3 08 2015

SONA: Binay Version
In his own State of the Nation Address, Vice President Binay enumerated the shortcomings of this administration in the last five years. He was very familiar with those shortcomings because he was part of this administration in the last five years.

Speaking before his supporters at the Cavite State University, Binay said, “Mayaman ang iilan pero ang masang Pilipino nagugutom. Iisa ang sigaw ng bayan: Trabaho! Trabaho! Trabaho!” Again, they’re yelling, ““Trabaho! Trabaho! Trabaho!” NOT “Magnanakaw! Magnanakaw! Magnanakaw!” as misheard by some.

The Vice President also complained, “Sabi nila, ‘Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.’ Pagkaraan ng limang taon, marami pa ring mahihirap at wagas ang pangungurakot.” Totally shocking his audience who did not expect that self-inflicted tirade.

United Nationalist Alliance president Toby Tiangco says UNA will choose Vice President Binay’s running mate from among six potential VP candidates. But Tiangco has refused to name any of them. He plans to identify all six as soon as he gets permission from his imagination.

UntitledBinay and Amay
Comedian and Marcos loyalist Amay Bisaya has expressed interest in becoming Vice President Binay’s running mate in the 2016 elections. Of course, Amay and Binay are different. One is a funny guy whose words and actions cannot be trusted – and the other one is Amay Bisaya.

UNA spokesman Mon Ilagan is confident that the people of vote-rich Cavite Province will boost Vice President Binay’s survey ratings. Considering how Caviteños supported politicians like Bong Revilla in the past, that’s likely to happen.

Better Version
Political analysts say Mar Roxas is a better version of President Aquino. He is tougher, more patient, and more tolerant. I don’t know Mar personally but when it comes to toughness, patience and tolerance, how can you not trust a guy who’s married to Korina Sanchez for almost six years.

Level Up
Liberal Party spokesman and Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone says the party plans to present Mar Roxas to the public as a “much-improved version” of President Aquino. In terms of delivering services, for instance, if it takes 45 minutes for train commuters today to get a ride, under a Roxas administration, it will take them only 40 minutes.

On Monday, August 3, Sec. Mar Roxas said goodbye to the PNP and the staff of the DILG. But President Aquino said he would ask Roxas to stay a little longer and not quit yet. It then became awkward when Roxas replied, “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

Power Rates
Meralco has announced that power rates will increase in August in anticipation of supply restrictions. As opposed to a decrease in power rates last July in anticipation of the President’s SONA.
“There are pockets of wealth in this country. Mostly those pockets are in the politicians’ pants.”
~Karod Kintz

Sound Bites
“Because we think he is strong with intellectual voters, they know his competence and integrity, but he is not yet that strong in Class D and E.”
~LP spokesman Ben Evardone on Mar Roxas

“[A Binay presidency] is the second coming of the corrupt GMA presidency.”
~Political Analyst Walden Bello

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One response

6 08 2015
Allan Cris Ricafort

Correction: Cavitenyos did not support Bong Revilla. It was his allies who supported him through manipulating whatever they could manipulate.


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