7 07 2015

FOR THE FIRST TIME, some members of the media were allowed inside the office of suspended Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay at Makati City Hall. Televiewers were amazed. Netizens were stunned. And the Binays were like, “Sus! Maliit na bagay.”

ABS-CBN and GMA News were allowed inside the office of suspended Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay. After the tour, the media men praised the hospitality shown to them by the concierge and the bellboys.

When asked about Junjun Binay’s daily work schedule prior to his suspension, officer-in-charge and Makati Vice Mayor Romulo Kid Peña denied rumors that Junjun checks in at 2PM and checks out at 12NN the next day.

Top 8 Movie Remakes Inspired By Junjun Binay’s Makati City Hall Office

No. 8: Patayin sa Sindak ang Taxpayers

No. 7: Ganito ang Marcoses Noon, Paano Kami Ngayon

No. 6: Suite Smell of Success

No. 5: Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-Itim ng Balak

No. 4: The Best Years of Our Lies

No. 3: Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Dupang

No. 2: The Grand Binaypest Hotel

And the No. 1 movie remake inspired by Junjun Binay’s office…

That Thing Called T*ngina

Observers say Vice President Binay did not mention anything about fighting graft and corruption during the launch of his party, the United Nationalist Alliance last week. But UNA president Toby Tiangco insists the party has an anti-corruption platform. UNA calls it, “Note to self.”

For Life
Pope Francis says the Catholic Church should not have leaders for life. He added that a leader must be ready to resign instead of ruling forever. To which the Binays replied, “Wala pong basagan ng trip.”
“We must powder our wigs; that is why so many poor people have no bread.”
~Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Sound Bites
“Mas maraming pang mas mahalagang gagawin ang ating bise-presidente.”
~Nancy Binay explaining her father’s absence at the Senate hearing on July 7. Binay was in Pangasinan campaigning according to Rappler’s Ayee Macaraig

[Photos: Binay Office: Jonathan Cellona/ABSCBN News]




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7 07 2015
Eman Resureccion



9 07 2015

I love your posts. Very witty (and sharp). Don’t you have a Facebook account so I can follow you?

If none, is it okay if I repost some?

Trini Sent from my iPhone



26 07 2015

Sure! 🙂


9 07 2015
BFD555 (@BFD555)

Yung office ni Mayor Binay parang office ng Hokage sa Naruto…


9 07 2015
Cathy Lontoc

PH.. can I add one on your list.. ‘9. Isusumbong kita sa Tatay Ko’ (Binay to PH) hek hek
God Bless Philippines…


19 07 2015
HUMAN ERROR | The Professional Heckler

[…] area in space. Which was still faster compared to the number of years it took the media to finally explore the office of Junjun Binay in Makati City […]


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