JANET LIM-NAPOLES, the alleged “mother” of the P10-B pork barrel scam accuses whistleblower Benhur Luy of stealing 300,000 pesos from her. And Benhur Luy was like, “Hiyang-hiya naman ang 300,000 ko sa bilyones na kinuha mo!”

The camp of Janet Lim-Napoles has started to discredit the principal whistleblower, Benhur Luy saying he had “gender confusion and sexual indiscretion issues.” Asked to comment on the revelation, Benhur’s lawyer said, “Kebs!”

Janet Lim-Napoles has turned the tables on her accusers. Napoles’ camp revealed that Benhur Luy “had gender confusion issues.” Apparently, Napoles was trying to give ‘whistleblower’ a different meaning. Well played Ms. Napoles, well played.

Identified by former employees as the mastermind of the 10 billion peso-pork barrel scam, Janet Lim-Napoles retaliates and accuses the principal whistleblower, Benhur Luy of being an ecstasy user. Napoles said Benhur “needs to be reformed.” To which Benhur replied, “You first!”

Janet Lim-Napoles says she is prepared to face an investigation. In totally unrelated news, St. Luke’s Medical Center randomly said, “We’re ready.”

Politicians being linked to the P10-B pork barrel scam are denying that they know Janet Lim-Napoles. Suddenly, nobody wants to be associated with her. Unrelated: ‘Napoles’ is an anagram of P.S. Alone.

Ozamiz Gang
You’ve probably heard it in the news. Two Ozamiz robbery gang leaders who were in police custody were shot and killed by their escorts who claimed that the suspects tried to grab their weapons. Hey cops, the ’80s called. Lumang kwento na raw ‘yan.

One of the suspected robbery gang leaders killed by cops was Ricky Cadavero. With a last name like that, he should have been extra careful.

Hours before he was killed, Ricky Cadavero told the media that TV host Boy Abunda was his “ninong.” Ikaw na!

1bnBenaldo Update
Former Cagayan De Oro Rep. Benjo Benaldo said he did not attempt suicide and that the shooting inside his Lower House office was ‘an accident.” Sought for reaction, the 9-millimeter handgun replied, “Etchosera!”

In a statement released to the media, former congressman Benjo Benaldo insisted that he did not try to kill himself. In the interest of fairness, we’d like to hear from ‘himself.’

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The editors are getting flak for the controversial cover – but wait ’til you see who’s in the upcoming issue : Janet Lim-Napoles!
“Three groups spend other people’s money: children, thieves, politicians. All three need supervision.”
~Dick Armey

Sound Bites
“Hawak namin ang gobyerno!”
~Janet Lim-Napoles to Benhur Luy’s mom warning her not to seek the help of authorities

To lawmakers, government officials and private individuals who pocketed pork barrel funds, may you all rot in hell! Ang kakapal ng mukha n’yo!

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5 thoughts on “WHISTLEBLOWER”

  1. To add insult to injury janet lim napoles daughter christine is trying to become a congresswoman for ofw family party list. Scams and scum.

    Also adding insult to self inflicted injury is benjo benaldo who must have also ‘accidentally’ written his suicide note.

    To some the truth is a constant stranger, and their only companions are deceit and shame


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