18 06 2012

IN COMMEMORATION of Dr. Jose Rizal’s 151st birth anniversary, I’m posting an updated version of an article I originally wrote in 2009.

Top 15 Headlines If Dr. Jose Rizal Were Alive Today

No. 15:
Latest Rizal biopic top foreign language film nominees;
Filipino living legend to attend Oscars

No. 14:
Solon seeks to rename the Philippines to Republic of Rizal;
public divided on the proposal – SWS

No. 13:
Amid Scarborough Shoal standoff
Malacañang appoints Rizal as special envoy to Beijing

No. 12:
Who’s Who in politics, business, arts & culture meet at Rizal’s
151st birthday bash; CBCP declines invitation

No. 11:
“It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign pays off;
tourists continue to flock to Calamba to see Rizal

No. 10:
Senate, House agree to conduct joint hearing on Rizal’s “immortality;”
Gerontologists, albularyos, archbishops invited as resource persons

No. 9:
Rizal to marry for the 16th time;
announces engagement to 34-year-old ex-beauty queen from Brussels

No. 8:
Divorce Bill/RH Bill advocates find ally in Jose Rizal;
Catholic Church threatens to excommunicate 151-year-old statesman

No. 7:
Rizal denies ‘stem cell’ rumors;
rejects 500-million peso offer to endorse Belo Medical Clinic

No. 6:
Hitler scion claims Rizal is his great great grandfather;
seeks financial support from stunned Filipino icon

No. 5:
Pacman pays courtesy call on PHL’s super senior statesman;
Rizal supports review of Pacquiao-Bradley fight

No. 4:
“99.9 percent of germs” is history as WHO announces breakthrough:
Dr. Jose Rizal discovers disinfectant that kills the remaining .1 percent of germs

No. 3:
10 million-strong Rizalistas mum on reported bloc voting in 2013;
candidates start to visit 151-year-old Supreme Leader’s mansion

No. 2:
Jose Rizal sets new Twitter record;
Pinoy Methuselah overtakes Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber with 43 million followers

And the No. 1 headline if Rizal were alive today…
President Aquino confirms break-up with latest gf;
Rizal gives unsolicited advice to PH leader: “Saka na ‘yan. Magtrabaho ka muna! OkThxBye!”
“One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again.”
~Dr. Jose P. Rizal (Letter to Mariano Ponce – 1890)

Quotes Quiz. Who said:
“My current situation: ‘It’s complicated.’”
A: Sen. Chiz Escudero
B: Grace Lee
C: Ex-Sen. Migz Zubiri
D: Sen. Koko Pimentel

Have a safe week ahead!

I am on Twitter: @HecklerForever.

Answer to Quiz: D




17 responses

18 06 2012

Hindi ba 0.01% na lang? (#4)


18 06 2012

Haha. Oo nga po. Haha. :DDD


20 06 2012

99.9 = 99.90;
.1 = .10

therefore 99.90 + .10 = 100

tama si heckler!


18 06 2012

may tama ang #1 🙂


18 06 2012

Haha. I wish he’s here. I’d make a manga out of his AUTObiography. ADVANCE happy palindromic birthday, Jo’Riz! 😀


18 06 2012
a solemn punch

Ito ang the best:
No. 4:
“99.9 percent of germs” is history as WHO announces breakthrough:
Dr. Jose Rizal discovers disinfectant that kills the remaining .1 percent of germs.

Tama po ang math nya. He said “99.9%”, not 99.99%, ergo the remainder is .1%.


18 06 2012

ukcramu, lyn at fangirl, will you kindly explain your posts?


18 06 2012

“you get the government you deserve” j rizal

‘learn fast, or die slowly’ would be his take on it today.


18 06 2012

lol for no. 2!


18 06 2012

Mas maganda ang headline number !


18 06 2012

Too bad I failed to complete DOT’s Rizal Heritage Trail. Kung sino man ang naka-kumpleto nun, congrats for having all the time, strength and money 🙂

Nice repost!


19 06 2012
Wilma Santos

Like locusts ‘passing by’ a fertile field, our playboy president will simply ‘break’ the heart (or . . . ) of any poor hapless girl stung by his presidential aura. Tama ka JPR, “magtrabaho ka muna!”


21 06 2012
Bituing marikit

Ang alam kong tinatawag na playboy ay may itsura,di ba?


23 06 2012

Nga naman po. [Wala po akong sinasabing iba. :P]


26 11 2012

Ouch! Hahaha!!!


21 06 2012
Wilma Santos

King James is one game away from his first ever champ ring. Any comment?


12 09 2012

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