APRIL 16 WAS THE deadline set by the Bureau of Internal Revenue for the filing of income tax returns… otherwise known as Test of Honesty Day.

Aside from ITRs, government employees like President Aquino and his Cabinet are also required to submit SALNs or statement of assets and liabilities and net worth. Under ‘Liability,’ the President wrote, “Ronald Llamas.”

Congressman Manny Pacquiao’s ITR was equally revealing. Under ‘Qualified Dependent Children,” he asked, “With whom?”

April 15 (or 16) is the only time of the year when taxpayers are modest about their income.

Hundreds of businessmen were not able to beat the April 16 deadline. They had a hard time making fake receipts.

When a certain amount is automatically deducted from ordinary citizens’ salary, the government calls it taxation. It’s a euphemism for ‘legalized holdup.’

When he was campaigning in 2010, President Aquino promised transparency. So the next time I file my ITR, I am going to ask the government to identify the contractor or political family where my money is headed.

For the love of money is the root of all evil. The government loves money. Therefore…

Two things are certain in life: death and taxes. But death happens only once.

Pacman’s Tax
From a high of P100 million in 2008, Congresman Manny Pacquiao paid less than P7 million in taxes in 2010. Was the economy that bad under President Aquino?

Laban Pacquiao
Congressman Manny Pacquiao took his oath as a member of PDP-Laban Monday night… making him the the eight-time, two-timing, five-party fighting congressman from Sarangani Province.

Top Endorser
A Pulse Asia survey reveals 7 of 10 Filipinos will vote for senatorial candidates endorsed by Vice President Binay. The other three were Mar, Korina and Judy Araneta-Roxas.

According to a February 2012 survey, 7 of 10 Filipinos will vote for senatorial candidates endorsed by Vice President Binay. The other three didn’t get the text blast.

Not Running
Defeated vice presidential candidate Mar Roxas says he has no plans of seeking the presidency in 2016. To which the ‘presidency’ replied, “the feeling is mutual.”

DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas said he had no plans of running for president in 2016. Finding Roxas’ statement hard to believe, political observers say he should have consulted his wife party first.

Grace & The President
Malacañang denied Monday the rumored breakup of President Aquino and Grace Lee. In fact, the couple reportedly went out on a date last Saturday evening in Makati City. Apparently, the rumor started when Aquino changed his Facebook profile status from ‘In a relationship” to “Hindi man lang naka-first base.”

Citing three sources “close to the President,” Rappler.Com reported that President Aquino and tv/radio personality Grace Lee have called it quits. The three sources were later identified as “naku,” “kuryente,” & “yata.”

Rufa Mae Quinto
Sexy comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto has resigned as host of the Sunday talk show ‘Showbiz Central’ on GMA 7. Viewers were shocked. They didn’t know she was a host.
“The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government.”
~Barry Goldwater

Quotes of the Day
“Kaibigan rin naman natin si Vice President Binay, so we also support him. Kung hindi ka tanggap doon sa kabila, bakit mo ipagsisiksikan ang sarili mo.”
~Cong. Manny Pacquiao on why he picked PDP-Laban over the Liberal Party

“I can honestly, sincerely, absolutely, transparently tell you that I have no plans.”
~DOTC Sec. Mar Roxas on running for president in 2016

“Ah ganoon ba? Eh kasi maraming nagulat sa inyo nung sinabi kong hindi ako magpapaka-ipokrito. Talagang ako ay nagpapaalam [na tatakbo sa 2016]. Eh yung mga ganoong linya, ganoon din ang linya noong nakaraan ng mga iba.”
~Vice President Jejomar Binay reacting to Roxas’ statement

You Have Spoken
Should transgendered candidates be allowed to compete in the Miss Universe pageant?
-Why not? Panahon na. 8.98%
-No way. There are pageants for them. 78.44%
-Wala akong pakialam. 12.57%
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Enjoy the rest of the week!

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20 thoughts on “BUWISIT!”

    1. Jaena Kuh Senior!

      Ang tanong….. gusto ba namang maka-first base?

      Paano nga yan makaka-first base eh di naman lalaki si Grace Lee?

      Sinabi na kasing tigil-tigilan na yang mga pagpapanggap!

      Ang sabi nga sa probinsiya namin, ang lalaki, pag tumuntong yan ng trenta na wala pang asawa…… walang duda, bekimon talaga!

      Eh singkwenta y dos na ang lolo mong panot, di ba?

      Wag nyang sabihin masyado siyang choosy…….

      Sabi ng mirror, WALA SIYANG KARAPATAN maging choosy, no?



      1. May ano Senior? May espada din?

        Kaya nga uso na ngayon ang espadahan at pompyangan eh!

        Kaso nga, ang espada ng lolo mong panot eh mapurol na!

        Kung sabagay, speaking of espada, ang lolo mong panot eh Knight pa rin naman.




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