QUIZtion 2013: Current Events

19 01 2013

THINK YOU’RE updated? Take this current events quiz. Good luck!

1: Police Supt. Hansel Marantan was the leader of a group of police and military personnel who killed 13 people in a checkpoint in Atimonan, Quezon. When he reportedly refused to subject himself to the fact-finding team formed by the Philippine National Police, what did DILG Sec. Mar Roxas say?
A: “Siguro huwag na siyang mag-drama…”
B: “Dapat tigilan na ang emote…”
C: “’Hindi mo ko madadaan sa katigasan ng ulo…”
D: “Ayaw niyang pa-imbestiga? Ansabe?”

2: As the debate over our esteemed senators’ million peso-bonus rages on, this lawmaker revealed, “All I can say is, isang senador lang ‘yong mga maids sa bahay sa Senate naka-payroll, ‘yong asawa, may grocery allowance sa Senate at ‘yong satellite office rental, sarili niyang property.”
A: Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile
B: Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV
C: Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago
D. Sen. Panfilo Lacson

3: In the Oscar-nominated film, ‘Life of Pi,’ what Philippine city was mentioned twice?
A: Cebu
B: Manila
C: Zamboanga
D: Puerto Princesa

4: The Commission on Elections recently cut the airtime allowed for candidates’ commercials. For a candidate running for a national post, how many minutes of TV airtime are allowed?
A: 120
B: 180
C: 150
D: 200

5: Pope Benedict XVI – @pontifex on Twitter has more than 1.4 followers to date. How many Twitter accounts does he “follow?”
A: 7
B: 8
C: 9
D: 10

6: Of these three: mestiza, chinita or pure Pinay, what do most Filipino men prefer according to FHM’s Year-End Sex Survey?
A: Chinita
B: Mestiza
C: Pure Pinay
D: A and B (even)
7: Last Thursday at Camp Aguinaldo, who opened his speech by greeting President Aquino, former President Fidel Ramos, Vice President Jejomar Binay, and “the Honorable Executive Secretary Paquito Diaz… ?”
A: Incoming AFP Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista
B: DILG Secretary Mar Roxas
C: Outgoing AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Jessie Dellosa
D: Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin

8: A lawmaker posted a photo of him with sexy actress Cristine Reyes. He tweeted: “With a crush of mine.” Who’s the lawmaker?
A: Koko Pimentel
B: Sonny Angara
C: JV Ejercito
D: Teddy Casiño

9: According to World Health Organization, what’s the world’s fastest-spreading tropical disease?
A: Rabies
C: Dengue
D: Amoebiais

10: In his recent much talked-about interview with Les Misérables star Anne Hathaway, entertainment editor and Startalk host Ricky Lo asked: “Would you like to invite your fans in the Philippines to watch your movie?” Anne replied:
A: “No, thanks. Let’s just get this interview over and done with.”
B: “Fans are fans. Whether I invite them or not, they’ll probably watch.”
C: “Why don’t you invite them? I think they’d much rather hear it from you.”
D: “Oh please. You’ve mentioned the Philippines twice or thrice already! Stop!”
“People make events into stories. Stories give events meaning.”
~Scarlett Thomas

1: A 2: D 3: B 4: A 5: B 6: A
7: C 8: A 9: C 10: C

Sound Bites
“I didn’t invent the culture, but I didn’t try to stop the culture.”
~Lance Armstrong on doping

Have a great weekend!




4 responses

20 01 2013

answer to item no.5 should be just “1.” He just follows @Atheist_G0d.


20 01 2013

mister heckler, sa no. 10, kahit alin doon ang answer ni anne ay isa syang pasaway, siguro miserable na miserable ang kanyang buhay


21 01 2013

3 pts. walang plus or minus points diyan. anong say ko sa score?


14 04 2013

Ahahahaha….. Paquito Diaz!?! That’s so embarrassingly funny!


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