In the spirit of Christmas, Nancy Binay has appealed to both Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Mar Roxas to “stop bashing each other.”

Liberal Party candidate Mar Roxas has challenged Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to a fist fight. Earlier this week, Roxas has also dared Duterte to slap him. Many people seem to be surprised at how the LP bet has been behaving lately. They say Mar  has exposed his other side to the public – tough, daring, brave, fearless – for the first time. Which is completely false and unfair since he first showed those qualities to us the day he married Korina Sanchez.

In the spirit of Christmas, Nancy Binay has appealed to both Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Mar Roxas to stop bashing each other. Nancy’s call for peace has impressed her critics, and upset his father.

The Presidency
A new study has revealed that leading a country shaves three years off a politician’s life expectancy. In totally unrelated news, netizens have just launched the Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla for President Movement.

Alma Matters?
In 2016, only the Top 12 candidates for senator will get Senate seats. In the latest Pulse Asia survey, actress-politician Alma Moreno managed to place 20th only. Alma was still thankful to her supporters – while netizens were thankful to Karen Davila.

According to the same survey, Manny Pacquiao, the Lower House’s top absentee has made it to the Magic 12. In fact, Pacquiao was in 7th to 10th place. Which begs the question, when will Karen Davila invite him as guest?

A Saudi millionaire was cleared of raping an 18-year-old girl, when the judge accepted his alibi that he accidentally tripped and fell on her: his erect penis penetrating her vagina in the process. The millionaire is now a free man and the judge who freed him is now a millionaire.

Simbang Tabi
The CBCP reminded couples, especially those in girlfriend-boyfriend relationships that “Simbang Gabi is for worship, not for courtship.” In response, Catholic teenage lovers who are regular attendees of Simbang Gabi say they will heed the CBCP’s advice. No more Simbang Gabi for them; somewhere else instead.

Most Searched
According to Google Philippines, “AlDub” was the “most searched” term for 2015. Which was a bit ironic because the one that’s actually lost was “Showtime.”
“The best thing about this group of candidates is that only one of them can win.”
~Will Rogers

Sound Bites
“Pag-magkita kami sa isang kanto dito sa kampanya, sampalin ko yang gagong yan.”
~Mayor Rodrigo Duterte reacting to Mar Roxas’s claim that Davao City has the fourth highest number of crime incidents among Philippine cities in 2014

“Gawin mo na lang kung anong gusto mong gawin. At sampalan? Bakit pa sampalan, pambabae ‘yan, suntukan na lang? ‘Di ba?”
~Mar Roxas to Mayor Duterte

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[Photos: Roxas/Duterte:; Alma Moreno: ANC ; AlDub: PEP]

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