More Baseless Facts About the Government and Political Figures

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No. 51: Miriam Defensor-Santiago started speaking at 2 months and 2 days. Her first words were ‘colloquy’ and ‘basal ganglia.’

No. 52: Jejomar Binay is the only known survivor of spontaneous human combustion in the Philippines.

No. 53: Jinggoy Estrada’s name is a portmanteau of ‘Jingle,’ Joseph Estrada’s favorite songbook magazine, and “unggoy,” his favorite animal.

No. 54: Manuel V. Pangilinan was a three-time member of the Mythical 5 Selection when he was playing as a shooting guard for the San Beda Red Cubs.

No. 55: Leila De Lima admitted she’s had only two boyfriends in her entire life, her ex-husband and her current lover.

No. 56: When Noynoy Aquino “promised” in 2010 that he would sign a waiver on his bank accounts if elected president, he was misquoted.

No. 57: Ninety-six percent of the members of both Houses of Congress have dollar accounts. They did not declare them in their SALNs.

No. 58: Lito Atienza was born in Hawaii.

No. 59: The Book of Revelations was edited by Amando Doronila.

No. 60: In exchange for their belated withdrawal of support for Renato Corona, the Iglesia ni Cristo gets to choose the next Chief Justice.

No. 61: Juan Miguel Zubiri was a founding member of the UP Pep Squad.

No. 62: Presidential speechwriter Mai “Walang pogi dito & the wine sucks” Mislang married a Vietnamese last month.

No. 63: Five percent of Filipino Catholic priests are gay; 10 percent have kids. The rest are liars.

No. 64: The name K+12 referring not to an assault rilfe but to DepEd’s basic education program was the brainchild of gun enthusiast and political adviser Ronald Llamas.

No. 65: Future Cebu representative Annabelle Rama was a deaf-mute in her past life.

No. 66: Marketing and PR executives representing Chevron, Pilipinas Shell and Petron secretly meet twice every month for ‘synergy.’

No. 67: Tito Sotto is Ciara Sotto’s first pole dancing instructor. The comedian/lawmaker holds pole dancing classes when the Senate is in recess.

No. 68: CPP-NPA Founder Jose Maria Sison was born in Shenzen, China in 1939. His Chinese father, Hu Shang Ling and half-Vietnamese mother Tuc Ni Neng immigrated to the Philippines when he was two.

No. 69: Fugitive ex-congressman Ruben Ecleo has a parasitic twin.

No. 70: As per hospital records, Joker Arroyo didn’t cry right after birth. He giggled. Hence, the name.

No. 71: Ninoy Aquino’s first girlfriend was Imelda Marcos.

No. 72: Fresh from UP, Francis Pangilinan’s first television stint was on the award-winning children’s show ‘Batibot.’ He was the voice of Kiko Matsing for five years.

No. 73: Ramon Revilla Sr’s youngest child is two years old.

No. 74: The Araneta-Roxas family has barred Jejomar Binay from attending events at the Big Dome.

No. 75: Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz lost his innocence in Grade 5.

No. 76: Sharon Cuneta’s biological mother is not Elaine Gamboa-Cuneta but a retired fish vendor in Libertad Public Market in Pasay City.

No. 77: Bro. Mike Velarde and German Moreno have the same stylist and wardrobe consultant.

No. 78: Shalani Soledad was born on the exact day and hour Roman Romulo was defending his undergraduate thesis.

No. 79: TG Guingona’s ears are insured for one million pesos.

No. 80: At least one Tulfo is gay.
“An epigram is a flashlight of a truth; a witticism, truth laughing at itself.”
~ Minna Antrim

Quote of the Weak
“Doon siya magaling, doon siya magiging masaya. Sa loob-loob ko, baka pupuwede dahil si Jinggoy tataas sa ibang posisyon, so baka kailangan ng isang… kumbaga, isang lighter ambience o icebreaker, so baka puwedeng ibigay kay (Mommy) Alma.”
~Mark Anthony Fernandez on reports his mother, Alma Moreno is running for senator next year

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19 thoughts on “RUMORS, FACTS & HUMOR, TOO”

  1. When p-noy makes a promise he crosses his fingers behind his back!

    Grace lee seen in her new ferrari – ? a gift from her new boyfriend – ‘the most intelligent man i have ever met, and a walking ATM – and that beats a dictionary anyday!’
    p-noy – ‘ he should look up Libidinal Cathexis’

    “We were together. I forget the rest.”
    Walt Whitman


  2. Ganyan na ba kababaw ang Senado ngayon? Naging hantungan ng nga artistang gusto pang maging masaya sa buhay at yung wala nang pelikula?

    Ang Senado ba ay isang malaking entamblado ng mga seryosong Senador na handang mangungurako at mag-iimbestiga nga mga nangungurakot? O ang Senado ba ay isang malaking palengke kung saan ang bawat senador ay nagbebenta ng sarili para sa eleksiyon?

    At bakit pa kailangan pa si Alma Moreno doon? At bakit si Anabelle Rama, sa kongreso lang ang balak samantalang si Alma, sa Senado na kaagad? Ambot lang!


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