“I think of myself as a comedian who has the pleasure of writing jokes about things that I actually care about. And that’s really it. You know, if I really wanted to enact social change… I have great respect for people who are in the front lines and the trenches of trying to enact social change. I am far lazier than that.” 

~Jon Stewart


The Professional Heckler is Loi Reyes Landicho, a Batangas-born humor blogger from Makati City.

The Professional Heckler has been recognized four times in a row by the Philippine Blog Awards:

2008: Best Blog in the Entertainment Category

2009: Best Blog in the Humor Category

2010: Best Blog in the Humor Category

2010: Top 3 Posts of the Year for “Exclusive: GMA Breaks Her Silence”

2011: Best Blog in the Humor Category

In August 2011, he won in the first ever Globe Tatt Awards bagging the Word Slayer plum. In June 2013, the Globe Tatt Awards named him Blogger Phenom of the Year (the name of the award makes him cringe though.)

A number of his blog posts were included in the political humor book “Hello Garci, Hello Maa’m: Political Humor in the Cellphone Age” published by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) in 2005.

“The Professional Heckler” was also included in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s list of 25 Blogs You Should Read.

More on the Professional Heckler.


“The problem with political jokes is they get elected.” – Sometimes attributed to Henry Cate VII


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    1. hello po! I am Bryan from Iloilo City…I just found out that our local newspaper…Panay News was also plagiarizing your political jokes! The Publisher Mr. Danny Fajardo in his news lapsus calami copied your hunor but never revealed the source. Remember the jamby-tomBoy joke and jamby will debate anyone except juday! That is what he plagiarized.

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      1. hey bryan. thanks so much. yup, the jamby-juday joke came from this blog. i would like to give him the benefit of the doubt. a number of my blog posts are being circulated via email kasi and sa pagpu-forward, nawawala na ang name ng original source. i know it’s disappointing pero unti-unti na akong nasasanay. just the other day, a cousin of mine forwarded the AYON SA MGA BITUIN horoscope article. he didn’t know about my blog pala. so i told him na it was originally published in my blog. natawa na lang siya. A big sigh. Ang wish ko na nga lang, kapag newspapers na ang nagpi-print, sana may effort man lang na alamin ang source.

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    2. hey TPH, great job with the heckling, wish could heckle this monkeys we call public officials on a more regular basis either on Radio or TV. I just dont know if they will allow you be on air HEHE, but seriously our media needs a jab in the groins heckling so that as a people we get to appreciate more the stupdity and cupidity of our political system. Keep up the heckling….


  1. ai bakit kelangan may biography ka na? weh… Loi..hmmm..a very innocent name, parang di nangangagat ah :p..teka kelan kaya yun 19something na yun noh?? :p

    anyways, kahit as cliche as it may sound, nakakatuwa po ang pangookray nyo, personally speaking kapag nababasa ko yung mga ‘kalokohan’ mo napapaisip din ako eh, hahaha

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  2. This blog always gives me a respite from racking my brains on what to write next for our site…a source of inspiration, too! Heckler, would you be interested in doing some more politically flavored heckling on this new Pinoy site (supposed to be a hybrid of ohmynews, cracked and rotten tomatoes.com, parang pinoy jeep) we’re putting up? We’re still ironing out the kinks before we try to launch it live, and I’m supposed to be looking around for potential hecklers, er, contributors. Drop me a message at tinette@wikipilipinas.org.ph if you’re open to the suggestion.


    1. those 359 thingies were really good for both body and soul! Wheww! you know why? i easily digested my uber-large serving of breakfast treat, which by the way, i personally prepared myself, this supposed to be rainy friday ( haaay, wala na talagang pag-asa). ahemm ahemm….. — fried rice with dried sea grass cooked in olive oil, poached eggs ( 2 with a dash of salt), raddish salad with tomatoes and onions, tinapa! tinapa!, and cranberry juice ( di dahil pa-sosyal, pang-linis tubo lang). hehehe. . . . . saraaaaaap!! try mo heckler. goooooo!!

      oh btw, here’s my joke. hope matawa ka. dahil ‘di original to ‘tol. utak ko talaga unang nagkuwento neto saken, promise!

      > Ang sabi ni dra. belo, pag payat maganda. Pag mataba, panget. Tanong: Si palito ba ay guapo at si 1stgentledog ay panget? Sagot daliiiii!

      O sya, height na lang pag-usapan para mas madale. Yokong nahihrpan ka eh. Ang sabi nila, pag pandak panget. Pag matangkad, maganda. T: Si pandak ba ay panget, at si companera ay maganda? Sagot: ( para nga di ka na mahirapan eh) Syempre maganda si companera!! O wag na nag-isip. Me sagot na eh!!

      Magandang umaga maroon, este heckler!!

      ( from a maroon 2!!– sepsep!! este, het het, hooooooraaaaaay!!)

      (UP– where everyday smokes green. haaay, sana di magka-cancer)


  3. Your blog is my favorite place on the web world!!
    Idol ka talaga.. mula sa mga nakakatuwang Top 10 entries sa Morning Rush hanggang dito sa blog.. walang kupas!

    Continue heckling! We love it!

    Witty joke? hmmm…

    Q: pano mo mapapawala yung banana?
    A: Alisin mo yung “b”… anana!

    *now killing me for writing that 😉


  4. The Lakers are formidable and Kobe is surely the second coming but there are so many kicka** teams this year, i just don’t know. I just don’t know.

    This is the long way around encouraging you to read our cover story today on the ZTE scandal at ReligionDispatches. I won’t bother to say that you shouldn’t hold back on comments or criticism.

    Story: http://www.religiondispatches.org/Gui/Content.aspx?Page=AR& amp;Id=104
    Digg: http://digg.com/world_news/Miracle_in_Manila



  5. i actually just discovered yr site today…thanks to one of those who commented on brian gorrel’s latest blog about, who else diba?! that blog site has kept me glued to my laptop every free time i get, lunch time man or when at home, parang teleserye…di ko rin akalain na napaka chismosa ko din pala but what the heck, it’s fun to read about those trying hard to be part of the creme de la creme, coke snuffin’ nouveau riche…they are so trying…mga fplp naman.

    yr site is another interesting place to check out. salamat heckler!



  6. hahaha! nkakatuwa po tlga mga comments nio! 🙂

    i’m from tristan cafe.. dun ko rin po nbabasa ang iba niong mga artiks! thnx kc despite the fact na nkakasawa at nkakapunong pag-usapan ang politics and issues, sa mga kgya kong 14 y.o. eh ngkakainteres ako lalo na d2 sa mga nkakatawa at nkakatuwa mong pang ookray! hahaha.. good job! keep it up!

    hmm… witty joke?

    i dunno kng narinig mo na po ito..hehe.. dko na alam mga exact words eh…bsta ung thought nlng.

    isang mgnanakaw, nmtay,nsa langit, iinterbyuhin ni san pedro..

    mgnanakw: ah san pedro, bago po ang lht, mtanong ko lang po kung para saan ung mga orasan dyan?

    san pedro: ah, anak, yan ay umiikot pag nagsisinungaling ang isang tao, kya mlalaman ko. kgya ni mother teresa, hnd pa umikot ung sa kanya..

    mgnanakaw: ah eh, si san lorenzo po?

    san pedro: ah, isang beses lang umikot ung sakanya. ang dami mong tanong ah.

    mgnanakaw: eto po san pedro, last question. eh c gloria arroyo po?

    san pedro: ah eh… dko p alam anak eh.. nsa itaas kasi.

    magnanakaw: ah..bakit nman po? ?_?

    san pedro: gnagawa pa ksing electric fan ni Jesus.


    hehe… senxa na yan ang lam kong pnka nkakatawa pra skn na related sa politics.. hehehe…

    good day! or good nyt pla! kudos! 🙂


  7. Love dropping by yor BLOG, keeps me sane and cheerful despite the dreary aura of the world around with global warming’s ill effects and the political turmoil that the world seems to be in these days. hope you can heckle other country’s politicians too. like Hilary Clintonand Barack Obama, I’m sure pres. Bush would be as fun as heckling GMA. if not american politicians then perhaps american celebrities will do? just an idea you might consider, thanks for dropping by my BLOG too. keep writing. more power & God bless!


  8. magkatunggali tayo sa basketball… kampi ako dati kina larry bird, robert parrish, kevin mchale, danny ainge at dennis scott. ngayon naman, kay garnett ako.
    napakahusay mong sumulat. nasasabi mo yung mga gusto kong sabihin with a sense of humour na hindi humihina yung tama.
    you remind me of colbert in last year’s white house press corps roast.


  9. kuya, ikaw b c bob ong? …lam mu na, ung author ng paboritong libro ni hudas, stainless longganisa etc… pareho kc kau ng favorite, ung MacGyver at Superfriends. ayaw mu rin ng gulay, tas gusto mu rin ang raisins gaya niya. tas mahilig ka rin tumambay sa powerbooks. hilig mu rin punahin ang mga politiko. tas gusto mu maging teacher…bago mamatay? educator dati c bob ong, nagturo xa sa high school. andami niyong similarities. malakas din tama mu…hilig magpatawa.

    p.s. reply ka naman sa email q


  10. Love your blog, I think your writing style is brilliant and you are never patronising to your readers. I love it and will follow it regularly.

    However, a quick one on football: I am a huge Liverpool FC supporter so that makes us mortal enemies instantly but my bigger question is how can one be a Man U and a Real Madrid fan at the same time? Tsk tsk to your loyalty — who will you support if they compete for the European Cup? I think you just like David Beckham.. are you supporting LA Galaxy as well then?? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your writing to the cyber community and thanks for your intelligent and humourous articles. It’s like a breath of fresh air from broadsheets that, more often then not, contain embedded advertising and promotion of a product or political figure. Keep it up!



  11. you are cute and lots smart! i dont mind if you dont attend mass or believ in the afterlife, just because youre cute and lots of smart! hehehe. anyway, il hav fun stalking your blog. god knows philippine news shud be made funny jud, otherwise id hav opened my veins with my bare hand(s?) a long time ago. gaddd, your cute!!! 90 % of it comes from smartness…hahahaha. im such a sucker for smart-UP-bred guys. too bad i dont think ur from intarmed or i wud have gobbled you up already.


  12. I read your blog to get real news about the Philippines. I feel that I know more about what’s going on in the country than when I was living there and reading the newspaper daily.
    Love your humor. Hope you don’t mind if I add you as a link on my blog so I can keep reading your stuff and perhaps enlighten some of my readers to the joys of your sarcastic posts.


  13. if you liked Battle of the Brains,you would have loved IQ7(Student Canteen) hosted by Eddie Ilarde..that was the only show i understood and participated in (silently) since i didnt speak tagalog then..the likes of Mon Lorenzo,Bong Barrameda ..brilliant minds..i wonder where they are now..

    a borrowed saying….
    “Never argue with an idiot;they will drag you down to their own level,then beat you with experience…”


  14. Hi Heckler! First time for me to visit your blog. Great work here! I’ll include you in my blogroll. I’ve never been good at delivering punchlines but my friends say I’m funny, ironically (must be those self-deprecating jokes they find humorous). Anyway, here’s one of the funniest jokes I’ve heard lately:

    A man opened the ref. Suddenly, something on top of the lettuce screamed, “Don’t look! I’m dressing!”

    🙂 m


  15. bonjour..am a fil-am residing in france. haven’t lived in manila for a loooong time but i keep up with news & happening online. last night, a french show , tellement vrai (really true) , on nrj12 cable channel featured divine lee and tim yap (the show always features Dlist celebs). don’t know or have any experience with these people but have heard of tim yap via gucci gang controversery etc. what can i say…i hope my french friends weren’t watching.

    the guy’s a joke..the premise of the show was tim yap as a young mover & shaker. featured him doing a variety of tv gigs like a dinner(live) show, interviews with celebs, his embassy club, opening of his resto cafeteria, at philstar producing his supremo section. he brags about owning a hotel in boracay, he was bragging about his family owning this fab house on a hill also in boracay..weird though that his car didn’t enter the compound upon arrival and the security didn’t seem to know him??!! he showed them around his OTT apartment where he showed off his signature clothes.

    divine lee’s feature was more balanced. a young-working heiress. but a model? what the F? i won’t be rude..at least she wasn’t self promoting like tim yap. i have NO idea why these people were featured.

    but the funny part…at the end of the show, the french journalist in manila brought out giveaways they got from tim yap that they laughed about… a TY doll, a shirt that said tim yap forever,and…a TY cologne that the host laughed about…he said it smelled like a bad air freshener and the journalist said that TY would spray it everywhere they went…hahaha.

    didn’t know who to share this with. if they post the video of the show online, if you want it, i’ll send it to you.






      1. ProfHeckler basahin mo ulit please ung blog na’to NG imbestigador na ‘to. binasa ko din po ulit eh. hehehe.

        ano sa palagay mo po? di ba kinakausap ung sarili nya? read aloud mo pero slowly please, tapos pakinggan mo ung sentence construction, ung prose, etc.

        o dba!!?? wahahahaha!!

        ‘di naging ka-eskwela ni SEN. MAR II ‘to. ikaw ate koring anong masasabi mo?


  16. Hi there! I’m Roxanne Flora, a student from the College of Mass Communication in the University of the Philippines Diliman. Our thesis is about the Bloggers’ Code of Ethics. Being one of the winners in the recently held Pinoy Blog Awards, we would like to ask if you could be one of our interviewees. Thank you so much! We hope to hear from you soon! Happy holidays!

    Roxanne P. Flora


  17. hi there!!! i really look forward every month for updates on your blog!! your heckles really complete my day, week or month.. which every comes first hehehe more power!! and Have a happy new year!!! and by the way i REALLY3x hate this new beer commercial that makes us guys look like pompous, empty headed, insensitive, jack asses!!! stupid commercial!!!!!!!! WHATS A REAL GUY SUPPOSE TO BE HUH!!?????!!!!! anyway thanks hehehe


  18. My dream is for Philippine television to have a Jay Leno/David
    Letterman type of late night show. With witty and humorous guys
    like you as writers, I’m sure it would be a resounding success!

    Sana may maka-isip na nito na TV producer. You’re type of
    “heckling” would be perfect for the host’s opening jokes spiel!


    1. korek ka jan…as long as there are Filipinos patronizing the wowowee-type of jokes… meaning to say…mas marami pa rin talagang Pinoy ang tulad ni Sen. Lapid…. our country will never never never ever progress…. i like PH’s style of jokes…. “OKRAY”… let’s us promote PH hecklings to save our country. SAd to say even Erap couldn’t even relate to this kind of blog… congrats at sana kuhain ka ng ABS o kaya’y eat bulaga kapalit ng kanilang mga writer…. ang baduy kc ng mga jokes nila… di ko ma-take.. lasang BOY Bawang.. sobra Corny…. Get Lost Mr. WOwowelie….. Mabuhay ka PH…aka Mr. Landicho


  19. 24 January 2009

    Dear Sir/Madam:


    We are from the University of the Philippines Speech Communication Association (UP SPECA). We are an association upholding the power and the needs of speech communication majors and enthusiasts.

    The University of the Philippines is holding its annual Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) on February 6, 2009 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. The ACLE allows the students to learn and expand their knowledge beyond the classroom setting by attending talks and seminars prepared by various student organizations. UP SPECA is going to host a talk entitled: “Blogging: Communication and Hyperrealism.” This talk aims to increase the awareness of the students regarding the nature of blogging, its benefits and possible repercussions on both the blogger and the reader(s). It also aims to tackle the use of blogs in commerce, journalism, and in the academe, among others.

    In this light, we would like to invite you to become one of our guest speakers to share your life and experiences as a blogger, or as a person who uses blogs in different transactions, for that matter.

    We feel that your story will contribute a lot to our knowledge and inspire us in our future endeavors.

    We will be hoping for your kind response.

    Thank you.


    Oscar T. Serquina Jr.
    ACLE Project Head


  20. You’re such a witty young man and I really enjoy your infusion of humor on our gloomy current state right now. Thank Mr William Esposo for mentioning you in his column for I ( and I’m sure many more of us ) came to know the existence of your blog through him. Keep it up.


  21. Impella17 (22:08:29) : edit

    You’re such a witty young man and I really enjoy your infusion of humor on our gloomy current state right now. Thank Mr William Esposo for mentioning you in his column for I ( and I’m sure many more of us ) came to know the existence of your blog through him. Keep it up.

    HEY! Thank you so much for droppin’ by my blog. And thanks for informing me about Mr. Esposo’s PhilStar column. Will get a copy today. ( I just woke up. 🙂


  22. hi, i love your blog. i subscribed to your email listing but unsubscribed a few days later coz my inbox couldn’t keep up.

    i figured i could just keep track of it by linking my blog to yours. hope that’s okay?

    keep it up!

    good pinoy humorists are a rare breed and a club i’d like to join too. hope you can visit my blog some time. take care now!


  23. HIYA Mr Professional Heckler here’s 5 semi-witty jokes that will kick you off your seat of your horse:

    #1 A heckler in a forum was asking the late bishop Sheen of USA this question?

    “Did God save Jonah from the whale?”

    the bishop replied:”When I Get to Heaven,I will ask!”

    “What if He is not there?”

    “THEN YOU ASK HIM!!!” was his retort.

    #2 A elderly priest invited an agnostic to come to his parish church

    “There are sinful hypocrites there,I am tired of them!” was the agnostic’s answer

    “there is always room for one more!” was all the elderly priest said.

    #3 A restaurant owner,who is also an agnostic approached a catholic lay minister with these words:

    “Brother I know some dishonest people in my business,who go to your church on Sunday!!”

    “Why my child not all Christians are like that,although they are not perfect ” said the lay minister

    “But brother,aren’t Catholics supposed to be special?”

    Yes they are,Yes they are” was the lay minister’s sad reply

    #4 A Dying man was telling the priest who was exorcising him: “Father I will not repent until I know where I am going!” was his reply to the priest words:”REPENT OF YOUR SINS NOW!”

    #5 A nun seeing a drunk man praying the stations of the cross in the monastery church told him:


    “Ha! no wonder Jesus Christ gets stronger after every station!”(end of jokes)

    Nice blog learned about it from billy esposo from philstar!

    Enjoy!! 🙂 (wahahahahehahahohohohohahahaha!!!!)

    Happy lent!!(sarcastic)


  24. Mr Loi I came back to heckle you!!!! X( (with a joke) 🙂

    AFTER a Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS), a man comes home spiritually renewed. On the road he sees his former drinking buddies and is tempted to join them. But he prays hard, “Lord, cover my eyes.” And he passes right by them.

    * * *

    A few meters after, he sees his former gambling buddies playing tong-its. Summoning strength he prays once again, “Lord, cover my eyes.” And he passes right by them.

    Then at the end of the road, he sees a beautiful, shapely woman. Unable to resist the temptation to look, he blurted out: “Lord, cover Your eyes.”


    See ya soon!


  25. daraga (14:05:39) : said:
    please eat vegetables. or. all right, teach. you’d make one “heck” of a teacher. this is one heck of a blog!

    AYOKO NG GULAY! Sabaw lang ng kalabasa puwede na. pero yoko ng mismong kalabasa.

    zoney (13:41:38) : said:

    I’ve found this Site because of T.E.N. and Grabe,Totoo nga,Enjoy ako sa post mo…

    Siguro dinudugo ka rin sa Pagggawa ng Blog mo,Mahirap yata Magpatawa sa Panahong ito?

    Keep it up sir heckler!

    SALAMAT ZONEY! keep on coming back!


  26. I received an email message from UPLB alumna saying that woman in the MMK Blusa episode is a 1980 Agribusiness graduate and had a 2.5 GPA according to Dr. Rita Laude, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. So waaaaaay off from the claim that she was a summa cum laude grad.


  27. Professional heckler said:

    AYOKO NG GULAY! Sabaw lang ng kalabasa puwede na. pero yoko ng mismong kalabasa.

    Ok, ok. Won’t pressure you into eating gulay anymore! Although gusto ko ang kalabasa.

    Just keep these brilliant posts coming! I really am your number 2 fan– I assume your mother is number 1 : -)


  28. I am a fan and you are a breath of fresh air (though some of your heckling spews forth otherwise, in a positive sense that is- the odorous and malignant stench of the Philippine Political arena. The people needs to know, so kudos on that regard).
    Your satirical views borders on genius and just plain madness (I’m just curious, does it run in the family?) hehehe…

    I have placed your link on two sites which I own and moderate.

    More Power Heckler.

    Keep on heckling ’till no ones standing.


  29. Naiinis at Naiingit ako sa iyo dahil sa kabataan mong yang masahol ka pa sa akin sa pang ookray ng kung ano-ano. Kung hindi pa ako naloko (ng lalaki, babae at bakla) ay hindi pa nahasa ang aking talento (daw) sa pag-sulat. Saan mo ba hinuhugot ang galing mo? loko ka ha! pinapatawa mo ang babaeng galit sa mundo na katulad ko.


  30. Anonymous (05:29:48) : edit

    …ei heckler, isa ako sa mga avid fan ng blog mo…
    ..Batangueño rin ako…from Lobo, Batangas and also UPLB grad..
    …keep inspiring people thru your blogs..ROCK ON!

    MARAMING SALAMAT SA INSPIRING comment! How’s Lobo? I think i’ve been there once, 13 years ago. It’s an island right? We passed by Taysan to get there. Taysan’s roads were hellish. Ewan ko lang ngayon. Parang walang local government na nag-e-exist. Sobrang pangit ng mga kalsada. Ten-inch thick yata ang alikabok.


  31. Please write about the obscenity involving the wife of a freaking senator of the Republic – a certain Mrs. Pangilinan (aka Ms. Sharon Cuneta), who had the gumption to buy a PhP 3 M bag and announce it to the whole world via las blabbermouths – Abunda and Aquino. During these times, conspicuous consumption should be declared a crime.


  32. Please write something about Boyet Fajardo … make us find something funny about the whole incident. There has got to be something other than his calling the cashier “Bading” (hello, mirror!) that can be heckled.

    By the way, I dread the day that Chicco and Delamar won’t be on air anymore. What would mornings without them be like?


  33. …ei Ka-Batangueñong heckler thanks for the reply, ako yung taga Lobo na UPLB grad..naku pare sarap na ngayong mamasyal sa bayan namin, ok na ang mga beach resorts dun at yung sinasabi mong daan sa Taysan going to Lobo town na halos pakainin ka na ng alikabok, well I am proudly inviting you to try it again, astig na pare, now it is fully furnish/concrete w/ visible road signs… salamat at nagising din ang mga natutulog na diwa ng mga pulitiko samen, sana ang pagkamulat nilang ito ay hindi lamang palamuti at panghimagas sa nalalapit na halalan…oi pare pasyal ka ulet dun…cia nga pla may nagpost sa youtube entitled “Road trip to Lobo” at marami pang posts about Lobo, Batangas, you can see there the big change to Lobo town compared to what u have seen 13years ago…


  34. Nakakagalak at may mga katulad mo pang matiyaga at masigasig sa paghihimay-himay ng mga isyung tanging napag-uusapan lamang ng mas malalim sa mga broadsheet. Nagagawa mong pasimplehin ang mga isyung napakahirap intindihin (at kondemnahin) kapag inihahapag na sa telebisyon ng mga pasikat na newsmen.

    Hindi inaasahan ang mga hirit mo. Spontaneous humour ika nga, tipong masasabi ko na lang sa isip ko na: “Naisip n’ya pa ‘yun?”

    Dito sa blogsite mo ay maraming mga naeengganyong bumuo at mag-manage din ng kanilang mga personalized blogs. At isa ako dun; bagama’t personal ang mas nais kong pagtuunan. Mangyari ay hindi ako naindoktrinahan nang maigi ng pagiging vigilant sa kolehiyo (hindi vigilante).

    Isa sigurong mas malalim pang dahilan kung bakit madali akong naging patron mo ay ang pagiging elbizen mo rin. Syet, subkonsyus siguro ‘yun… Oh, mapusok at egotistikal kong katotohanan.

    Mabuhay ka, taong manunumbok. (Hindi mamumundok).



  35. your blogs are awesome. wala kang sinasanto. that’s the way commentaries here in the philippines should be done. dami problema sa bansa natin pero because of our culture we dont confront them head on, instead we beat around the bush. somebody has to say it. no sacred cows. more power to you and keep on doing what you’re doing.


  36. Hey, Heck.

    Found your blogsite googling the biggest joke of the DOJ (IMHO), PAO Chief Acosta.

    Hope you keep her in your crosshairs regularly. She’s always a great source of comedy and satire, and even tragedy… Well, she’s the tragedy.

    Love your site. More power heckling…


  37. loi pogi, i’ve been a “on & off” visitor of your blog. i do have one, too! but i am more to running/marathon/ultras. while recovering from my daily runs, i am always entertained by reading your posts. i like the way you describe these “personalities” we see & read in our daily news. you are the best “heckler”! keep on writing! btw, runners call me “bald runner”


  38. I’ve always been a fan of current affairs usually read through the pages of PDI. But ever since graduating and joining the Philippine workforce, I found out time for reading the paper has seriously been compromised.

    Stumbling upon your blog has compensated for it though. So thanks for keeping me or us updated in a very, very funny way!

    And go UP Maroons! ☺


  39. Hoy!!! Now i know why you got an award… Continue to speak on behalf of the entire Filipino population that’s reused (as a good campaign subject of presidentiables), abused (by alien er foreign powers) and recycled (ghost beneficiaries of our dirty politicians)… Happy heckling!!!



  40. idol…tagahanga mo ako… nauna ako ipinanganak sayo ng ilang taon kc ng manalo si regine velasquez sa bagong kampeon highschool na ako nun, ng i grew up sa panahon ng komiks, lim o lime, tarzan, double bubble gum, texas, caramel etc…pero tanong ko nauna ba ang chikinini sa cock and duck? i luv reading your blog….keep it coming..more power! pursue your dream of becoming an educator!


  41. we have recently jump into you url just about every to find something amusing….i find it all so interesting….we looking forward to have you as one of our allies…we are recently developing a site respectfuly to have the same purpose as this but we focus more in Zamboanga del norte…ain’t sound that familiar province ayt?…but im sure you know where Romeo “ow” Romeo jalosjos is from….i have made subscription with you…and hoping that you can be one of our article contributor coz we admire and salute your ideas and writings…Hope to hear from you soon…..

    El Vigilante
    Good Governance Advocacy


  42. I dunno if these jokes are “new”. Just came across them …


    Erap to Cardinal: Hanggang ngayon galit pa ang simbahan sa akin. This is unfair.
    Cardinal: Why did you say that?
    Erap: Mayroong Sabado de GLORIA, Sagrado de CORAZON, at Domingo de RAMOS. Bakit ako wala??? Eh, I was also a President!
    Cardinal (after a careful thought): OK, from now on, yours is ASS Wednesday!


    Atty: Ano?? idedemanda mo boss mo ng sexual harrassment!!! Dahil lang sa sinabihan kang mabango ang buhok mo!!!ano masama dun???

    Woman: Your honor, UNANO!!! ang boss ko.. UNANO!!!


    A mental patient was singing while lying in a hospital bed. After a song dumapa siya.
    The nurse asked: O bakit ka bumaliktad??

    He answered: Adik ka ba??? Side B na kaya!!!


    Inspirational quote that we must always remember:

    kung kaya ng iba…

    pagawa mo sa kanila…

    dont force yourself.. make your life easy!!!


  43. An artista boards a plane for Davao and sits down in First Class.
    Stewardess approaches her and says :”Ma’am artista, sorry, but your ticket is economy. You have to sit in the back.”
    Artista says, ” Hoy, di mo ba ako kilala? Artista ako! Punta akong Davao and I will sit where I like. Che!”
    Stewardess goes up to the cockpit and tells the Pilot: “Captain, sorry, but there is an artista who insists on sitting in First Class pero, economy ang ticket nya.”
    Pilot says: “Artista? Ah, okay. I know how to speak Artista. I will talk to her.”
    Pilot goes back and says something to the Artista. Artista suddenly gets up and says, “Ay, sorry, sorry ha. Lipat na ako sa likod.” And she rushes to Economy.
    Stewardess asks: “Wow, galing. What did you tell her?”
    Pilot: “I told her we are leaving na but FIRST CLASS DOES NOT FLY TO DAVAO, ONLY ECONOMY.”


  44. Hi interesting blog. Especially the news and photos about the 13 year old daddy was so. By the way is the material posted in your blog free for publication or copyrighted? What if I want to reproduce the news and photos about the 13 year old baby dad in a newspaper here? Please reply.


  45. hello heckler….

    i just found today and it disturbed me pinay rin kasi me… i am one of the newbie sa site mo starting nung na lamay po ni Tita Cory. Nagugustuhan ko lahat ang mga post, give me idea etc.

    By the have you heard about this, im trying to find the video pero ala ako makita
    here’s the link:



  46. Now that’s why you look familiar! haha! sinalihan mo pala halos lahat ng game shows on TV! No wonder, you’re one ‘Dexter’, (you know that kid genius on cartoon network) hehe! 🙂

    ANyway, been readin this blog for quite some time now, its my first time to read your ‘get to know me’ section.. 🙂


  47. hi. i really love your blog. i love your jokes. and my 3 yr old son who loves kobe bryant just said he’ll name our dog scooby.. scooby bryant (labo? sorry bisaya kasi..hahaha).

    i always look forward to new posts from you. i always read your jokes aloud to my husband.. and sometimes he doesnt get it..hahaha.. i think your jokes are better read than said… or maybe it’s my delivery.

    anyways, good luck and keep those posts coming.


  48. Okey lahat ng posts mo. Natatawa ako at may mga pagkakataon din na gusto kong duraan sa mukha mga pulitiko. Sana yung mga nagra-rally wag lang basta sunugin mga effigy ng mga walang kwentang tao, dapat duraan muna.mas matindi dating niyon kesa sa binabato-bato. Anyway sayang espasyo sa mga ulol na yun. Thanks ulit sa mga sinusulat mo dito. very informative. nakaka-aliw basahin. ewan ko lang kung tinatablan pa mga tinamaan ng….


  49. Ang galing mo talaga! Swak-na-swak, magandang timing at angkop-na-angkop sa panahon. Bow ako sa iyo.

    Sana ma-meet ka ng daughter ko. Mahilig din siya sa mga witticisms.
    My daughter grew up on Lactogen and Cerelac as a baby and then Klim as a toddler, was steeped on the Sesame Street Children’s TV Show and the Muppet Show, spoke/speaks English a million-a-mile, always got low grades in all her Filipino language subjects from grade school to high school, etc. etc. Nagwo-work ang daughter ko sa dating paboritong malaking ospital ni you-know-who at ng mga alipores niya, pati na rin iyong mga iba na ini-imbitahan for whole day panel interviews sa you-know-where. Laking pasasalamat ng daughter ko at hindi na ata ngayon doon ang pinupuntahan ni you-know-who. Paano, lagi namin siyang hine-heckle sa bahay namin each time merong naka “check-in” dun sa hospital nila.

    Tanong namin palagi sa kanya – how come that hospital does not seem to seriously consider when medical professionalism and ethics should end, in cases where it just seems so apparent that it is operating like a hotel-refuge instead of as a hospital? Ngehehe.


  50. galing~wag ka sana mabitay o magarote sa mga sinusulat mo–pero sabi nga ni rizal:

    Natuyo ang luhang sa mata’y nunukal,
    taas na ang noo’t walang kapootan,
    walang bakas kunot ng kapighatian
    gabahid man dungis niyong kahihiyan.

    di ko man maintindihan ang ibig iparating o sabihin ni ginoong jose pero magandang pakinggan–parang ikaw, naks!

    i like the blog! keep writing!!


  51. mong palatino pwede ba gumawa ka ng paraan para sumikat ,ng hindi ka nangyuyurak ng kasikatan ng mga binabatikos mo bkit perpekto kb?OBVIOUS gusto mo sumikat kya administrasyun binabatikos mo pati c noynoy na oposisyun e binibira mo!sya na way pra mkasohan c gloria,kya mnahimik kna!


  52. mukhang wala ka ngang tiwala sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas. oo wala. lahat binabatikos mo. ngayon, sino ang gusto mong umupo sa pagiging presidente ng Pilipinas? ikaw? ikaw dahil mukha namang alam mo lahat ng mga problema. ikaw nalang kaya? pero baka naman kung ikaw na ang presidente, puro problema lang ang pag-uusapan natin? walang solusyon? batikos dito batikos doon.

    ayos din ‘tong site mo. entertaining. kaya nga lang walang mapapala ang mga tao dito.

    ang maging kritiko ng ibang tao lang ang alam niyo. pero ang gumawa ng aksyon o kahit mag-isip lang naman hindi niyo magawa.


  53. i was thinking along the lines of Jose reyes ( earlier post ). i guess with your seeming popularity, intelligence ( sabi ng ibang posters, he he ), wit, good looks, free time ( your bio ), you could probably do something worthwhile. after all, you are a scholar ng bayan. more power to your site.

    Liked by 1 person

  54. Sir Loi,

    Malayo ba sa first place (reader’s choice)? How many votes away? Anyway congrats to you, it’s a major achievement in itself. If anything it just shows there’s room for improvement. Eh kung first place ka na anti-climactic na, mawawalan ka na ng gana mang-heckle. Paano na kaming libo-libo mong tagasubaybay?

    Keep on heckling! More power and God Bless (kahit hindi ka naniniwala).


  55. Hello Loi…ang galing mo! Dapat nga talaga deservemo yung award. Witty kang mang-insulto…nagluluto ka ba ng adobo? Or kahit anong food? Kasi ako si Adobo Queen…and kung nagku-cook ka, sana mafeature ka namin sa COOK…Congrats ha.
    Puede ba magcomment ka about mga cars na may escort na hagad at nag we-weng-weng…saan ba papunta yung mga ulol na nakasakay na iyon? Casino? May date? Sa session? (poker o mahjong?) Saan?


  56. Hi Loi i really enjoyed ur heckling very witty just like me…keep it up i may contribute some nasty comments for u should u allow me. Iv been spreading you blog to my friends and they too enjoyed so much that they cant start the day without reading and pls continue to make fun of our former stup.. pres u know who…


  57. Ang gwapo mo pala talaga. ^___^

    Btw, here’s my hallooween joke for you.

    Daughter: Ma, bakit walis ang gamit ng mga witches pag lumilipad sila?

    Mother: Kasi anak, masyado ng mabigat kung vacuum cleaner ang gagamitin nila.

    Sorry, medyo nakakain ako ng mais kanina. Hihi!


  58. Mr. PH isa lamang pong mungkahi. Maaari po bang magpatimpalak kayo sa magiging kapalit ng salitang “buwaya” patungkol sa mga sakim na nasa kapangyarihan? Nakakaawa na kasi ang mga buwaya kapag inihahalintulad sila sa mga pulitiko. May kabusugan naman kasi ang mga buwaya hindi tulad ng mga ganid na nanunungkulan na walang katapusan ang kagahamanan. Salamat po.


  59. Hi PH,
    Not one response to your negators – Jose Reyes, to name one? Very diplomatic.
    I like your blog – Pinoy ka nga. Dinadaan sa tawa at kutya ang problema. Parang ako – puro reklamo tamad namang umaksyon.
    Sayang, gwapo at matalino ka sana. Why not use your intelligence and looks to divert your blog into a more meaningful site?
    Instead of making fun of our political heads, why not look for politicos who are actually doing their jobs (oo naman meron pa kahit papano, diko lang alam kung sino). Gamitin mo popularity mo at kagwapuhan mo na maghanap ng mga politicong me puso.
    Puro negativity na ang mundo, PH. Five-second comic relief lang ang naidudulot ng mga jokes mo pero nandyan pa rin ang problema natin. Diko alam pano makakatulong sayo pero I hope mabigyan ko ng idea ang mga young bloggers na katulad mo kung pano makakatulong sa ating bansang patuloy na namumulubi. You have my emai address, (though I doubt you’ll take notice of my suggestion, no pun intended) just send me an email anytime kung may maitutulong ako.
    God bless.


  60. just wondering why you have to post this: “He doesn’t attend mass and refuses to buy the concept of ‘afterlife’. i wonder what you believed in, evolution? big bang theory? si malakas at si maganda? refusing to “buy” as you’ve said those concept would surely mean your living an empty life. its no wonder you said its boring.

    considering what you’ve accomplished, posses, state of life and having the wits to find humor in a chaos world is a gift that should be thanked of not something to be used to blatantly express you don’t have the faith. but its your choice, someday though, He’ll tapped you, reminding whom to call when everything fails..


  61. Here’s one you might want to use:

    POLITICAL IRONY: GMA minions Gibo and Ebdane crossed paths during their campaign sorties. GIBO with a tinge of sarcasm asked Ebdane, “How does it feel to be in LAST PLACE?”. Ebdane wittily replied, “you TELL me…”, then he announced he was DROPPING out of the race.


  62. i love your posts!its kind of addicting and I couldn’t let a day pass by without reading your blog.I asked my cousins to read your blog and they are also kind of addicted to your witty posts.
    Keep it up and I am so looking forward to more political humors from you.
    I’m a Batanguena by the way, I read you’re born somewhere here in Batangas.Nice!


  63. Hi Heckler,

    I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now and I am one of those millions of Pinoy net addicts who religiously visit your funny yet witty commentaries.

    Keep up!

    -Benjo Basas
    National Chair,
    Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC)

    -Our website is still under construction and having maintenance problem. Yuo may also check my facebook account.


  64. nakakainis ka…from that time na mabasa ko ang TPH articles mo, nag enjoy na ako at napa-isip na “this guy must be really smart”..and then i saw your pictures sa site mo…at first , i can’t really believed na ikaw nga yan dahil ang akala ko matanda na ang “loi” na creator ng TPH…kaya nga lang ng mapanood ko ang ‘the bottomline’, naniwala na ako na ikaw nga yan,,,ang pogi mo…kaya nga lang may naging problem,,,from that time na nasilayan ko ang kaguwapuan mo, parang nagka-crush na ako sa iyo…but with a big “BUT”, mas malaki ang problema ko ngayon, pareho kasi tayong lalaki….ha ha ha ha…


  65. Good day!
    I am Karen Apostol from UP Diliman. I’m a senior student and I am doing a manuscript on blogging. May I ask if you would like to participate in my thesis as a key respondent?

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    Your participation will be of great help. Thank you very much and more power.

    Truly yours,

    Karen Apostol
    BA Broadcast Communication
    UP Diliman


  66. Hi Mr. Heckler a.k.a Loi Pogi , I’m also a graduate of UP (Diliman) and pls just add me to your list of fans…

    Question: Are you some kind of an angel? Maybe you’re just in between the good and the evil? Since I started visiting your site (that was just recently referred to me by a friend) I became so much aware (much much more aware and it seems I’m dying to look after your every post amidst the mountains of workload in the office that never fail to amaze me every morning!) of the current happenings in the world of politics. Thanks to your pool of witty jokes and heartrending heckling powers. Love your blog and love you na rin hahaha. (wonder din if you’re still available?) hehe, no worries, it could be just any simple question that you won’t bother to answer at…babae naman ako.

    Anyways, I don’t give a damn on your status though. Mas mahal ko posts mo. You rock! Keep it up manong Isko.


  67. Thank you for stealing 1 man-hour of my productive time from my employer again. You’re blog is so much funner (wrong spelling intended) to read at work, where I can instantly share your jokes to my officemates.

    Maybe one day I’ll get employed by one of the politicians you love to heckle. When that happens, I’ll spend more hours reading your blog just to ‘heckle’ them in my own way.


  68. Hello Professional Heckler,
    You might be interested to know that your spoof on Manny Villar’s political jinggle, ” Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura… (whatever the title is), is circulating as a chain email. I received one myself but didn’t see your name credit. Just thought you should know.


  69. Heckler,

    You’re good, boy. But not that good. In your post Today in History February 5 “President Roosevelt proposed increasing the number of Supreme Court justices…”.

    In 1937, the President of the United States was Franklin D. Roosevelt and not the person in the photo Theodore Roosevelt.


  70. its my first time to access your blog, thanks to pia’s strictly politics this evening. great talent and wit. the thing that struck me was your personal notes on The Ilocos Times. i used to work with this paper and i feel aghast with the staff’s absence of any form of apology to you. shame on them, indeed. i’ll call management’s attention to kick some ass.


  71. ngayon lang ako napadpad sa blog mo at bumilib talaga ako 🙂 bago lang naman kasi ako na blogger 😀 pero napansin ko agad na halos lahat ng nakilala ko o dinadalaw na mga blog ay ngcomment dito.. hmmm cute nga nung guy na nasa picture, kung hindi ikaw yun sayang naman.. sabagay naisip ko kasi na ang mga lalaking may pagmumukhang ganyan eh walang utak 😀 hahaha


  72. Hi there, I’m a journalist working for a wire agency based in Bangkok and I’m doing a story on the impact of political blogs and the new media in general on the current political campaign, and on the candidates and voters in particular. I’d like to include you as one of my interviewees. Will explain in full if you could send me your email address. Hope to hear from you today or tomorrow. Thanks!


  73. I just finished watching strictly politics of pia hontiveros and got hold of your website (professional heckler). I like reading all your humurous blogs with regards to our politicians and I will follow all your blogs from this moment on. More power and keep up the good humor!


  74. Mr. Heckler,

    You are correct that Carl Lewis set the world indoor long jump record in 1984. But didn’t Kris Aquino set the indoor fall record 26 years later, and not 22 years later?

    Your timeline is inaccurate, the Mendiola Massacre happened in January 1987, and not 1985.


  75. my friend from the debsoc constantly talks about you and your witty blogs (he’s a fan, i presume). unpredictable thoughts, dude! good job. i’ll never get tired reading your posts. 🙂

    on the other hand, it’s nice to know we have something in common– we monsterize our mornings! have a great day everyday! :))


  76. Hi Loi! Your blog always makes me laugh. So refreshing to have an intelligent witty take on pinoy society from a pinoy’s perspective. (By the way, you wrote about my mother in a blog entry last July 2009. Someone told me about it, thanks to that I discovered your blog. Very happy to have come upon it.)

    I’m taking a masters course in media studies at UP. For a production class, we have to produce a television show, which mostly follows a talk show format. I’m writing to ask if you would be so kind as to be one of our guests on Monday, March 15, 7-8pm at the UP College of Mass Communication. We will be taping the interview as “live”. The topic is new media and how it’s being used to raise awareness on phil. 2010 elections issues. We need a good dose of sharp wit and irreverence. Since you cheer for the UP Fighting Maroons and the UP Pep Squad, I’m really hoping that you’ll agree to bring some cheer to our UP media studies course. Please send me an email if you’re willing to explore this further? Will provide more info and will try my darndest to entice you to agree. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soonest.


  77. Dear Professor Heckler,
    I am a 173 year-old Filipino expatriate in Germany. I have 17 wives, 148 children and 392 apo sa tuhod (di ko alam sa english ‘yon e). My point is, Heckler, pagod na pagod na ako at inip na inip na ako sa buhay dahil di ako mamatay-matay, but when I discovered your blog site this morning and started reading it, I instantly knew and recognized that I’ll sail on till the age of 288 without having a dull moment from now on. Chest bump me, man!!



    The first step to getting inside the mind of a man is to observe his personality/behavior/attitude. The second step is to get to know the environment he grew up in.

    I couldn’t figure out the 1st since I personally don’t know the guy. Never saw him in person either. However, based on the 2nd step, if you researched as i did, we would both know that this guy is in the middle of a family feud within the clan.

    He is a nephew of Eduardo Cojuangco Jr., chair of San Miguel Corporation, and 2nd cousin of Benigno Aquino III, one of the presidential aspirants in this poll.

    Eduardo’s and Benigno’s families have always been at odds with one another for many reasons i wouldn’t start to care. However, from what is gathered, Eduardo Cojuangco is branded as a Marcos crony and therefore “corrupt”. Not surprising since there were theories that the source of the Cojuangco wealth is not so honorable. This makes the entire clan supposedly untrustworthy.

    You might say, give this guy a chance. Okay, so give him this chance. It’s only the Institution of the Presidency we’re talking about here, nothing so important, right? If we make a mistake, Filipinos can always wait for six (6) f**king years to make another mistake.

    Oh, by the way, He’s the son of former Social Security System administrator Gilberto Teodoro, Sr. and former Batasang Pambansa member Mercedes Cojuangco-Teodoro. The Social Security System and Batasang Pambansa were both tarnished with corruption.



    Richard Gordon, like his running mate, Bayani Fernando, is a very practical person. The typical Filipino with his emotional carefree attitude would find his character to be somewhat “big bully” and “tyrannical” due to his no-nonsense approach to solving a problem.

    To this candidate, solving a problem is more important than how the population feels about the method. To an emotional carefree population, you will probably agree that this personality is political suicide. However, based on his record, this guy seems to be solving the problems in spite of what people say.

    From what is gathered, Gordon began his political career as mayor of Olongapo City, the purported “Sin City” of the Philippines. Critics say he did little to solve the “prostitution problem” but did agree that he was able to improve the city’s economic level.

    Personally speaking, I understand why conservative people would react to prostitution as being acceptable. Well, that’s only them speaking. If you surveyed the entire Philippine population, you would probably be surprised how liberated the majority of Filipinos are.

    (Filipinos, by nature, are sensuous, emotional, and overly courteous, which explains why they give way to the hypocrisy of the fundamentalist, puritanical, and conservative upbringing their country gives. This also explains why Filipinos are sexy inside but are afraid to show it.)

    Going back to the P word, here’s an example: The metropolitan areas of the Clark and Washoe Counties in Nevada, USA would have stunted their growth if it were not for the adult entertainment industries provided by Las Vegas (Clark Co.) and Reno (Washoe Co.).

    Here’s something to note: Prostitution in Nevada is legal but regulated within the designated “red light district’ night clubs. Prostitution in London, England is also legal but only if done outside of designated “red light district’ night clubs. This means that you and Mr/Ms adult entertainer should do it inside the clubs in Nevada but should do it in your home or motel in London.

    Where am I going with this? Well, we always view prostitution as something bad and, as such, we don’t see people working in this trade as “professionals”. Moreover, these “professionals” are too afraid and ashamed to ply their trade but do so anyway because of need. On the other hand, we see rotten politicians in broad daylight – unafraid and unashamed – and they still get to be considered as “professionals”. Who would you prefer to work besides with? An adult entertainer who would work honestly and pay due taxes promptly if demanded of them? Or rotten politicians who are not honest, who steal taxpayers’ money, and expect that you vote for them next season?

    Going back to Richard Gordon, it is refreshing to remember that the former president Ejercito Estrada is one of the senators who led the vote against the retention of the US Bases in the Philippines, which led to 40,000 Filipinos losing their jobs outright, increased the boldness of local rebel groups and terrorists, and destabilized the safety of the country from encroachment by other countries. Well, the Americans left anyway, and the Philippines was also left with the mess made by these senators as well as the after effects of Mt. Pinatubo.

    It’s interesting to note that this “bully”, in the form of Richard Gordon, spearheaded the solution to the problems following the American exodus. The solutions may have not been all his own concepts, but he was the guy who facilitated them all together.

    So there’s your choice… Do you want a good-looking president with a questionable family and track record who promises his heart out to you? Or do you want a “bully” who could help facilitate the solutions to your problems?



    From what I last gathered, the Republic of the Philippines is still a democracy in which Church and State are separate. Eddie Villanueva may be an honest, uncorrupted, and “Christian” candidate, but his status as leader of a religious congregation is, to my personal opinion, not compatible with the Separation of Church and State clause.

    The reason for separating Church and State is very evident in history. If you’re a student of history, you would remember that the times the Church and State worked as a single mind, worldwide catastrophes happened like terrorism today and the Crusades centuries before.

    Simply put, Church and State cannot be a single mind, for all our sakes.



    If I’m not mistaken, there was a recent scandal on the Philippines’ C-5 Road Extension Project. Isn’t this guy in the middle of it all? If this person wins the election, the Philippines is truly a nation of monkeys and fools.


    On the other hand Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is the son of the “Great Filipino Hero and Martyr”, Ninoy Aquino and the “untarnished” and first female president of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino as well as brother to Philippine celebrity, Kris Aquino. Aside from being the son or brother of well-known people, I haven’t’ read anything else this guy was famous for.

    Are you going to gamble your vote on this nobody/loser?



    He’s a nephew of Richard Gordon. Practically speaking, i don’t understand why he’s running against his uncle in the presidentiable elections. His uncle is highly experienced in serving the country. From what i gathered, he only has his city councilor experience and guts to back him up in his campaign. In this online poll he’s able to gather 1% at least. Imagine if he just supported his uncle as city councilor or mayor or Zambales district representative/congessman, this 1% could aid his uncle for president and aid him in his young career as well. He’s better off winning as mayor instead of president. Frankly speaking, either he has a personal grudge against his uncle (gone too far) or he’s a young idealist fool (not all idealists are fools, but this one is). Potentially, he may prove to be a good leader, but he’s making the wrong steps.




    1. hmmm sa nababasa ko si gibo ang may cleanest record.. issues pointed to him are just allegations o kaya nadawit lang sa pangalan ni madam mole.. and gibo’s parents worked in those institutions sooo long time ago, why connect the present corruption issues to them,, his father has a clean record in sss. danding’s family supporting noynoy shows they can’t just manipulate gibo.

      i support anyone but noynoy! haha


  79. hi kuya!

    ang galing ng blog mo!

    araw araw ko tinitingnan blog mo kahit may pasok (2nd Yr. HS nung may pasok at C./P. 2Lt. ngayong may summer training sa CAT) at nadidisappoint pag walang post sa araw na iyon! pero nonetheless, ang galing. nagmumukha akong tanga dito sa bahay, tumatawa mag-isa kaharap ng monitor. kuya, papost sa facebook nung ilang pics ha. ingat na lang, baka makasuhan ng libel. hehehe…

    continue with the heckling, it makes my day!


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    We would like to ask for your email address so we can send you more material about the event.

    Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!

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  81. Hi Heckler,

    It seems di mo pa na discuss sa blogs mo about Gibo and Villar loosing its ground dahil dami kumakalat na negative tsismis about them.

    Do you know why? Tito Boy is now with Noynoy.

    Tito Boy + Kris Aquino = Ultimate tsismis generating machine.

    By the way I really enjoy reading your blog, u r really smart.


  82. RFLMAO! luv it!
    TFC doesn’t give me “laugh” like your blog does. I’m thinking of subscribing to u instead ..lol..
    First time reading your blog and I’m really enjoying it, as in!
    Witty, current and distinctly Pinoy humor.
    I’ll definitely keep reading so you better keep blogging!

    p.s. love your red Nike shirt with Portuguese Football Federation logo 🙂


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    F (02) 635 0516 / 636 0896
    M (632) 9156432706


  84. as i read your Biography …subrang Genius nyo Pala..ang daming Award nyo na re received..
    keep up your good work im sure andaming sumubay-bay sayong BLOG.. every time binabasa ko yong BLOG mo..sumasakit ang tyan ko sa kakatawa. nakakawala ng stress..
    God Bless and to your Family..

    P.S. ang GWAPO MO PALA. jejejejeje..


  85. hi heckler! Alam mo, first time ko pa lang ma-visit blog mo, na-hook na talaga ako. Minsan natatawa ako kasi sa blog mo ako umaasa ng latest news, hehe. Minsan, di ko alam ang issue then pag nabanggit mo sa blog mo, saka ko pa lang nalalaman. Keep on inspiring us to laugh sa kabila ng lahat ng nararanasan ng mga tao ngayon.


  86. Hi PH…,

    I’m glad i followed you on Twitter because it led me to your blog.

    I am currently backreading your older blogs (I am now at Sept 2008) and I must admit, KABAG TO THE EXTREME dahil sa katatawa…

    May I add you sa Facebook?

    Thanks and keep these heckles coming…


  87. Hi Heckler,

    I found your blogsite accidentally as I was googling Lacierda vs. Juana Change, and frankly I was laughing while reading your commentaries hahaha. Galing mo p’re! Hay naku, things just don’t change ‘no? Parte na talaga ng Filipino psyche ang bangayan, okrayan, sila-sila: kami-kami achuchuchu…..

    Anyway, at least you made us laugh at all these nakaka-asar and nakaka-pantig tenga realities in government & our society….. God help us!

    Keep us laughing, bro!



  88. Hi PH!

    I’ve been reading your blogs for almost a year now. 🙂

    I am currently based in Thailand and I normally open inquirer.net during lunch time at work to catch up on what’s happening in our country. But when I discovered your blogsite, man, I got hooked! 🙂 Now I open your site first, then inquirer.net and finally Chico’s Strange Fruit. Ikaw pala si Loi Pogi. Hehehe…

    You never fail to make me laugh with your every post. At the same time, you also make me think. There! Intellectually stimulating you are, Mr. PH!

    I hope you never run out of inspiration! Hehehe…


  89. Greetings!
    I’m Aldrin San Jose, a newswriter for DZRJ 810 AM.
    We would like to ask if you’re interested in collaborating with our radio station?
    If you are interested, you may contact us at 8962992 / 8963402 / 8962996 and look for Mr. Ramon Tuason, our General Manager or Angelita Dela Cruz or Nic Tuason. Thank you and God Bless Sir!


  90. Hello…three things: I like coffee and try to drink tea as often as I can because they say it’s healthier; I believe in the after life and tries to go to mass every Sunday; I am a Boston Celtics die hard fan and thinks Kobe is over rated.

    BUT I like your blog and will make sure I regularly visit it so that it can add to my dose of big laughter.

    Oh…fourth — I don’t think I will die of cancer (I hope so that is…) but like the rest of my family who enjoyed old age, will succumbed to hyper tension eventually.

    Thanks for the laugh and I posted it too.


  91. yo tph, i know you are following the news dilligently as all Filipinos should, and i think there is a suffucient reason that you might be rendered redundant by the comedy our public officials. The saying life is stranger and may i add funnier than fiction is so major major true.. But i know you will continue heckling because your blog is much more funnier than their stupidity AKA as governance,,, keep the heckling…..