“Actually, hindi naman kailangan ang nurse ay matapos ng BSN kasi itong ating mga nurses, gusto lang nila maging ‘Room Nurse.’ Sa America or sa other countries, ano lang sila, ‘yong parang mang-aalaga. Hindi naman sila kailangan ganoon kagaling kasi sa ibang country…”
~Mrs. Cynthia Villar’s answer to a panelist’s question (Pagsubok/GMA News)

SENATORIAL ASPIRANT Cynthia Villar drew flak for her answer (to a debate question) deemed offensive and insulting by Filipino nurses. Here’s an unsolicited advice to Mrs Villar: Avoid careless statements, avoid generalizations, and avoid getting confined in a hospital in the next few days.

In a statement, Mrs. Villar said the 30-second time limit was “too short’” for her to expound on the issue. To which, the clock replied, “So fault ko? Mukha mo!”

For Cynthia Villar, 30 seconds was too short to answer an issue but too long to create a new term: ‘Room Nurse.’

On Twitter, senatorial candidate Cynthia Villar insisted that she holds “the nursing profession in high regard.” Except when there’s a time limit.

In Other News…
Summer will officially start this week according to PAGASA. People are going to feel the heat soon, or in the case of Cynthia Villar, “now.”

The Diocese of Bacolod defied Comelec’s repeated order to remove the illegal campaign tarps outside the San Sebastian Cathedral. Church leaders refuse to follow the rules on campaigning. Who the hell do you think you are, senatoriables?!?

The Commission on Elections is set to file charges against the Diocese of Bacolod for putting up oversized, illegal campaign propaganda outside the San Sebastian Cathedral. If charged, tried, and found guilty, the defiant leader of the Diocese of Bacolod may spend time with prison inmates. Well played Bishop, well played.

Sabah Conflict
Sultan Jamalul Kiram III’s men holed up in Sabah insisting that the land originally belonged to them. They won’t leave because they believe they’re the righful owners. If the situation still confuses you, think Luisita farmers minus the bloodshed.

Mars Mission
American millionaire Dennis Tito wants to send a married couple (a man and a woman) to planet Mars by 2018. That’s one costly, ambitious… divorce plan.

In Dennis Tito’s planned Mars mission, a man will be placed with his wife inside a capsule for 501 days. Or as the man would call it, “calvary.”

American millionaire Dennis Tito is looking for a married couple to be sent to planet Mars. Filipino nurses have a couple in mind.

The Penis Mightier…
In Jakarta… a mother killed her 9-year-old son for having a small penis. A number of Filipino lawmakers would probably be in trouble if they’re from Indonesia.

A 38-year-old woman killed her son for having a small dick. The mother was quoted to have said that her son would have a bleak future with his small penis. I guess he’s got a brighter future now.

This Indonesian woman is sick! Just because a guy’s manhood is small doesn’t mean he’ll have a bleak future. You can ask our president!
“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”
~Benjamin Franklin

Sound Bites
“The 30-second limit for me to answer the question posed on the news program was too short to give the complete details surrounding the issue. I hope that this statement will clarify the issue. I am sorry if it has created confusion. Thank you.”
~Mrs. Cynthia Villar’s statement in response to criticisms following her controversial answer to a debate question

Update (Monday morning) Mrs. Villar set her Twitter account to “public” again and posted this tweet:
“Taos-puso po akong humihingi ng paumanhin sa lahat ng mga nurse at kani-kanilang pamilya na labis na nasaktan sa aking kasagutan sa tanong na ibinato sa akin sa isang programa sa TV.

Alam ko po ang sakripisyo at hirap na pinagdaanan ng mga nurse, mga nursing students at kanilang mga magulang at pamilya upang maitaguyod ang kanilang pag-aaral at propesyon. Hindi rin po lingid sa akin ang malaking tulong ng mga nurse dito sa Pilipinas at sa ibang bansa na nagta-trabaho nang lubos upang makatulong sa kanilang pamilya.

Humihingi po ako ng pang-unawa sa kahat ng mga nasaktan sa aking sinabi. Wala po akong intensyong maliitin ang mga Filipino nurses.”

Have a great week ahead. Summer is here!

I am on Twitter: @HecklerForever.

[Photos: TeamPatay/Buhay: Rappler/CharieSalceda; GMA Network for Mrs. Villar’s photo. AP]

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7 thoughts on “OF NURSES AND PENISES”

  1. mrs.villar,please try BSN.get to know pillitteri,black,kozier etc..then let me know kung hindi mo kailangan maging magaling..

    please also try to surround yourself with patients who are terminally ill,children with cancer,ESRD patients who cannot afford dialysis,people with tuberculosis who refuses to undergo sputum exams and undergo DOTS,people who are unsure if they can make it through their surgeries..let me know then kung hanggang room nurse lang talaga kami.

    BTW mr.heckler,i have seen a lot of penises since i was still in college.if size matters to go on living,i guess 80% of my former patients should go into hiding 🙂


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