EMBATTLED Camarines Norte governor Edgardo Tallado, whose scandalous photos with his alleged mistress circulated online, says he still wants to fix his marriage with his wife, Josefina. The governor is confident he can do it. He is inspired by the success stories of Erap, Binay, and Bong Revilla.

Scandalous photos – allegedly – of Camarines Norte governor Edgardo Tallado and his mistress, are circulating online. Tallado cannot deny that. It’s his photos. Unless Antonio Tiu comes forward and claims ownership.

Governor Edgardo Tallado has apologized to his family, and his constituents just days after scandalous photos of him with his alleged mistress circulated online. Tallado’s wife is still wondering though, “Why did he cheat on me?” While close friends of the girl were asking, “Pinatulan n’ya ‘yon?!?”

Mrs. Josefina Tallado said the naked woman kissing Gov. Edgardo Tallado in the photos was his 24-year-old mistress. An irate governor Tallado replied, “That’s a total lie! She’s 25!

Before a throng of supporters, a remorseful Governor Tallado said, “Ako po ay humaharap sa inyo ng eye-to-eye.” And then it got a bit awkward when somebody from the crowd shouted, “Lips to lips naman!”

Reports say Camarines Norte Governor Tallado has a sex video circulating online. Which begs the question, “Who in his right mind would want to watch Governor Tallado in a sex video?”

To his detractors and political foes, Governor Tallado appealed, “Tigilan na po ninyo ang pagkakakalat ng mga pino-post n’yo po sa Facebook dahil napakalaswa po n’yan.” See? Even Governor Tallado hates it.

Bad news for Camarines Norte Governor Tallado. His wife revealed that he’s got a sex video online. Another bad news, it did not even trend on Twitter.

Governor Tallado has also apologized to the woman captured in the picture kissing him. The woman has been described as young and pretty who believes in the saying, “Hindi mahalaga ang panlabas na anyo ng isang tao.”

Eleazardo Kasilag, president of the Federation of the Associations of Private Schools and Administrators (FAPSA) says students must be taught that celebrating Halloween is “partying with demons.” And even demons were like, “Ang tanda-tanda mo na, naniniwala ka pa sa demons.”

FAPSA president Eleazardo Kasilag reminded students that celebrating Halloween is “partying with demons.” The students replied, ‘Don’t worry, we’re not inviting politicians.”

FAPSA president Eleazardo Kasilag says, “If there should be costume party in schools at this time, the toddlers can be inspired by the beauty of the fairies.” To which, the toddlers reacted, “Confeeeeeermed!”

Nognog vs. Maligno
The Binay camp says there’s a so-called Oplan Nognog to derail the Vice President’s 2016 presidential bid. The Roxas camp believes there’s an Oplan Maligno aimed at discrediting the DILG secretary. FAPSA president Eleazardo Kasilag appealed to both camps to stop promoting Halloween.

Nognog vs. Maligno II
According to Vice President Binay, his critics are “rich,” “elitist,” and “anti-poor.” To which Joseph Estrada said, “Wow, bago. Pinag-isipan.”

Most Trusted
According to the latest Philippine Trust Index, the Church (75%) is the most trusted institution for Filipinos. It was followed by the Academe (53%); Media (33%); Business (13%), and NGOs (12%). In last place with 11 percent was the Government. Oh my goodness. That’s really shocking; totally unexpected! Nobody saw that coming.
“Once you have money and fame, the next thing you should expect is scandal and shame.”
~Michael Bassey Johnson

Sound Bites
“Malinaw ang misyon ng grupong ito: guluhin ang imbestigasyon ng Senate Blue Ribbon Sub-Committee at ilayo ang pansin ng media sa mga isyu ng korupsyon laban sa pamilya Binay. They picked the name Oplan Maligno since they expect the disinformation campaign to gain traction before the Halloween.”
~LP stalwart and Caloocan City Rep. Edgar Erice

“Mr. Erice, stop looking at the mirror. I’m sure naisip n’ya ‘yon no’ng pagtingin n’ya sa salamin at nakita n’ya ang sarili n’ya.”
~UNA’s Toby Tiangco

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[Photos: ABS-CBNNews – Tallado Kissing Photos, ManilaStandardToday – Binay and Mistress, Jonathan Magisttrado – Tallado Speech,]

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