Here are 10 of the most cringe-worthy posts on social media recently.

ONLINE discussions on the upcoming elections have become so intense that some people can no longer control their emotions. In expressing their opinions though, some netizens have become unreasonable. ‘Yong iba, mema lang.

Here are 10 of the most cringe-worthy posts on social media recently.

Nagulat si Danding! Pag-aari na pala niya ang BPI, ‘di man lang siya na-inform.
(Pati last name niya, nabago na rin pala. #casttle)

“Akala ng admin na ‘yan, bobo ang mga kabataan ngayon.”
Eh sino si Flavian Vher.

Maikunek lang.

Makapagyabang lang.

Makapal daw ang mukha, mukhang mangkukulam at dapat magpaayos ng ngipin si Melai. Ang daming sinabi. ‘Di ba pwedeng “pangit” na lang? Judgmental!

“Lahat kami na somusuporta, ay magclose account sa BPI.”
Lahat talaga? Pati ‘yong walang account?


Ireklamo n’yo na rin ang pinya, saging, sunflower, dilaw ng itlog, mangga, kasuy, santol, school bus, si Yellow 4 ng Bioman at ‘yong Lakers kasi “bias” din sila!

Ano raw?


Hay naku GMA News Online! “Bias” kayo! “BIAS!”
(Anong pautot ‘yan?!)

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
~Martin Luther King Jr.

Sound Bites
“I have been a subject of cyberbullying. The memes are actually hilarious in their stupidity which is something to be sad about because they are symptoms of a deeper problem in our society.”
~Investigative Ellen Tordesillas on rabid Duterte supporters

Think before you vote.

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