Cybercrime Law
President Aquino has signed into law a bill that seeks to penalize cybercrimes including online defamation. Approved by the President last September 12, the measure is formally known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. Or as Tito Sotto would call it, ”Nice!”

Senatorial Survey
According to Pulse Asia, if the midterm elections were held today, Loren Legarda would top the senatorial race. She was followed by Chiz Escudero in second. In 7th place was Gringo Honasan who was followed by Koko Pimentel who was followed by Migz Zubiri who was followed by never-ending cheating allegations.

In the latest Pulse Asia survey, TESDA Director General Joel Villanueva was in 24th to 32nd spot. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 billboards.

Pulse Asia’s latest survey showed journalist Ramon Tulfo was in 17th to 23rd position. While Claudine Barretto was in an awkward position.

Former Las Piñas Representative Cynthia Villar has also entered the winning column. Hanep na ang buhay!

A Pulse Asia survey showed that Congressman Sonny Angara would win in next year’s election. The same survey showed that Congresswoman Mitos Magsaysay should drop her senatorial ambition.

The latest SWS survey showed 82 percent of Filipinos were satisfied with the performance of Vice President Jejomar Binay. The rest were loyal radio listeners of Korina Sanchez.

Abusive Amo?
Couple Anna Liza and Reynaldo Marzan who were accused of maltreating their household help entered a plea of “not guilty.” To which, their flat iron said, “Wehh?”

Idol Season 12
American Idol has announced the set of judges for Season 12. The lucky picks were Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson. Sorry Antonio Carpio, you’ve been snubbed… again!

Nicki Minaj, the youngest among the judges was a controversial choice. Reacting to criticisms, Minaj explained that her selection was God’s will and not because of politics.

UP Fight
The UP Fighting Maroons men’s basketball team won only once this season. Apparently, the Maroons thought that getting an uno was the target.
“Political truth is libel; religious truth, blasphemy.”
~ William Hazlitt

Quote of the Day
“If you cannot put yourself or your son… or if you are already graduating from the Senate and you wanted a position in the government, of course you have to do some favors for Malacañang.”
~Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago

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14 thoughts on “PLUS OR MINUS”

  1. As a final desperate attempt to get nominated to the LP senate slate, ninoy aquino impersonator bam aquino hastily got married to his long time partner.
    Puno asked ‘is it a shotgun wedding, if so i can supply the guns’
    P-noy said ‘ at least he’s not gay’
    The groom said ‘ wham, bam, thank you ma’am’
    His glasses sponsor said’ if she mentions contact lenses, divorce her’
    the couple are honeymooning outside LP headquarters


  2. he cybercrime bill takes the country from a “flawed democracy” – UN classification of philippines – to a ‘sham democracy’

    But anyone can still call tito sotto a plagiarist since it is a truth, but not a plaigarist or you will be sued for bad spelling

    Jay leno and david letterman have cancelled their trip to the philippines.


  3. “An ideal form of government is democracy
    tempered with assassination”
    Voltaire – or was it cojuangco

    “Democracy is the art and science of running
    the circus from the monkey cage”
    H. L. Mencken – or was it aquino

    “Our form of democracy is bribery, on the
    highest scale”
    Gore Vidal – or was it puno

    Politics is private self interest packaged and promoted as public service – me – or was it trillanes


  4. The bigger issue in the cybercrime bill, now that i have had chance to review it, is the ability for the govt – via DOJ – to take-down, i.e block access to any site without warning, without court order, and without recourse.
    This will be the mechanism come election campaign.

    It makes china look liberal!


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