MANILA ARCHBISHOP Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle called on Filipinos to spread the word against corruption and cheating by wearing a shirt that says, “Huwag Kang Magnakaw.” To make the campaign more successful, include the face of your congressman or mayor.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle says Filipinos must spread the word against corruption by wearing a shirt that says, “Huwag Kang Magnakaw.” Or to be more precise, “Huwag Kang [Insert name of senator here].”

Nancy’s Bill
Sen. Nancy Binay has filed a bill that seeks to give prisoners the option to be placed under house or hospital arrest. Vice President Binay praised Nancy for her concern, thoughtfulness and careful planning.

A Wall Street Journal report named the Philippines as “the most dangerous place to be a Korean.” While the most dangerous place to be a Filipino is “inside the MRT.”

A Wall Street Journal report has named the Philippines as “the most dangerous place to be a Korean.” Another report has named Makati City as “the most dangerous place to bid for a project if you are claustrophobic.”

1ZFree Again
In a shocking turn of events, influential businessman Cedric Lee and his friends Deniece Cornejo and Simeon ‘Zimmer’ Raz were granted temporary liberty by a Taguig RTC judge. Lee, Cornejo, and Raz were very happy. But the RTC judge was happier. #AlamNa

The Bureau of Internal Revenue’s tax collection rose by 8.01 percent in August. Apparently, the amount of taxes collected is directly proportional to the number of taxpayers humiliated. What a shame… campaign!

Helmet Ban
To ensure the safety of motorcycle riders, Republic Act 10054, or the Helmet Law was passed last year. Last week though, a congressman filed a bill that sought to ban the use of helmets nationwide by motorcycle-riding people to prevent crimes. Helmet ban? How about ‘idiots in Congress ban?’

Phivolcs says Mayon Volcano is restive again and an “eruption is possible within weeks.” When President Aquino heard this, he said, “’Buti pa ‘yong Mayon, pumuputok pa.”

LP Exclusive
According to Liberal Party secretary general and Western Samar Rep. Mel Senen Sarmiento, only LP members will be considered for the presidential race in 2016. But the bigger question is, “Will there still be LP members before 2016?”

European Tour
President Aquino is on an 8-day visit to Spain, Belgium, France and Germany. In Madrid, the President cited Spain’s biggest contributions to the Philippine economy: financial assistance, investments, and Enrique Razon.

Mass Wedding
Over the weekend, Pope Francis officiated the wedding of 20 couples “technically living in sin” – those who already have children, living together, or annulled from a previous marriage. Take that CBCP!

1KHThe Gift
Kris Aquino announced on social media that he gave her best friend Boy Abunda a brand new Hummer. When sought for reaction, the Hummer declined to comment saying he hated the publicity.

Comedienne Ai-Ai De La Alas has a 20-year-old boyfriend from La Salle. The guy, a former member of the DLSU badminton team has been described as cute, nice, and the most likely reason why Ai-Ai De La Alas will cry on a future episode of ‘The Buzz.’
“There are pockets of wealth in this country. Mostly those pockets are in the politicians’ pants.”
~Jarod Kintz

1AISound Bites
“Hindi ko hinanap ‘to talaga, hindi ko hinanap. Dumating na lang siya talaga sa buhay ko.”
~Comedienne Ai Ai delas Alas on her 20-year-old boyfriend from DLSU

“It’s show time!”
~Cedric Lee to Vhong Navarro after his release from jail

Congratulations again UP Pep Squad!

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[Photos: Harvard Politics, Philippine Star (Lee/Raz), ABS-CBNNews (Mayon), GMA News (Ai-Ai), Kris Aquino IG]

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