5 12 2012

KATE MIDDLETON, Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly pregnant! And Tito Sotto was like, “Sabi ko sa inyo ‘di gumagana ang pills eh!”

Buckingham Palace has confirmed reports that Kate Middleton is pregnant! But Kate was quick to deny rumors that Jake Ejercito was the father.

Kate Middleton is having a baby! Albie Casiño’s mother wants a DNA test.

Popular Names
According to BabyCenter.Com, ‘Aiden’ and ‘Sophia’ are the most popular baby names for 2012. The least popular is ‘Tito.’

elysRIP: World’s Oldest
CNN reported that the world’s oldest person – a woman, just died. Besse Cooper was 116 years old – Or as Methuselah would say, “Infant!”

Besse Cooper, purportedly the world’s oldest person has died. She was 116 years old. If Cooper was Filipino, I wouldn’t be surprised if she still gets to vote in next year’s polls.

According to Sidney, one of Besse’s children, his mother always told them her best years were when she was “in her 80s.” To which Juan Ponce Enrile said, “I know, right!”

The world’s oldest person has died. The second oldest person can’t wait to assume the vacant title.

The oldest person in the world – Besse Cooper is dead. She was 116. Besse died of exhaustion after reading bed time stories to her 12 children, 45 grand children, and 22 great grand children.

Besse Cooper, the world’s oldest person died at 116. She experienced two world wars, witnessed man’s exploration of the moon, and saw the bombing of the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, she didn’t live long enough to read Pope Benedict XVI’s first tweet.

Late? It’s Fine!
The Commission on Elections approved the candidacy of a senatorial aspirant who failed to register before the deadline because of heavy traffic. The candidate, who represents Bro. Eddie Villanueva’s Bangon Pilipinas Movement was identified as Israel Virgines, middle name: Exception to the Rule.

The Comelec accepted the candidacy of senatorial aspirant Israel Virgines although he failed to meet the deadline for the filing of COC because of traffic. Thank you so much Comelec! I can’t wait to see him lose.

The Comelec accommodated Virgines just because he’s a member of an influential Church group according to some people. Those people are called “right!”

elysFEU Shooting
Three male students of Far Eastern University were shot by unidentified motorcycle-riding men Tuesday. Two of the victims have died. Reports say authorities are looking into a fraternity-war angle. How about ‘lack of security’ or ‘inutile police’ angle? Try n’yo.

Alfred’s Choice
Re-electionist Quezon City Councilor Alfred Vargas said, “”If ever lang naman na papiliin ako ng tadhana between showbiz and public service, I will choose public service.” To which ‘showbiz’ said, “’Buti naman!”
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
~Mae West

Quotes Quiz
Who tweeted this:

“Bumili ako ng alamang sa palengke kanina at ginisa sa baboy, kamatis, bawang, at sibuyas. Bagoong! Kaunting nilagang talong, suka at sili at umuusok na kanin. Ayos na ang buto buto.”
A: Sen. Kiko Pangilinan
B: Cong. Dato Arroyo
C: DILG Sec. Mar Roxas
D: Cong. JV Ejercito

Enjoy the rest of the week. Stay safe.

I am on Twitter: @HecklerForever.

Answer to Quotes Quiz:
A: Kiko Pangilinan




10 responses

5 12 2012

on Quotes Quiz: wala bang following up yun or segue? like “… while the yayas had foie gras, caviar and alba truffles.” 🙂


6 12 2012

nyahahaha na-style pa si kiko na parang may maniniwala pa sa kanya eh pare-parehas sila ng mga kasama nya sa choices lalo na si mar na tuta ni arroyo -_-

naghihintay lang ng tamang panahon yan si arroyo, oras na mawala sa pwesto yang si pnoy, lahat ng mga bumalimbing sa kanya, babanatan sya sa likod kaya kung ako sa kanya iiwas ako sa mga balimbing, sa mga in-appoint dati ni gma dahil kung di nya kayang tapatan ang pera ni gma, kawawa sya pagbaba nya sa pwesto, naalala ko yung mukha ni gma nung naharang sa airport, bakas na bakas yung mga salitang “lintek lang ang walang ganti” hehehe

hay, halos wala nang matinong choice ngayon, yung iba bata pa trapo na, si bam sana mukhang matino kaso balak ata ng angkan nila na magtayo ng monarkiyang aquino, kung tumakbo siguro sya ng sya lang sa angkan nya, yung wala siyang kamag-anak sa pwesto, kanya na boto ko kahit hanggang magpresidente sya kaso hindi eh, style trapo din eh nawawala yung prinsipyo pag hindi pabor sa kanila eh *ahem*alan peter cayetano*ahem* haba ng ubo ko ah hehe


6 12 2012

ikaw na ang da best! bow ako sa’yo!


6 12 2012

She ceased being Kate Middleton the moment she got married. Perhaps you can say “the former Kate Middleton” otherwise just address her as The Duchess of Cambridge.


9 12 2012

SERIOUS? haha chill.


6 12 2012

you should stop making fun of dead people.. It doesnt matter how old/young a person dies. Anyone who dies deserves the greatest respect from the living regardless of what he did during his/her time. Tandaan mo, lahat ng tao mamamatay din, at kasama ka dun.. Do you want others to have fun and gain popularity at the expense of your death? Your becoming pathetic now mr. heckler…


7 12 2012

nakakatuwa naman na isa ang “sophia” sa popular baby names for 2012 dahil one of my apo is named sophia at my suggestion dahil ang great grandmother ko ay sofia ang pangalan

wala lang, para lang may masabi


7 12 2012

sa recipe mo kiko sigurado madagdagan na naman timbang ni sharon


7 12 2012

Kate Middleton has problems down under.
Those australians – what else can you expect from ex-convicts.


7 12 2012

according to the news, cctv footage showed that those who gunned down the students were not riding in tandem, they just fled the crime scene by foot.


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