What’s cooking?

What’s terrifying?

Trick or Treat

The Zombie Apocalypse

Halloween Costume Party Ideas
If you wanna impress or scare the hell out of your friends, dress up as any of the following:

1CMThe costume that never gets old. Walang pagbabago.

1CongressThe more the greedier.


1JBTwo-in-one offer. For only P2.7B.

1MRTWear at your own risk.

1MeralcoAlways a shocker.

1PigdThe spoiled one.

1BEDWhen you wear this costume, be prepared to make a public apology after.

1JNThere Will Be Blood.

1RINGuns not included; costume and motorcycle only.

1EbolaImported costume from West Africa.

1ACBuy the party organizers. Buy the guests. Buy the costumes!

1PigdOwn it!

“If you don’t know learn how to be scared, you’ll never really learn how to be brave.”
~ Simon Holt, The Devouring

Sound Bites
“If you participate sa mundo na ‘yon, I think dapat hindi ka sensitive, matibay ang loob mo.”
~Nancy Binay reacting to Jim Paredes’s complaint vs. a netizen who sent him ‘death tweets’

“Shouldn’t she condemn death threats? Idiotic answer. Noong hinarang kayo sa gate, ‘di ba po napaka-sensitive n’yo that you took offense at the guards for doing their jobs?”
~Jim Paredes to Nancy Binay

Happy Halloween! Have a safe weekend!

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[Photos: Philippine Daily Inquirer, StockPhotos.Com, Stuff Point, Digital Art Gallery.Com, Funny Pictures.Net, Naked Security Sophos.Com, Pocket PCCentral.Net]

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