CONGRATULATIONS to the Ateneo Lady Eagles – UAAP Season 76 volleyball champs. The team, led by MVP Alyssa Valdez defeated four-peat-seeking DLSU Lady Spikers who enjoyed a twice-to-win, thrice-to-beat advantage heading into the championship. Bravo Lady Eagles! #Utak #Puso and a #Thai.

Before the finals, it was all La Salle, La Salle, La Salle. In the end though, they lost to the dark horse. Mar Roxas can relate.

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares was caught by TV cameras cheering for Ateneo at the SM MOA Arena. She was amazed at how Alyssa Valdez carried her team to victory. Henares thought it was as heroic as a teacher carrying a doctor on her shoulders.

Also spotted at the MOA Arena was actor and perennial election candidate Richard Gomez. He was wearing a blue shirt and was apparently cheering for the Ateneans who won their first title in the event since joining the UAAP in 1978. For years, Ateneo keeps losing but they just tried and tried until they won. All is not lost Richard Gomez, all is not lost.

The Ateneo Lady Eagles are the new volleyball champs in the UAAP. The NU Lady Bulldogs came in third. Defending champ DLSU was first-runner up. Remember: the role of the first runner-up is important. If, for any reason, the champs cannot fulfill their duties, the first runner-up remains in second place.

Shoulda, Woulda, Cudia
Despite the PMA’s decision, Cadet First Class Aldrin Jeff Cudia remains defiant. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that last Saturday, Cudia met with President Aquino. It was a cordial meeting between a stubborn, pigheaded guy, and Cadet First Class Cudia.

President Aquino, who was expected to show up at 9AM for the PMA graduation rites Sunday morning arrived an hour late! He then delivered his commencement address titled ‘Ironic.’

Cadet First Class Aldrin Jeff Cudia was not allowed to graduate by the PMA. It all started when he came in late to class. A while back, I talked to the beleaguered cadet. He said he wouldn’t allow himself to be punished and ridiculed again for coming in late so he’ll try his best… to become president.

In his commencement address, President Aquino told the graduates to uphold the honor code even outside the academy. In response, the cadets said, “Bahala na.”

300: Rise of an Empire
Still showing right now is ‘300: Rise of an Empire.” It tells the story of a massive force attempting to expand its dominion by invading lands and nations. The movie’s working title was ‘China.’

Colorado-based pastor Kevin Swanson says Academy Award-winning movie ‘Frozen’ is “evil” and will turn kids gay. Swanson has not seen ‘Frozen’ though because he prefers watching those Spartans in 300.

Right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson says the character Elsa from ‘Frozen’ could be gay since she never considered a male suitor and opted to remain single. Hello! Jesus.

Pastor Kevin Swanson says the character Elsa from ‘Frozen’ could be gay since she chose to remain single. President Aquino is offended.

Colorado-based right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson blasted award-winning film ‘Frozen’ for allegedly promoting homosexuality. He says the Oscar-winning song ‘Let It Go’ is a coming out song. Swanson refused to explain though why his iPod’s playlist includes Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive.’
“Although I wanted my players to work to win, I tried to convince them they had always won when they had done their best.”
~John Wooden

Sound Bites
“Kung tungkulin nating pairalin ang honor code sa institusyong ito, paninidigan din sana natin ito sa labas ng PMA.”
~President Aquino to PMA Class 2014

Poll Results
Dapat bang obligahin ang mga OFWs na magpadala ng remittance sa kanilang pamilya?

Hindi. 62.86%
Babasahin ko muna ang bill. 19.05%
Dapat lang! 18%

Have a bright week ahead!

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[Photos: GMA Network, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Disney]

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