22 04 2012

THE 42ND EARTH DAY was observed worldwide on April 22, 2012. In the Philippines, prominent Filipinos and organizations joined the celebration.

1: First, let me tell you that this global warming/climate change thing is not a myth. If you’re still not convinced, please be informed that this morning, Vicki Belo’s face allegedly started to melt. We should be alarmed.

2: Yesterday, Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman Jose Maria Sison slammed Communist China over its “imperialist” stance on Scarborough Shoal. I told you. Climate change is real!

3: Oh, it’s Earth Day! Happy birthday to retired Justice Serafin Cuevas and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile!

4: In observance of this annual event, Cuevas and Enrile vowed to never use disposable diapers again.

5: To celebrate Earth Day, SM Baguio cut down 10 pine trees only instead of 200 as originally planned.

6: People are now talking about the possibility of a strong earthquake in the Philippines. In fact, the US Geological Survey has recorded several mild tremors in the country. The earth is moving! Supposedly, this movement is the reason why Aga Muhlach is suddenly a resident of Bicol and Joseph Estrada of Manila.

7: A list of “anti-environment” personalities was made public for the first time today. Topping the list were Vicky Belo and Manny Calayan who were accused of turning celebrities into ‘plastics.’

8: The prosecution panel in the Corona impeachment trial made a pledge on Earth Day. They’ll continue to dig up dirt on the Chief Justice.

9: Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s wife, Sharon Cuneta admits she can only do so much for Mother Earth. She promises to choose among these three environmental activities: Reduce, Reuse or Recycle. Guess what she picked. #AlamNa

10: Rumors say even President Aquino and Grace Lee observed Earth Day. To save energy, they didn’t speak to each other.

11: The lowest temperature ever recorded at the surface of the Earth was −89.2 °C at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica on July 21, 1983. Wow! That was really cold! The second coldest was recorded between Noynoy and Corona just recently.

12: And finally, In an effort to preserve clean air, Annabelle Rama and Cristine Reyes opted to keep quiet on Earth Day.

Save our planet!
“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.”
~ Cree Indian Proverb

Mother Earth, when will you introduce us to Father Earth?

Have a great week ahead!

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12 responses

23 04 2012

#3 is the best! Hahaha. Earth Day men.. but in fairness to them, they’re doing well. Thanks Heckler for making my day!


23 04 2012

another day – another survey

sws/false asia – 70% believe corona is to blame for climate change

70% cant afford to pay for electricity for tv’s or dont buy newspapers

70% get their news & views from surveys


24 04 2012

whatever, but the reality is, no businessman, with foreign blood at that
will have the luxury of time and the patience to post long comments, in
other words libertas, you are a middle-aged woman, a retiree from whatever, whiling your time away here in the philippines because it is
more fun here?


23 04 2012

Hilarious post, as usual.😀 But I’m just wondering, do you ever get stern warnings from Justice Cuevas and Sen. Enrile? #UziMode hehehe


23 04 2012

they are (super) “mature” enough to understand that it’s just a joke🙂


23 04 2012

na-miss ko to!🙂


23 04 2012

mother earth, father time. baby boom.


24 04 2012

how pathetic of cree indian proverb, this early he hasn’t realize

yet that we cannot eat money?


24 04 2012
big george

i couldn’t access your other site (….


24 04 2012

i like noynoy’s way of handling this scarborough shoal thing, na

sabi nya, ” this dispute has to be settled now”, correct, now na,

hindi yung aatras ngayon pagkatapos babalikan ulit sa future, walang

katapusang cycle ba


24 04 2012

irrelevant, impertinent, immaterial, insidious, immature, and inaccurate – but i try to have my share of fun.

i have nothing to declare but my membership of MENSA, and my microsoft pension.


26 04 2012

several times you’ve already declared that you are a MENSA member and i don’t have a problem with that as with others maybe because in fairness to you, it’s obvious, other than that, you are taking us for a ride and that does not speak well of you, sorry


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