18 09 2015

LAST SEPTEMBER 16, Sen. Grace Poe officially declared her intention to run for president of the Philippines. It was an important declaration decided with the help of family, friends, and surveys.

In 2009, President Aquino was the most popular candidate. Today, at least according to the most recent surveys, it’s Grace Poe. Apparently, survey respondents wanted someone who is new, fresh, and with a popular dead parent.

In making her decision to run for president of the Republic of the Philippines, Grace Poe said, “I wanted to continue what my father, FPJ had started.” Specifically, these are:










Sen. Grace Poe is running for president. She thus joined a long list of women who had said “no” to President Aquino.

A day after Grace Poe announced her bid for the presidency at the UP Bahay ng Alumni, Sen. Francis Escudero “accepted” Poe’s challenge to be her running mate. Chiz made the declaration at Club Filipino. Originally, Grace Poe wanted to make her announcement also at Club Filipino but club members said, “This is Club Filipino. We repeat, ‘Filipino.’”

Grace Poe has officially declared her bid for the presidency. In her speech though, she didn’t identify her party. Rumors say she is still torn between two: Republican and Democratic.

Sen. Grace Poe has officially declared her intention to run for president. Going super full blast soon: TV ads, on-ground campaign, and Edgar Erice’s attacks on her.

Enumerating her goals, the first-term senator acknowledged that “traffic situation takes away not just our precious time, it tests our patience.” Which begs the question, why did you support the INC protests on EDSA?

Sen. Grace Poe also vowed to “hold the corrupt accountable, whether they be friend or foe.” In totally unrelated news, Jinggoy and Bong are now reportedly campaigning hard for Jejomar Binay.

Former Zamboanga del Norte Representative Romeo Jalosjos, a convicted child rapist, was present at the UP Bahay ng Alumni last Wednesday to support Grace Poe. Nothing much has changed. Jalosjos like ’em young and fresh.
“People with ambition don’t give a damn what other people think of them.”
~Diane Setterfield

Sound Bites
Binay: Ituro mo sa akin. Nasaan?
Student: Hanapin na lang po ninyo, sir. Di ninyo yata nakikita.
Binay: Mga 3% or 5% lang ang informal settlers sa amin sa Makati.
Student: Eh ‘di mayroon pa rin, sir. Sabi ninyo wala.
~Exchange between Vice President Binay and UP Los Baños student and Mandaluyong City resident Lucky Patrick Lopez during a forum in UPLB

“Three percent lang ang informal settlers sa Makati, sabihin na nga nating halos wala. Lumabas ang kabastusan ng bata.”
~Vice President Binay

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4 responses

18 09 2015
Emerson Saludes

your blog is brilliant and i like it very much sir… it’s one of my newsfeed in my Fb from hereon.


22 09 2015
Danjon C. (@Danjon17)

one of your best posts evah! 🙂


4 10 2015

Thank you! 🙂


24 09 2015
Doctor Eamer

I watched that Binay and UPLB student conversation, live 🙂 Sino kaya susuportahan ko sa 2016?hehe


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