Bagatsing and the Devil
Manila Rep. Amado Bagatsing opposed moves to put the Reproductive Health Bill to a vote last Monday, August 6 saying, “Ang sais ay numero ng demonyo.” To which the devil replied, “Thanks for always believing in me my friend.”

Cong. Amado Bagatsing said “population is what saved this country” and that there was no need for an RH Bill since the economy is doing well. Tell that to Manila’s slum dwellers.

On Twitter, some anti-RH bill people suggested that the non-stop monsoon rains, and flooding were God’s way of expressing disapproval of the controversial measure. And God was like, “Umulan at bumaha lang, RH Bill agad? ’Di ba pwedeng climate change muna?!”

NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on planet Mars successfully on Monday, August 6! Take that Congressman Bagatsing!

Curiosity, a car-size rover successfully landed on planet Mars last Monday. The landing was so perfect, it was awarded the gold medal relegating Gabby Douglas to second place.

NASA’s car-size Curiosity rover successfully landed on Mars. Fortunately, there was no cat on the landing area.

As heavy monsoon rains pound Mega Manila, oil firms Petron, Shell, and Total announce an increase in oil prices. Sorry, Mr. Bagatsing but 3, not 6 seems to be the number of the devil.

It was heartbreaking to see people fleeing their submerged homes. On a lighter note, I caught this report about the flood near San Beda. There was this awkward moment when members of Lex Leonum Fraternitas were seen paddling their way out of the flooded area.

Stolen Kiss
One of the 2012 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines reportedly stole a kiss from President Aquino during the awarding ceremony in Malacañang. Members of the PSG were shocked but the President was grateful. It was the closest thing to intimacy he had in years.

Congressman Aga?
Actor Aga Muhlach who is seeking a Congressional seat in Bicol next year took his oath as a member of the Liberal Party recently. The actor couldn’t hide his excitement. It will mark the first time he’ll be a candidate and a Bicolano.
“After the rain, the sun will reappear.
There is life. After the pain, the joy will still be here.”

~ Walt Disney Company

Quotes of the Weak
“I’m ready for anything. If there’s a will, there’s a way,”
~Aga Muhlach on joining politics

“Contraception is corruption.”
~ Archbishop Socrates Villegas

Stay safe everyone!

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11 thoughts on “SIX”

  1. How can you corrupt something which is not concepted? inception???
    – there’s a will… there’s a way… waley!
    – and that ladies and gents is the Filipino way of saying… map out your destiny, be an actor then a politician.. then have the gall to say, it’s all of God’s way… bleah 😛

    we all get to be enlightened by heckling 🙂 hehehe


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