#QUIZtion: Current Events

THINK you’re updated? Take this quiz. Good luck!

1: According to the International Wine and Spirit Research, the Philippines is the world’s biggest consumer of…
A: Gin
B: Rum
C: Beer
D: Edible condom

2: #ThrowbackTest: Identify this kid who would become a well-known politician.
A: Fidel V. Ramos
B: Juan Ponce Enrile
C: Ninoy Aquino
D: Jejomar Binay

3: How much will be spent by the House of Representatives for President Aquino’s State of the Nation Address on July 22?
A: P2.7million
B: Zero. Malacañang spends for SONA.
C: P1.5 million
D: Zero. The Senate spends for it.

4: A Procter and Gamble study in Metro Manila showed that buses were the dirtiest public utility vehicle in Metro Manila. What PUV took the second spot?
A: Jeep
C: Tricycle
D: Taxi

5: Last month, the Senate and the Lower approved a bill that seeks to prohibit bullying in elementary and secondary schools nationwide. First used in the 1530s, what was the original meaning of ‘bully?’
A: Lizard
B: Friend
C: Rival
D: Sweetheart

6: A local TV station in California is being accused of racism when it broadcast live the name of the Korean pilot of Asiana Flight 214 that crash landed at San Francisco International Airport last week. It turned out that the name of the captain was a prank from unverified news sources. What name was read by the news anchor on air?
A: Captain Ho Lee Pak
B: Captain Sum Ting Wong
C: Captain Pak Yu Ol
D: Captain Flai Tu Lo

7: After three straight losses in UAAP Season 76, members of the 6-peat-seeking Ateneo Blue Eagles shaved their heads. Team manager Paolo Trillo told Rappler.com that it was the Eagles’ way of showing what?
A: Solidarity. “The goal is to stay focused…”
B: UP Pep spirit. “We were inspired by the courage of those UP cheerleaders last year.”
C: Toughness. “The series is just starting. We can overcome this.”
D: Fashion. “We set trends.”

8: According to a Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas study, how are remittances from OFWs used when these are sent to their relatives here in the Philippines? (Note: Top 4, in order)
A: 1) Food 2) Education 3) Medical expenses 4) Debt payments
B: 1) Education 2) Food 3) Savings 4) Appliances
C: 1) Food 2) Savings 3) Education 4) Debt payments
D: 1) Savings 2) Food 3) Medical expenses 4) Education

9: When ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ coach Lea Salonga was criticized online for being “hyper” and “OA,” how did she reply on Twitter?
A: “Don’t take a shit and then call my attention to that shit. It’s infuriating!”
B: “I’m not a dumping ground for your garbage. I’d rather that you don’t tweet me.”
C: “Why tag me if you have nothing nice to say? Stop it. You’re just being rude!”
D: “We’re rating. That’s what’s more important. Haters gonna hate. Hashtag: ignore!”

10: According to Transparency International, what percent of Filipinos believed that the level of corruption in the country “decreased a lot” in the past two years?
A: 10 percent
B: 5 percent
C: 2 percent
D: 15 percent

11: Who is the father of this boy?
A: Ricky Carandang
B: Mar Roxas
C: Edwin Lacierda
D: Jack Enrile

12: Last July 1, Kris Aquino and James Yap met again in court. Kris arrived with sister Ballsy and son James Jr. When she saw a group of media men outside the Makati City RTC, what did she say?
A: “Excited talaga silang magpa-presscon ‘no?”
B: “Spare my son please. Ako na lang ang kunan n’yo.”
C: “Nasa loob na ba ang magaling kong ex?”
D: “Ang aga n’yo huh! Pinakain ba kayo ni James!?”

Bonus: In the controversial primetime series “My Husband’s Lover,” what was the room number of Eric and Vincent’s love nest?
A: 666 Dahil demonyo ang palabas na ito. Lord, help us!
B: 1207 Dahil December 7 ang anniversary nila
C: 143 Love nest nga eh!
D: 1720 Wala lang. Random number lang.
“The news isn’t there to tell you what happened. It’s there to tell you what it wants you to hear or what it thinks you want to hear.”
~ Joss Whedon

Have a great weekend!


The meaning of your test score:
13-11: May ipagmamalaki ka! Eh love life, meron ba?
9-10: Mataas na rin ‘to. Konting bawas na lang ng timbang, pwede na.
6-8: Ang lakas ng tsamba mo! Try mo kayang tumaya sa lotto!
5 and Below: ‘Yan… kasi. Walang inatupag kundi Instagram at selfie. Magbasa ka naman ng balita!

Thank you!

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[Photos: @MaRoxas and Spot.ph]

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