IN A RECENT sermon, Pope Francis said corrupt people must be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea. Filipinos who welcomed the suggestion still wondered though: Do we have enough rocks?

According to Pope Francis, the corrupt must be tied to a rock and cast into the sea. In totally unrelated news, Tanda, Pogi and Sexy issued a joint statement saying they were good swimmers.

Pope Francis said Christians who donated money to the Church but stole from the state must be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea. Or ocean – just to accommodate everybody.

Popular Online
According to a survey by Global Language Monitor, Pope Francis is the Internet’s most talked about person in 2013. Apparently, the survey was conducted way before Korina Sanchez criticized Anderson Cooper on radio.

Pope Francis is the Internet’s most talked about person this year – while the most talked about food is pork.

Reports say Malacañang supports the call for a humanitarian ceasefire with the communist rebels. President Aquino should also back the call for a humanitarian ceasefire with the Romualdezes of Tacloban.

During his visit to the town of Guiuan, Eastern Samar, President Aquino appealed to local executives, “Sana lahat mabilis makausap. Maliwanag ang sinasabi. Hindi na magdadaldalan. Lahat kumikilos.” The local execs replied, “Sana kayo rin.”

Looting and robbery in Guiuan has prompted officials to impose a curfew in the town. When are we imposing a curfew in both the Senate and the Lower House?

Criticized for initially shelling out – what TIME magazine described as an “insulting” US$100,000-donation to the Philippines, China is now sending US$1.64 million in humanitarian aid. Beijing dismissed allegations of indifference to the Philippines saying “We won’t do that to our province.”

Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na of South Korea has donated US$100,000 to the victims of typhoon Yolanda. And China was like, “Whateverrr!”

“In solidarity with the sufferings” of typhoon victims, Colegio De San Juan De Letran-Manila announces two “No-Aircon” days: Nov. 18 and 21. Again, that laudable gesture is for the suffering victims of the typhoon – not for the Letran Knights who suffered another loss to the San Beda Red Lions in the NCAA finals.
“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water -it will make ripples throughout the entire pond.”
~ Jessy and Bryan Matteo

Thank you Lakers!


Sound Bites
“Bilang pangulo n’yo, bawal akong magalit. Maski gaano ang inis ko, dadaanin ko na lang sa asim ng sikmura.”
~President Aquino, Eastern Samar, 11/17/2013


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[Photos: Telegraph.Co, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lakers.Com]

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  1. Whenever and wherever people’s welfare is concerned, blame game is a sport we must all engage in. We name and shame not to defame, not to give government officials the finger, but to lay our finger on those who had been callously apathetic, unforgivably ignorant, and lukewarmly concerned before and immediately after Yolanda’s devastation, a calamity far greater than our worst fear. That said, raking some government officials over the coal is par for the course as most of them couldn’t even get to the 1st base. Thay had been asleep at the switch.
    Agreed that PNoy issued a strong warning, but it was not compelling enough to trigger safety precautions required of the strongest typhoon to ever hit the earth. PAGASA did its job remarkably well. Its spokespersons went into details as to what the super typhoon would bring and cause. They did it over and over, each time they had the chance and days before the disaster struck. PNoy and his men should have taken the lead. Nobody among them did.
    Admitted that we must focus on helping the survivors, but that does not and must not mean that those who were inexcusably remiss in their duties and responsibilities should be spared the rod. People, it’s time to remove your blinders! It is CNN that has been relentlessly showing to the world the harrowing destruction of Yolanda. It is because of CNN that world leaders were moved to come to our succor with unprecedented compassion and unanticipated speed, not to mention unparalleled aid. Where were the local tv stations on day 1 after the deluge? They went about their regular programming, busy making money, showing only token news about the fiercest typhoon ever. CNN’s Anderson who was in the thick of the cataclysm called it as he saw it, and Korina in an obnoxious attempt at rewriting history to cover her husband’s ineptitude, scorched him. Korina, stop queering Anderson’s pitch. Anderson was there and he witnessed anarchy, saw the severe misery, smelled the stench of death and felt for the seemingly forgotten and forsaken victims. It was only after his broadcast that PNoy and his gang of amateur government functionaries started to skitter across the tattered zones, and even that was frustratingly insufficient and maddeningly topsy-turvy. This country and its people will be forever beholden to CNN, in general, and to Anderson and his co-anchors, some of whom are still there, in particular.
    Blame is in order. It has to be. Blame is the weapon against future apathy and passivity. Blame can and should avoid mediocrity. Blame will arm the citizens to demand from elected government officials preventive actions and immediate reactions in the furtherance of the people’s well-being. This is not asking much. This is what they have sworn to do. This is what we expect of them. Instead of rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, they should overhaul the non-performing system and fast. Hopefully, this will be a case of once bitten, twice shy.
    To those who mouth that this is not the time to blame, oh please, spare us your politically correct but senseless motherhood statements. Ours is the right to blame and theirs is the duty to help the people they duped and bribed into electing them. Be ashamed, you government leaders, caperbaggers of the first order. Stay away from tv to defend your indefensible inadequacies; your hangdog expressions are a dead giveaway. The world is seeing how incompetent, disorganized and corrupt you are. The world community has taken charge of the aids distribution because you can’t be trusted. Listen to their left-handed compliments, if you even know what that means? What can be more derogatory than that them insofar as your governance is concerned?
    We, Filipinos, mad as hornets as we are, but remaining true to our inherent qualities as a people, will survive this grave misfortune. We always had! With the help of the Almighty and our foreign friends, we will heal, recover and prosper. And as for you, bunch of clueless government officials, the best you can do after this is to go away and to never return – ever again. God save the Philippines from natural calamities and corrupt officials! Write a raincheck at least.


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