7 06 2013

THE JUNE 4 edition of PM Junior’s ‘Pugad Baboy’ talked about lesbians, homophobia, hypocrisy, and St. Scholastica. One of the characters in the comic strip asked, “’Di kaya tongril din ‘yung mga madre?” That was just offensive. St. Scholastica is an esteemed institution. How dare you say they’re “tongril?” You say Sapphist or Lizzie Maguire or les!

Pol Medina Jr. apologized to St. Scholastica’s College for insinuating in his popular comic strip that beautiful students in the Catholic school were lesbians. In other news, Don Bosco students have asked PM Jr. to please not write about them.

St. Scholastica’s College president Sister Mary Thomas Prado threatened to sue the Philippine Daily Inquirer unless an inquiry on PM Junior’s cartoon was conducted. PDI acted swiftly. PM Junior was suspended and an apology was issued. It’s more nun in the Philippines!

The past few weeks have been challenging for satirists, and for comedians who dish out politically incorrect jokes. Thank goodness for thinking readers! And to those who are offended by my blog posts, I am sorry if I am not your definition of funny.

In the last days of session, Senate President Enrile and Majority Leader Tito Sotto decided to exit. Graceful!

In giving up his post, Tito Sotto was quoted to have said, “Pagod na ako. Nawalan na ako ng gana.” The feeling is mutual.

In a privilege speech Thursday, Tito Sotto shocked his colleagues when he quit as majority floor leader. And even more shocking, no part of that speech was plagiarized.

Two Serendra
A week after the explosion that ripped through the upscale Two Serendra condominium in Taguig City, DOTC Sec. Mar Roxas declared that the incident was caused by an LPG leak – not by a bomb, not by terrorists, not by the previous administration.

Final Tally
The Comelec had completed its final tally. Officially, it’s Team PNoy, 9; UNA, 3, and Brillantes’ tantrums, 5.

No Smoking
Through Presidential Proclamation 183 signed in 1993, the month of June has been declared, ‘No Smoking Month.’ And President Aquino was like, “’Di nga?!?”

June has been declared ‘No Smoking Month.’ President Aquino can’t wait for July.

A week after her daughter “came out,” Charice Pempengco’s mother, Raquel admitted that she used to be a lesbian also. I wonder if she went to St. Scho too.

Last week, Charice admitted that she’s a lesbian. On Friday, her mother revealed she used to be a lesbian. Can’t wait for the grandmother’s statement.
“A man is angry at a libel because it is false, but at a satire because it is true.”
~G.K. Chesterton

Sound Bites
“Binigyan ako noon ng guidelines eh, ng Inquirer. Ito yung mga guidelines na hindi mo io-overstep. Viniolate ko lahat yon. Kasi sinusubukan ko kung hanggang saan ako pwede lagi eh. Tapos pumapayag yung editorial staff ng Inquirer na ilabas. Kaya naging bold ako eh… aba okey ah, nailabas yung strip ko tungkol sa black comedy. Lumabas yung strip ko tungkol sa race. Tungkol sa religion. Eh open-minded naman pala. Sa kaka-push ko nang ganun, na-overstep ko yung threshold ng good taste. ‘Yun yung nangyari dito talaga. Totoo to eh, inaamin ko.”
~Pugad Baboy creator Pol Medina Jr.via ABS-CBN News

Have a safe and fun weekend!

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8 06 2013

Don’t worry Sir Heckler, you’re always funny to your avid readers. 😀


8 06 2013
Filipina Explorer

Oh please. I went to St. Scho in high school and it IS true. Nearly everyone is lesbian or gay.That even goes for the faculty.The students seem to outgrow that by the time they step out of the school grounds, though.

What is disappointing is that homosexualism is treated like it’s on the same plane as theft.


8 06 2013

Tito Sotto was quoted to have said, “Pagod na ako. Nawalan na ako ng gana.” The feeling is mutual. –

ahahhahaha… soooo mutual to the moon and back 😀


8 06 2013

Reblogged this on The Unchained Lorikeet and commented:
Offensive, yes. They should have set limits as up to until where their comic strips would go. I wonder if this is the new stereotype for all of the all-girls schools nowadays?


8 06 2013
Bartholomew (@lamighangin)

Apology ended with “I have to eat.” Ouch. St. Scho the school and its Scholasticans who found it offensive to be thought of lesbians must be very happy now.


9 06 2013

‘Change the lyrics, forget the ending, the guy of her dreams is a girl!’

When asked if she had any regrets charice said ‘ yes, not going to school at st. scolastica’s college!’

charice’s mum thought – ‘me too ‘


9 06 2013

assumptionista ba si jamby?


10 06 2013

two reasons mister heckler why your blog is a priority whenever i have the luxury of time in blogging is because it is very informative and educational though, yes, sometimes i don’t find a few funny anymore, pero paki ko ba, hindi naman ako ang tinamaan, my only concern is baka one day one of them will catch up with you at ma PM Junior ka, masambit mo din and sound bites ni PM Junior, na huwag naman sana dahil sayang naman, di wala na kaming mababasa from you


10 06 2013

Charice’s mom can’t be from St. Scho. Walang hint.


11 06 2013

St Scholastica’s college

Motto – Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit.
(To boldly go where no man has gone before.)


14 06 2013
taga busko

go bosconians – (its more nun in the philippines)


21 06 2013

in our office, a lesbian hr officer called my officemate evil because of an immoral act and disposed her ng ganun ganun lang.


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