16 07 2012

ACCORDING TO Malacañang, July 23, which is SONA day is a working day. Office workers and students won’t be able to watch President Aquino’s accomplishment report to the nation – which means they’ll probably miss… nothing much.

The CBCP is calling for a “truthful” SONA. These bishops sure know their oxymoron.

Reports say President Aquino’s speech for his third State of the Nation Address has been revised five times. The Ombudsman just filed a plunder case against GMA. So make that six.

The fourth draft of the President’s speech reportedly reached more than 30 pages. And that’s just for GMA and Renato Corona.

Rate Hike
After Meralco’s announcement of a power rate hike, the MWSS said there will be a water rate increase soon. Malacañang is hoping it won’t happen until after the SONA.

Super Slate
Cong. JV Ejercito proposed an alliance between President Aquino’s Liberal Party and Vice President Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance to field a “super senatorial slate” next year. Mar Roxas is not super sold to the idea.

A “super senatorial slate” is being proposed for next year’s senatorial elections. The slate will have supernatural powers. For example, they can turn money into votes.

Lacierda’s Nephew
Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda’s nephew, Ryan Lacierda Uy is seeking a seat in Congress via the party-list elections next year. I didn’t know the Lacierdas were marginalized.

Birthday Boss
Businessman Manny V. Pangilinan turned 66 last Saturday, July 14. A post-birthday bash will be held tomorrow night. Everybody’s excited for the raffle. MVP is giving away iPads, iPhones, and TV5.

In Mexico…
The ruling party which lost in the recently concluded presidential elections refused to accept its defeat and accused the winner of cheating. The winner dismissed the losing party’s allegation as childish, baseless, and very Filipino.

In Hollywood…
Steven Tyler has quit American Idol. But Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe says they’ve already found a replacement judge: Melanie Marquez.

RIP Lola Sela Bungangera
Radio drama guru Eloisa Cruz Canlas a.k.a. Lola Sela Bungangera of DZRH died Sunday morning, July 15. Lola Sela’s wake is open to everyone except for Annabelle Rama.

Breaking: Lola Sela Bungangera is dead. And my friends were like, “Patay na si Annabelle Rama?!!!?”

Rage at the Heritage
Annabelle Rama’s family couldn’t be reached for comment regarding her recent outburst. It turns out that Eddie Gutierrez and his children are all sick. They’re suffering from a rare disease called ‘prolonged embarrassment.’
“Promises are like babies: easy to make, hard to deliver.”
~Author Unknown

Quotes Quiz. Who tweeted:
“I have resigned as core member of KAYA NATIN! Now, i can be their no.1 fan and critic!”
A: Leah Navarro
B: Harvey Keh
C: Juana Change
D: Grace Padaca

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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Answer to Quotes Quiz: C




11 responses

17 07 2012
ako titser

patay na pala si Lola Sela Bungangera? RIP. madami kayong patatawain sa langit ni lolo pidol


17 07 2012

Super coalition – A one party autocracy to share the spoils. What a disaster. No opposition, No choice, No democracy. a black day for politics.

Binay must look in the mirror every day and see some-one ‘whiter than white’.


17 07 2012

The president must include in his SONA his love affairs to make a bit interesting.


17 07 2012

A “truthful” SONA is as likely as, a sober Ochoa, a faithful Binay, finding Palparan, or distributing Hacienda Luisita


17 07 2012

We used to play Sermon cricket at school with keywords in the church sermon representing runs/wickets etc.(sad, i know, but only 8 at the time)

SONA basketball could be the olympic contribution.
Administration v ‘the imaginary opposition’

Points for admin each time word mentioned:
Hacienda luisita
RH bill
human rights
PAGCOR water
Strategy or vision
gay rights
grace lee’s puppies

Points for opposition each time word mentioned:
Inclusive growth
Love life – penalty throw
any aquino family member – foul

Make up your own words/lists!


17 07 2012

i beg to disagree with Author Unknown because it is never easy to make babies


19 07 2012

may be you don’t like sex o kay may ED ka that’s why its hard for you. LOL


23 07 2012

sino kang anonymousa ka dahil marami kayong anonymous, countless usernames to use, why anonymous…

anyway, i have my reasons why but need not elaborate, sorry but the ones you’ve mentioned were not among them hehe


23 07 2012

sino kang anonymousa ka dahil marami kayong anonymous, countless of usernames to use, so why anonymous…

i have my reasons but need not elaborate, sorry but the ones you’ve mentioned were not among them hehe


18 07 2012

lmao. Steven Tyler and Melanie Marquez. I just realized now how similar they look. haha


18 07 2012

You mention it! LOL. Never in my mind before but now, even in my imagination, they look similar. Hahaha.


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