IN COMMEMORATION of Dr. Jose Rizal’s 151st birth anniversary, I’m posting an updated version of an article I originally wrote in 2009.

Top 15 Headlines If Dr. Jose Rizal Were Alive Today

No. 15:
Latest Rizal biopic top foreign language film nominees;
Filipino living legend to attend Oscars

No. 14:
Solon seeks to rename the Philippines to Republic of Rizal;
public divided on the proposal – SWS

No. 13:
Amid Scarborough Shoal standoff
Malacañang appoints Rizal as special envoy to Beijing

No. 12:
Who’s Who in politics, business, arts & culture meet at Rizal’s
151st birthday bash; CBCP declines invitation

No. 11:
“It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign pays off;
tourists continue to flock to Calamba to see Rizal

No. 10:
Senate, House agree to conduct joint hearing on Rizal’s “immortality;”
Gerontologists, albularyos, archbishops invited as resource persons

No. 9:
Rizal to marry for the 16th time;
announces engagement to 34-year-old ex-beauty queen from Brussels

No. 8:
Divorce Bill/RH Bill advocates find ally in Jose Rizal;
Catholic Church threatens to excommunicate 151-year-old statesman

No. 7:
Rizal denies ‘stem cell’ rumors;
rejects 500-million peso offer to endorse Belo Medical Clinic

No. 6:
Hitler scion claims Rizal is his great great grandfather;
seeks financial support from stunned Filipino icon

No. 5:
Pacman pays courtesy call on PHL’s super senior statesman;
Rizal supports review of Pacquiao-Bradley fight

No. 4:
“99.9 percent of germs” is history as WHO announces breakthrough:
Dr. Jose Rizal discovers disinfectant that kills the remaining .1 percent of germs

No. 3:
10 million-strong Rizalistas mum on reported bloc voting in 2013;
candidates start to visit 151-year-old Supreme Leader’s mansion

No. 2:
Jose Rizal sets new Twitter record;
Pinoy Methuselah overtakes Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber with 43 million followers

And the No. 1 headline if Rizal were alive today…
President Aquino confirms break-up with latest gf;
Rizal gives unsolicited advice to PH leader: “Saka na ‘yan. Magtrabaho ka muna! OkThxBye!”
“One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again.”
~Dr. Jose P. Rizal (Letter to Mariano Ponce – 1890)

Quotes Quiz. Who said:
“My current situation: ‘It’s complicated.’”
A: Sen. Chiz Escudero
B: Grace Lee
C: Ex-Sen. Migz Zubiri
D: Sen. Koko Pimentel

Have a safe week ahead!

I am on Twitter: @HecklerForever.

Answer to Quiz: D

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