FOR TWEETING that PBA games were fixed, Red Bull Barako’s Don Allado was slapped with a 500,000-peso fine and was suspended for one conference. A number of people were shocked. They were like, “May PBA pa pala?”

Red Bull Barako’s Don Allado admitted that he had a few bottles of beer when he ranted against the PBA on Twitter. In the interest of fairness, we will try to get the side of the beer.

The PBA has sanctioned Red Bull Barako’s Don Allado for tweeting against the league. His team will also sanction him for patronizing another drink.

Offering no evidence to back up his claim, Don Allado tweeted that “#PBA games are fixed.” That’s foul.

Don Allado was fined P500,000 pesos for tweeting that PBA games were fixed. Of the said amount, P200,000 will go to Allado’s favorite charity; the rest will be used to fix the image of the league.

Party-list Representative Mark Aeron Sambar says Congress will probe the alleged game fixing in the PBA if it’s dissatisfied with the league’s own investigation. In other news, it’s almost election season.

Another party-list solon, Sherwin Tugna said, “We should move fast to bring trust back to the country’s number one sport.” How about bringing trust back to Congress first?

An official of the Philippine Information Agency in Nueva Ecija was sacked for leaving his job for four days without official leave and attending a high school reunion in Boracay. But island photos of Maynardo Valdez were uploaded on Facebook and these were used in pursuing a dismissal case against him. Valdez has since quit Facebook and rejoined Friendster.

A dismissal case against Nueva Ecija provincial information officer Maynardo Valdez who went AWOL last year prospered because of photos uploaded on Facebook. Valdez admitted though he had a few bottles of beer when he posted those pictures.

Divine Intervention
Bible-bearing MMDA officials sought divine intervention to prevent accidents on Edsa. Two Catholic priests were asked to bless Edsa’s accident-prone areas – including Ortigas Avenue… to the dismay of Mary, Queen of Peace a.k.a. Our Lady of Edsa who felt bypassed and insulted.

Hoping to prevent fatal accidents on Edsa, accident-prone areas were blessed by two priests. That’ll be useless though unless you exorcise those bus drivers.

Money Over Honey
According to a Cartoon Network survey, Filipino children would rather have a high-paying job than get married when they reach 30. That’s how influential the current president is.

The latest SWS survey showed that the number of Filipinos who experienced hunger dropped from 4.8 million in March to 3.8 million in June. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus conditional cash transfer.

Amalia Stabbed
Veteran actress Amalia Fuentes was stabbed with an umbrella by her tenant. In totally unrelated news, Annabelle Rama – via Twitter, thanked the Lord for “this unexpected and wonderful blessing.”
“There is no person so severely punished, as those who subject themselves to the whip of their own remorse.”
~ Seneca

Quotes Quiz. Who tweeted:
“Guess who? It is reported that a cabinet member has fallen in love with a malacañang undersecretary.”
A: Cong. Mikey Arroyo
B: Cong. Mitos Magsaysay
C: Former Sen. Ernie Maceda
D: Atty. Ferdie Topacio

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Answer to Quote Quiz: C

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4 thoughts on “FIX YOU”

  1. Eh kung si ex/former/dating/[wag na sana bumalik/tumakbo/sirain ang mata ng mga kawawang kabataan sa magiging campaign ad nya] Senador/cam-publicity whore Maceda naman kaya ang ma blind item?! Ang juicy lagi ng bunganga nya. Huwag nyang intayin na ang lovelife naman niya ang pagpyestahan at pagdildilan ng taumbayan! Kilabutan siya. Hmpf!

    Pero.. buti pa ung nasa blind item, mukhang iiskor, si Pangulo, nganga! Noynoying much kahit sa lablayp. Haha.

    Nice post, idol!


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