entertainment formula election time or not. If some people feel alienated with our heroes, it is not because of the complexities of their lives and teachings in some distant past but because our people have squandered every opportunity to learn from them and the examples they left behind, and failing miserably to build a successful nation. We owe our heroes every inch of pride and dignity we Filipinos enjoy today and treating them with disrespect as mere casual relics of the past is a sad commentary of the lessons we derived from our schools and our homes, and the worth and respect we give to ourselves.


    1. Humor lends a hand in demystifying the hero–or any subject, for that matter.

      If I make a joke about Rizal’s countless women (sakto, Valentines! xD), will that desecrate his memory? I don’t think so (babaero naman talaga ang loko, ganun sya ka-brilliant at kahit hindi naman sya matangkad, andaming naiinlab sa kanya).

      If I make a joke about Rizal supposedly being emo (or what we all thought in PI100 class after reading Craig’s biography), will that desecrate his memory? I don’t think so too, either (I’m still in awe of the guy finishing two novels and being a doctor at the same time).

      Same thing with this blog. Sure, the candidates heckled can’t compare to Rizal, but in the end we’ll vote for one of them and that is a pivotal decision that we are making for the future of this country.

      There’s no taboo subject for humor, or any other genre of creative work.


  11. Truth be told, Noynoy has the worst ads among all candidates. I’m not pro-Villar but as a marketing practitioner, I can really see na pinag-isipan ang mga ads nya. I also appreciate Brother Eddie’s “Eddie Ako” campaign. Noynoy is on the verge of losing this and there’s no one to blame but Ms. Yolly Ong and her Campaigns and Grey – not Kris, not Boy, not Noynoy, but Yolly Ong and Campaigns and Grey.


  12. Hayaan na natin si Miss Ong, whoever she is. Na-achieve na nya ang konting pansin sa blog na ‘to. Pwede na syang manahimik. Kasi, I just heard tonight’s news na ibang persona na ang hahawak ng campaign ni Noynoy. Hechanova yata yung surname, not sure. Babae…. and definitely NOT this ONG. 🙂


  13. @benj (14:19:23) : Huy, sobra ka naman! Noynoy follower din ako. Hindi ako tanga ha. Bad ka. Sige ka sumbong kita ke Joker! Lagot ka! (O ang tawag dito heckling and joking Ms. Ong. Hindi ito totohanang statement ha. Gets mo?)

    Btw, just for everyone’s info, I believe Ms. Ong and her ad agency are not earning anything from helping out in the campaign for Noynoy. Unfortunately, she (like Boy and Kris) may be one of the people who are causing to campaign to lose focus. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Noynoy pls fire all your communications/publicity people and start over. There’s still time to get things right!


  14. People laugh at jokes until the jokes are on them. If she really read pieces of this blog, she would know that you typically start with a factoid then add a really witty, funny line.

    Too many hands spoil the broth. Sana hindi umabot sa nakakarami na nagtuturuan ang mga alleged campaign ‘managers’ kung sino ang gumawa ng alin because if it does, matitira na naman si Noynoy. He needs to make a stand kung san ba talaga patungo ang ads nya. Turn off ang pagra rap nya, buti pa yung ad ni Bro. Eddie, napapangiti ako pag napapanood ko.


  15. kawawang noynoy. sayang mar. sana we should be seeing higher level elections, if only the PR strategists are worth their salt and knew better. and a good sense of humor is a critical must to know how people think and process ad campaigns, and how they eventually choose who to vote for. campaigns and grey pa mandin ang pangalan … dapat sana magaling sa campaigns. oh well, kawawang noynoy. sana si mar na lang, despite the padyak fiasco. kung bakit kasi ang mga ad agencies ngayon, parang mga eng-eng. buti pa nung time ko 40 yrs ago: AMA – advertising and marketing associates. we were smarter then. yes!


  16. Ms. Ong, I was rolling and laughing insanely when I read your letter. I wonder if Noynoy is aware of your action?

    Nalimutan na sana at naibaon na sa baul ang artikulong ito kung hindi mo binigyan ng pansin. After all the heckling is only good until the next posting comes along.

    Jokes on you and an additional vote against Noynoy presidency…..


  17. Hi PH, ngayon pa lang, litong lito na siguro si KUYA NOY kung ano ba itong pinasukan niyua. Advisers, Ad agencies, Boy, Krissie, the church, turncoats, etc wants a piece of LP and be in power should he win….Imagine what the next govt would be like.
    Too many people are using KUYA NOY, too many people are dictating him on what to do.

    With regards to your article, do keep up the good work!


  18. Alquanna and PH,

    Humor made as a tool to “demystify” Dr Jose Rizal strikes a delicate chord and offends the sensibilities of some people in our society to make them uncomfortable. The choice for satirical or lampoon subjects should be tempered with wisdom, decency and good taste, if not respect. Using Rizal, our national hero in an unrestrained journalistic endeavor for wide readership is unacceptable. Believing there is no taboo for humor, or any other genre of creative work is moral cretinism. Try putting a monkey on Jesus Christ, Mohammad or Buddha and see what happens to this blog.
    Clowns and pranksters can just train their predatory eyes on some other mortals now in our midst, we have more than enough of them already (especially in our government) to cure us of our ills or give us one massive heart attack. Let us all be decent..


    1. Tito Dante, punta ka na lang sa ibang Site. This Site is meant to unwind our emotions by way of humors. Mabuti nga na naisipan ni PH na mag-imbento ng ganitong Blog para kaming magkakaibang kulay sa pulitika ay sama-sama nagbabatuhan ng “mamon” at naghahalakhakan sa gitna ng hindi namin pagkaka-unawaan… Sige baka PUSO mo ang bumigay…..


  19. prof heckler, galing talga ng mga blog mo sa tindi ng blog mo baka ipakuha ka kay lord! i have a friend who is inside the LP camp, nasa panic mode na sila grabe at nagaaway away sigawan dito sigawan don, lalo na pag may blog ka!! in the first place bakit kse nila pinatakbo si abnoy


  20. I’m not surprise that walang impact ang ” Di ka nag-iisa”” ads no noynoy. For imformation. Boy Abunda ang nagconceptualized sa ads ni Mike Defensor last 2007 senatorial election. Disaster para kay mike ang nanyari! Hindi kinagat at walang impact yung “Tol” ads niya. Buti na lang iniwan niya si Villar kahit bayad na siya. baka pumalpak ang ads ni villar. And by the way, the last two days before the start of the campaign, Channel 2 bombarded prime time shows with Noynoy’s ads. If the strategy is to show that, like villar who narrowed down noynoy;s rating through constant ad exposures, sa tingin ko magbabackfire. Alam ba nila na millions ang nanonood sa mga teleserye sa channel 2 na nainis sa sobrang dami ng ads. Tama din comment ng isa sa blogger na dapat tanggalin si Abad. sanay lang siya sa Batanes, the smallest voting populated province. wala siya alam sa national campaign.


  21. what you guys don’t know ay may shares ang lola boy nyo sa isang nagkukumahog na ad agency, yup, all of them down-to-earth …ang stupidity! They are simply out of touch, no insight from the voting public./ Anong significance sa aming mga botante kung magpasapasahan lang kayo ng apoy diyan? Its all drama, can’t they think of any other storyline? Ang daming stars na ginamit and not one of them represented anything important to us DUH! What we want is to see the very soul of the person and not how many stars he (or his sister) knows.Please lang, ms ong, don’t take yourself too seriously (no one does) Either way, kasama ka at is lola boy na nag approve ng concept na yan, sayang lang sa inyo ang pera ng luisita! Buti pa nga ipamigay na yan..just do it!


  22. Mr. Palengke should be wary of the people around Noynoy. Most of them are the same people around Cory. Doy Laurel was the choice candidate for President during the the incoming Snap Election 1n 1986. He was persuaded to run as Vice President so Cory can be the candidate. During her Presidency, OUTSIDE OF THE KULAMBO SI DOY because of the people close to her na walang ginawa kundi bumulong at sumipsip. Fast forward 2010 Election. DeJavu yata ang mangyayari. Roxas gave way to Noynoy. Noynoy surrounded by the same people of Cory. There are already talks that the group of Roxas are being kept in the dark. Today’s paper said that Noynoy is personally taking over the whole campaign para daw walang gulo. IT IS AN AFFIRMATION THAT SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG BETWEEN THE TWO CAMPS. THERE’S EVEN TALKS ABOUT NOYNOY-BINAY TANDEM. Mar should do something about this before its to late. Parang nakikita ko na na by 2011, magkawiwalay na sila ng landas. NASA OPPOSITION NA SI MAR!


  23. I do not understand how the email of Ms. Yoly Ong can be so misunderstood. Just read it, for crap’s sake. It is not the reaction of an “onion-skinned marketer”. It was just a request for clarification, to put things on record. Was it an overreaction? Who knows, really. The blog could have been forwarded and used as an “impeccable source” without attribution, and then it would have been news. Better to be safe than sorry.


  24. Really, there is nothing wrong with Ms. Ong’s email, its valid, lets respect her reaction, sa kanya yun eh. The author used her name in one of his articles or blog posts, its only proper that she asks him to set things right. Not all people take kindly to jokes, at least not all the time, especially those who don’t make it a business of being in the limelight and where credibility is a big factor.
    Its okay to be funny, even at the expense of others, but lets not forget there are some people who don’t appreciate it…


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