28 03 2012

ON SATURDAY, March 31, Filipinos will turn the lights off in observance of Earth Hour. That’s 60 minutes of darkness to save the planet. In a related news, residents of Mindanao are saving the entire universe for several weeks now.

More challenges lie ahead for President Aquino. His administration is facing a power crisis – a week after surviving a stack of folder PR crisis.

A Philippine Star report says Mindanao is experiencing 8 to 10 hours of blackouts. Remember when the President vowed to continue the legacy of his mother?

Reports say Congress is willing to grant special powers to President Aquino. When the President heard this, he said, “Ahm, can i be invisible for a month?”

In a recent dream, God reportedly told Manny Pacquiao to retire soon. Pacman clarified though he’d only quit boxing after three more fights – probably against Mayweather, Juan Manuel Marquez, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Manny Pacquiao is furious. He wants Cotabato Revenue Regional Director Rozel Lozares sacked for allegedly “railroading” the charges against him. “I shall rise to the occasion and I shall fight this case until the last and final round. We will fight,” added Corona Pacquiao.

Cotabato Revenue Regional Director Rozel Lozares is being accused of “railroading.” This guy has a future in Congress.

Manny Pacquiao is crying harassment. And Arnold Clavio was like, “What did the Azkals do this time?”

SWS Survey
The latest Social Weather Stations survey showed 73 percent of respondents wanted a guilty verdict for Renato Corona. But this doesn’t mean the prosecution’s work is good. It only showed the media’s ‘work’ was  ‘great!’

Corona Properties
Chief Justice Renato Corona denied that he or his wife Cristina owned houses in the United States. The alleged US properties of the embattled magistrate first came out in an article written by lead prosecutor blogger Raissa Robles.

RIP Legacy Leader
Legacy Group founder Celso De Los Angeles Jr. is dead. He left behind a 30-billion-peso financial mess and countless unsettled lawsuits. In lieu of flowers, Legacy Group victims will offer prayers for the eternal suffering of his soul.

Facing multiple lawsuits, Legacy Group founder and CEO Celso De Los Angeles passed away Tuesday morning. He died of prolonged embarrassment and terrible guilt.

NPA’s Birthday
March 29 marks the 43rd anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines’ armed wing, the New People’s Army. To celebrate it’s birthday, the NPA will blow up 43 candles mining firms in the country.

Finding Love
A recent Facebook study revealed Valentine’s Day and Christmas are the best days to find love. In third place, “when you’re not that busy in Malacañang.”

A fourth year high school student at St. Theresa’s College in Cebu City was banned from attending the high school commencement exercises after posting on her personal, privately-set Facebook account a photo of herself in a bikini. The girl’s parents filed charges against school officials including the principal, a nun – whose Facebook friend request was rejected earlier this year by the same student.

Coke Is It
Coca-Cola is celebrating its 100th year in the Philippines. A star-studded concert was held recently to mark “100 years of shared happiness,” obesity and diabetes.
“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”
~Edmund Burke

Quote of the Day
“Hindi ko naman pwedeng hamunin ang regional director ng suntukan dahil knockdown siya sigurado. So daanin na lang sa legal na proseso para patas ang laban.”
~Cong. Manny Pacquiao

You Have Spoken
Ano ang maipapayo n’yo sa mga celebrities (e.g. Sharon Cuneta) na pinuputakti ng bashers on Twitter?
-Ignore and block the bashers! 34.65%
-Kapag nasa katwiran, ipaglaban. Sagutin ang mga alegasyon! 12.99%
-Quit Twitter. 52.36%

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12 responses

28 03 2012
Jun Halili

Huwag naman ganyan! Kapag pumanaw na ang isang tao, huwag na natin siyang kutyain. Ipagdasal na lamang natin siya!


28 03 2012

“the greater the power the greater the abuse”

how true – especially when ‘special powers’ means unaudited contracts/purchases!

happy days are here again!

2016 – deja vu! what goes around comes around.


29 03 2012

March has come again!
When HS students spends TWO (2) weeks practicing for graduation.
When teachers & principals expects each students to sing perfectly.
When pictures are taken while you receive your diploma.
When students thinks that grad ceremonies are an integral part of their HS life!

Youth, let me give you an advice.
Nobody really cares about graduation!
When you get older, it would not even cross your mind to talk about what happened on that day.
It is a TOTAL waste of time!


30 03 2012
Infinite Justice

you’re pathetic!


1 04 2012

no wonder your grammar sucks!


29 03 2012

Maraming salamat dahil naisama nyo dito ang problema namin sa mindanao. Sa aming palagay ay may connivance ang NGCP at NPC sa mga brownouts na ito dahil may magandang samahan sila ng mga proponents ng coal fired plant dito. Ang mga ito ay ang Alcantara Group. Kaya dapat talagang mag-resign si Ginoong Almendras dahil magkakaibigan sila ng mga Alcantaras.
Anotheri topic: Na-hack po ba ang kahapon po ay na-access ko ang site pero biglang nawala ang screen. Nag-blank. Pina-ayos ko ang computer dahil may virus daw. Ngayong umaga naman ay di na ma-access ang site. please sir can you help us.


29 03 2012

di ko na fill up ang email portion kaya send ko this message. sorry po


29 03 2012
amateur heckler

power crisis in mindanao, power failure in malacanang?


29 03 2012

I agree that due respect should be given to the deceased and to the bereaved family. Making these statements which tend to blacken the memory of one who passed away is uncalled for.


30 03 2012

“I haven’t trusted polls since I read that
62% of women had affairs during their lunch
hour. I’ve never met a woman in my life
who would give up lunch for sex.”
Erma Bombeck


30 03 2012

about the HIghSchool student.. they omitted the fact that the bikini photo also showed her drinking and with a cigarette. Minor. Drinking. HIndi lang siguro ung bikini ang reason why the school reacted.

OO, too prude yung school. But what about the parents na nangungunsinti ng ganung behavior sa young daughters nila?


30 03 2012

PH never fails to amuse me…. MORE! MORE! MORE!


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