In US politics, Donald Trump’s supporters are now being called “Trumpeters.” In Philippine politics…

In US politics, Donald Trump’s supporters are now being called “Trumpeters.” In Philippine politics, some supporters of Mayor Duterte are being called “Dutertenatics” while some Binay supporters are denying rumors they are being called “Binayarans.”

On Sunday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, boasting about his loyal supporters, said, “I could shoot somebody and not lose votes.” Shocking many Americans, and offending Duterte fanatics who hit Trump for his lack of originality.

Word War
You know it’s election season when politicians begin to diss one another. Mayor Duterte says Mar Roxas is “unfit to become president.” Roxas counters Mayor Duterte is “incompetent.” Jojo Binay says Roxas and Duterte are “just doing great. Keep it up.”

For writing about her expensive bag and designer shoes, detained plunder suspect and former Enrile chief of staff Gigi Reyes lashed out at Inquirer reporter Marlon Ramos outside the Sandiganbayan courtroom last week. Unconfirmed reports say an upset Gigi Reyes shouted the reporter’s name – marking the first time a man’s name other than “Johnny!” came out of her mouth.

The End
Jinkee Pacquiao announced that Manny Pacquiao would retire from boxing this year to focus on politics. Boxing’s loss is Senate’s… even bigger loss.

Quezon City Councilor and actor Roderick Paulate has been dismissed from public service for employing 30 fictitious “job order personnel” and pocketing their supposed salary. On Instagram, Paulate described the news as “OA” and “pinalaki lang.” Probably, he had only 27 ghost employees. Or maybe, 25. Or 20. Basta. Pinalaki lang.

Marine Col. Ferdinand Marcelino, a former PDEA official was arrested along with a Chinese national during a raid on a shabu laboratory in Manila last week. But Marcelino insisted he was at the shabu laboratory because he was doing “intelligence work.” Either that, or he’s insulting our intelligence.

Marine Col. Ferdinand Marcelino, a former official of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, was arrested during a raid on a shabu laboratory in Manila last week. But the Marine colonel said he was at the shabu lab because he was doing “intelligence work.” His captors advised him to “tell that to the marines.”

Accused of repeatedly cursing and humiliating a TV drama “extra,” director Cathy Garcia-Molina finally addressed the issue. In an emotional interview exclusively released online, Molina said, “For all those people na nasaktan ko in the past, I apologize. Maybe I was careless in my use of words.” Amid the criticisms, supporters rallied behind the “cursing” director including ABS-CBN talents, workmates, and Mayor Duterte.
“Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule — and both commonly succeed, and are right.”
~H.L. Mencken

Sound Bites
“Nakakalungkot nga kasi minsan OA ang news. Hindi naman ito malaki; sobrang pinalaki lang ng mga nasa likod nito ang kasinungalingang ito.”
~Dismissed QC Councilor Roderick Paulate

“I admit nagmumura po ako. I admit nagkamali po ako. I never lied. I turned into a monster—with all good intensions na mapaganda ang show.”
~Cathy Garcia-Molina

Be sensitive. Always.

Editorial: Waiting Game
“Does the expensive bag prove Reyes’ guilt? Of course not. It does, however, raise questions about her wealth, and the means by which she acquired it, right when she stands accused as an alleged principal in conspiring with Enrile and Janet Lim Napoles of skimming some P172 million off the senator’s pork barrel allocations.”

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[Photos: Binay/Roxas/Duterte: Philstar.Com; Gigi/Enrile:; Col. Marcelino: Philstar.Com; Cathy Garcia-Molina: ABSCBN YouTube]

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