ON SUNDAY, January 10, the election period officially started.

ON SUNDAY, January 10, the election period officially started. January 10 also marked the start of the 2016 election gun ban mainly to prevent Comelec Chairman Andy Bautista and Commissioner Rowena Guanzon from killing each other.

Campaign Period
Soon, moneyed candidates will visit cities, provinces, even the remotest barangays in the country to woo voters. Officially, it’s called “campaign period.” In the words of the CPP-NPA, it’s “business opportunity.”

Former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima just came out with probably one of the best political ads this election season. It depicted her tough stance against corruption. In the ad, a huge cage dropped over three shady characters, trapping them. As of Tuesday morning, the ad has been “liked” by 420 people. However, some 890 people have clicked the “dislike” button. And that’s just the members of the Revilla clan.

Former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima’s new TV ad is out. It’s awesome! Posted last Sunday on YouTube, the black and white ad has almost 90,000 views. As of Tuesday morning, 420 people have “liked” it. But more people – almost 900 “disliked” the ad. ‘K, fine! We’re not expecting you to like it anyway, Iglesia ni Cristo!

Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla have asked the Sandiganbayan to allow them to attend the wake of TV host German ‘Kuya Germs’ Moreno. To be fair, the two actors, now detained for plunder, are really close to the Master Showman. Also, their political career and Kuya Germs have something in common. Dead.

The Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Health issued a joint statement saying “hoverboards” are inappropriate for kids 14 years old and below. But the two agencies clarified people who are 15 years old and above may use the popular ride if they don’t mind looking stupid.

Traslacion 2015
Two Black Nazarene devotees reportedly died during this year’s Traslacion. Reports say the fatalities joined the procession to pray for “a better life.” The Black Nazarene granted them “a better place.”

On Monday, Jan. 11, the House of Representatives conducted a hearing on the alleged irregularities in the recent Metro Manila Film Festival. Because you know, priorities.

In the hearing, ‘Honor Thy Father’ director, Erik Matti said, “The MMFF is only concerned about money and not in the welfare of the producers, the film workers and the taxpayers who support them each year.” To which, the congressmen replied, “Tell us something we don’t know.”

Personal Concern
In a recent Pulse Asia survey, three in five Filipinos cited “staying healthy” as their top “personal” concern. The other two refused to give up on love.

Comedian and frustrated politician Amay Bisaya was fined by the Comelec for his failure to submit his statement of campaign contributions during the May 2013 elections. Which begs the question, who, in his right mind, would contribute to Amay Bisaya’s election campaign?
“I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them.”
~Adlai Stevenson

Sound Bites
“I can go anytime. I’m here to help the president. If he tells me I have to go, I’ll go. This position is just a privilege.”
~Embattled DOTC Sec. Jun Abaya

“The people are still not used to disposing of their own trash during the procession.”
~ MMDA General Manager Cora Jimenez on the 367 tons of garbage along the route of this year’s Traslacion

Walang himala.

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[Photos: Gun Ban: Inquirer.Net; Hoverboard: Telegraph.UK; MMFF:MMDA; Amay Bisaya: FAP.Org]

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