World leaders have spoken on the Cybercrime Prevention Act which takes effect starting Wednesday, October 3 in the Philippines. Here are their statements.

“The Philippine government is doing just fine. What’s with the outrage?”
~Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, Pyongyang

“I love very much the Philippine country begins  October 3! Your government are the goodest.”
~President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Tehran

“I wanted visits to Manila very near date. Chinese citizen want to congratulate law maker. We was proudest for you!”
~Hu Jintao, Beijing

“No more Cory. Cory dead. No more Ninoy. Ninoy dead. I like this developements of the son. I love Philippine gov’t.”
~Senior General Than Shwe, Myanmar

“People easy to stop. Just ready strong military and policeman. Stop criticism in online Internet. You are great Manila!”
~Bashar al-Assad, Damascus

“Hola! To Philippinos, you love quietness! My people are quiet. They love me. They love quiet.”
~Fidel Castro, Havana

“Mabuhay Filippine President. Online libel was beautiful. Good jobs!”
~The Taliban of Peshawar and Kandahar

“Umayos kayo!”
~UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
~Gloria Steinem

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Enjoy the rest of the week. Freedom!

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18 thoughts on “THEY HAVE SPOKEN”

  1. no to cyber crime law! mapapakain ba nito ang masang pilipino? pwede na ba kaming (ofw) sa pilipinas – may makabubuhay at disenteng trabaho na ba dyan? sapat ba ang pasahod at sahod ng mga manggagawa? may sariling lupa na bang bubungkalin ang mga magsasaka? hahay… bakit kapag para sa interes ng nakararami tulad ng RH Bill ay ke hirap-hirap itong pumasa? pero itong cyber crime law, walang kakurap-kurap ay pumasa at kagyat na ipinatupad?

    nagtatanong lang naman. o_O


  2. P-noy,
    Welcome to the club.
    Ferdinand would be proud of you. Reminds me of the good old days.
    P.s. pleased that you and bongbong are getting on so well now.
    And dont worry, as president he will not be vindictive and persecute his predecessor, so you can continue to enjoy your dinners for one in front of the computer screen, but no more cybersex – you just banned it!


  3. eto ang pangunahing dahilan kung bakit hindi dapat ibinoto ang mga nakaupo ngayon, madaling mauto ng mga nasa paligid nila, mga pikunin pero kasalanan din naman nila, akalain mong nauna pa cybercrime law kesa foi or rh bill…

    ano pilipinas? natuto ka na ba? sa 2013 ulit ha, iboto uli ang mga artista ha
    saka mga anak ng mga buwaya ha? magpadala ka uli sa mga gimik at sa itsura ha? wag na gamitin ang isip ha?

    pag nakaresbak ang madlang pipol, lagot ang gaya-gaya at ang mga may kulang sa pag-iisip na pumirma nyan ^_^

    libelous ba yung comment ko? huhulihin ba ako ng mga cyberpolice at ikukulong sa cyberjail? damn, my cyberlife is ruined, i haven’t even experienced cybers#%T%^^$$…



  4. Too funny, it hurts. I guess life is too boring in the Philippines that someone has to create a nonsensical commotion? How embarrassing, our lawmakers there are making a fool of themselves. But I also don’t agree that you need to hack official sites to make a point because you have just proven that there should be some kind of cybercrime law.


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