FOLLOWING the suicide attempt of defeated reelectionist Benjo Benaldo of Cagayan De Oro City, security was tightened in the Lower House. Just so you know, there exists a gun ban in Batasang Pambansa. For now, congressmen are encouraged to pretend that they follow that rule.

1NANFor Salesladies
Sen. Nancy Binay has filed a bill that seeks to grant salesladies 15-minute “rest periods for every two hours of uninterrupted and continuous duty.” Good! How about rest periods for political families who are on “uninterrupted and continuous duty” for 26 years now?

In her bill, Sen. Nancy Binay says “equality for both men and women is a vital aspect for the development of a nation.” But only female salespersons will benefit from her bill. I see equality.

Vatican Scandal
A senior Vatican cleric and former Vatican chief accountant was arrested for trying to smuggle 26 million dollars into Italy from Switzerland. I knew it! Not all priests are pedophiles. Some are crooks.

Questioned by Italian police, arrested top Vatican accountant Monsignor Nunzio Scarano denied the allegation and insisted he was only a victim of politics. Scarano’s excuse fueled speculations he’s Filipino.

Top Vatican cleric arrested; charged with corruption. One down. Thousands to go.

Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, a senior Vatican cleric was arrested for trying to smuggle 26 million dollars into Italy from Switzerland. Italian police think he’s a fraud. Irate Catholics think he’s a criminal. Dan Brown thinks he’s got a new novel soon.

Environment Sec. Ramon Paje says it’s against the law to take wildlife species away from their natural habitats. So why are congressmen in Batasan?!

The Saudi government has postponed the crackdown on undocumented Filipinos. Saudi Arabia says Filipinos staying illegally can relax for now. Squatters in Quezon City were like, “Inggit much!”

Guilty Baron
Actor Baron Geisler was sentenced by a Makati City court to six months up to two years imprisonment on charges of acts of lasciviousness. The actor’s camp is filing an appeal. His lawyer Bonifacio Alentajan insists, “Under the law, Baron is still presumed innocent.” Under the influence though, he is nuts.

Baron Geisler must have learned three valuable lessons from this experience: You don’t drink, you don’t grope, you don’t get Alentajan as lawyer.
“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”
~Gloria Steinem

Sound Bites
“Members of the syndicate are blocking the relocation of the remaining 2,000 families because they would lose their income.”
~Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista on Monday’s violent clash between squatters and cops

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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  1. Criminality, corruption, debauchery & hypocricy, at the bastion of irony – the vatican.

    You are more likely to see a vatican priest in “Twinks bar” than in church, and laundering money than cleansing their souls.

    The philippine political system must put the vatican front and centre as a role-model.


  2. Nancy binay also wants a law against “electronic violence against women” after satirical articles about her during campaign!!
    ( bet she didn’t vote for PH in Tatt awards)
    At least she is proving her doubters wrong. She is not a stupid OJT – she is a really, really stupid OJT.
    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the senate.


  3. I learned 5 things after trying to get the attention of QC local government for almost a month now… after waking up one day with “squatters” in front of our driveway and literally in the middle of our street… 1.that they’re not squatters anymore, they are “informal settlers” 2. all politicians wanted to have a PRO-POOR image (so action from the govt (including the barangay) on asking them to leave a private property will take some time) 3. government email accounts are not working (with that, government offices should donate their computers to public schools so those computers will be put into good use) 4. a middle class citizen needs to save up to buy a decent home, people under the category of “poor” can just go to the estero and wait so they’ll have another “home” (an addition to their “apartment business) 5. this country will be a better and more peaceful place if activists groups will filter their causes


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