Binay Biopic
Vice President Binay was quoted to have said that he wanted popular teenage heartthrob Alden Richards to portray him in a biopic. Binay has made the perfect choice because Alden does the best and the most shriek-worthy ‘nakaw na tingin’ and ‘nakaw na sandali’ acting.

Vice President Binay wants Alden Richards to portray him in a biopic. The project will be a big challenge for Alden, and an even bigger challenge for his make-up artist.

A Binay biopic will have a very simple plot: from rags to suspicious riches.

Binay Ad
The latest political ad of Vice President Binay has started airing on TV. In the video, Binay played the victim card and was very emotional. His acting was so good, the TV ad almost edged out ‘Heneral Luna’ for the right to represent the country in the 2016 Oscars.

Vice President Binay’s latest TV ad received mixed reviews from netizens. Some hated it while others really really hated it.

Heneral Luna
Reports say some people who watched the historical biopic ‘Heneral Luna’ wondered why the Apolinario Mabini character was never seen standing. They asked, “Why was he always seated?” The answer to that is, “Why are you such idiots?”

Jaworski’s Son
For the nth time, former senator Robert Jaworski’s son, Ryan had a brush with the law. Ryan, who is suspected of being involved in gunrunning, sustained a gunshot wound when he and a friend reportedly exchanged fire with police operatives in Makati City last weekend. The latest: Ryan insists he is just a victim, and is innocent of the charges. This guy can be the next vice president.

President Aquino says Vice President Binay has yet to show proof of his “accomplishments” in the housing sector. Challenged, Binay showed the President photos of Mayor Junjun’s private room in Makati City Hall.

1ReyesReyes Brothers
Former Palawan governor Joel Reyes and his brother, former Coron town mayor Mario Reyes who are primary suspects in the murder of broadcaster/environmentalist Gerry Ortega in 2011 were arrested in Phuket, Thailand the other day. They were deported back to Manila on Friday, September 25. Local authorities were so ready for them. They prepared warrants of arrest, detention cells, and wheelchairs.

The brothers’ lawyer says Joel and Mario Reyes who have been in hiding since 2012 were “not arrested” but “surrendered” in Thailand. Which begs the question, “Who the hell are you kidding?”

Latest Survey
According to the latest Pulse Asia survey, Sen. Grace Poe is the most preferred candidate for president. Poe got 27 percent; Binay, 21 percent, and Roxas, 18 percent. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who has officially dropped out of the race got 15 percent. We need more people like Duterte. People who know why they should drop out of the race for president.

Sheryl and Grace
Actress Sheryl Cruz believes her first cousin Sen. Grace Poe is not ready to become president yet saying “popularity cannot be translated into capability.” In case you’re not familiar with Sheryl, she was a member of ‘Triplets,’ That’s Entertainment’s Wednesday group, and just recently, the Liberal Party.

Sheryl Cruz insists that Sen. Grace Poe is not prepared to lead the country. With a cousin like that, who needs Toby Tiangco or Egay Erice?

Mark Zuckerberg confirms Facebook is working on a ‘Dislike’ button. As early as now, Facebook users are expressing dislike for it.

Top 10 Buttons Facebook (Philippines) Should Consider Adding to the Site

10: Thank You

9: Seriously?!?

8: Inggit much.

7: Shut up!

6: Epal Alert

5: And this should be news because…

4: Echosera!

3: Mag-Tagalog ka na lang.

2: Who cares?

And the No. 1 button Facebook should seriously consider adding to the site…

Buhay ka pa naman ‘di ba?
“But wishes are only granted in fairy tales.”
~Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

Sound Bites
“I thank Sheryl for her opinion and concern for us. As a family, we will continue to give her the love and respect she deserves.”
~Sen. Grace Poe

Have a great weekend!

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[Photos: Binay: Article.Wn.Com; Binay Ad Screencap;; Reyes Brothers: @JLDeJesusINQ]

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